RSG192: Gig Economy Recap & Predictions Show

Happy New Year! In this episode, I’m chatting with Jason Tieri of The Gig Economy Podcast and Steve Johnson from Rideshare Rodeo about the year 2021, observations, the current state of rideshare and delivery, and of course our predictions for 2022. 

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Intro to Jason Tieri and Steve Johnson

  • Jason of The Gig Economy Podcast
  • Started the podcast in 2017 with just content about Uber and Lyft, expanded since then
  • Steve Johnson of the Rideshare Rodeo podcast
  • Started the podcast at the start of the pandemic!

State of Rideshare and Delivery Driving

  • Oversaturation of delivery drivers
  • How many are returning to rideshare driving?
  • Last-mile and delivery apps have been incredibly popular in 2021
  • Walmart Spark is one to keep an eye on!

COVID Impact on Gig Economy

  • People will pull back from rideshare and return to delivery driving
  • Depends on the market though – some markets are returning to ‘normal’
  • Are people over it?
  • Is the driver shortage still an issue?

What’s One Improvement You’d Like to See in 2022?

  • More loyalty and recognition for drivers!
  • Everyone: more money!
  • Better onboarding
  • Don’t add drivers if there’s no business!

Predictions for 2022

  • Lyft will be bought out by someone/some company!
  • Diversify your gig platforms – an absolute must in 2022
  • Follow the money
  • Earnings and opportunities are going to remain high


  • Big thanks to Jason and Steve for coming on the podcast and sharing their thoughts and predictions

Show Notes