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    In this episode, I’m chatting with who I like to call ‘the most interesting man in mobility’, Alex Roy. We’re focusing on his role as Head of Special Operations with Argo.Ai and specifically a job listing he posted recently: AV Test Specialist. I have a sense of what that meant, but I wanted to have him on this episode to talk about autonomous vehicles, fleets, tech and more. 


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    Intro to Alex Roy

    • Founder of the Human Driving Association
    • Broken numerous Cannonball Run endurance driving records
    • Co-founded The Autonocast, is a co-host of/DRIVE on NBC Sports and is Editor-at-Large at The Drive
    • Also does secret stuff for Argo AI

    Argo AI

    • Test specialist position – not the same as safety drivers
    • They are human beings going into the test vehicles
    • Designed to figure out how to put autonomous vehicles on the road, safely
    • Hiring in Miami; Austin, TX; Pittsburgh; DC; Detroit; Palo Alto and Munich – with more cities to come

    AV Test Specialist

    • The position will have 2 people in the car
    • Test specialists are anticipating what’s happening on the road, and what’s going on in the car
    • ‘Is this optimal or suboptimal?’
    • Full time jobs, with benefits

    Why Gig Economy Workers Make Good AV Test Specialists

    • Gig economy workers, like delivery, rideshare, etc. know how to manage multiple platforms, calculate on the fly, etc.
    • Managing info while in a moving car – major skill for AV Test Specialists
    • Gig workers also generally know how to drive safely and handle challenges that come up, quickly

    Goal of the Data Collected as an AV Test Specialist

    • Test specialists are part of the testing of the autonomy
    • Collecting information on how the autonomy is going – observations, notes, etc.
    • Getting the vehicles to run optimally
    • Ubiquity of AVs will not be in our lifetimes!


    • Thanks to Alex for coming on the podcast! Really enjoyed learning about what a test specialist does
    • It’s a serious job – and a great job to consider if you’re a gig worker and want more
    • Would you like me to cover more jobs in the AV space? Let me know!

    Show Notes

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