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    In this episode, I’m chatting with the CEO and co-founder of Swiftmile, Colin Roche. Swiftmile is a micromobility infrastructure company building out hubs across the United States and Europe. I think Swiftmile is the perfect city solution, as it helps corral all of the scooters, ebikes, etc. in ways that improve micromobility and reduce congestion. We’ll talk about how Swiftmile works with cities, the micromobility environment, and more. 

    Intro to Colin Roche

    • CEO and co-founder Swiftmile
    • Micromobility infrastructure company
    • Helps cities scale up with fewer pain points!
    • Ahead of the curve in micromobility

    What is Swiftmile?

    • Swiftmile creates micromobility hubs
    • Charging technology helps to charge ebikes, scooters, etc.
    • Works with cities to make these hubs available
    • Some cities really like micromobility – 1.0 and 2.0

    Where Does Swiftmile Operate?

    • In the US and Europe
    • US is biggest market – CA, FL, PA
    • Partnership with Shell in Europe
    • Locations in California and Florida

    Swiftmile’s Strategy

    • One question was: how to monetize in this brand new space?
    • White label
    • United Nations of scooters
    • Cities contract with Swiftmile to create areas for micromobility hubs

    Future of Micromobility

    • 2022 is going to be a huge year
    • Things have changed dramatically over the last 2 years!
    • Even oil and gas companies are getting into micromobility and electric vehicles
    • “Electrify the curb”


    • Big thanks to Colin for coming on the podcast!

    Show Notes

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