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    Today’s episode is a replay of our conversation at Curbivore about the lightning fast delivery revolution. This conversation includes Emma Liem Beckett, David Lin, Marc Ziade, and is moderated by Matt Newberg – you can find links to their companies and publications in the show notes below!

    Fast Delivery Depends on Vehicles

    • Trikes, bikes, scooters
    • Helps to get deliveries around faster
    • Partnerships with companies in development
    • What’s holding this up? Regulations!

    Why Super Fast Delivery?

    • People can’t always plan ahead for meals, grocery deliveries
    • Rely on super fast delivery for meals, either restaurant or items for them to cook at home
    • Many people use these services daily!

    Is This Actually Beneficial for Restaurants?

    • Yes – new market, brand awareness
    • Delivery fees – companies are trying to cap these, work with businesses
    • Vertical integration helps to lower costs, especially for the consumer
    • Lower barrier to entry for some super fast delivery companies

    Logistical Challenges

    • Fresh food delivery
    • Sustainability
    • Temperature control – last mile delivery

    Keys to Success for Fast Delivery

    • Price, speed, selection
    • Price is the most important for most shoppers
    • To be super fast, proximity will be key
    • Drives efficiency, which allows companies to have a lower cost structure


    • Big thanks to all of our panelists!
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