RSG195: Uber’s Recovery and what it means for drivers

Uber has had its share of ups and downs during the pandemic, but one thing that’s stood out to me is that the UberX product just hasn’t been that great. Recently, Uber released more statistics and information, and things are starting to look up. What does this mean for drivers? In this episode, I chat with Dennis Cinelli, Vice President, Head of Mobility for Uber about how Uber is recovering from this pandemic and where Uber is going from here.

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Intro to Dennis Cinelli

  • VP, Head of Mobility for Uber
  • Joined Uber in 2016
  • Focused on re-imagining mobility
  • Led Jump before moving to Uber

What Has Changed So Far?

  • Patterns are shifting for passengers
  • More remote work, for example
  • A lot of changes can happen in real time with tech
  • Surge – ultimate real time tool

Driver Pay

  • Bonuses and incentives – part of the package of driving on Uber
  • View it as integral to the package of driving
  • Provides Uber some flex
  • Put investment into making the offers attractive

Uber’s Perspective

  • Getting Uber employees into driving, delivering – see from driver’s side
  • Answering response tickets
  • Going through Tesla/Hertz process
  • Uber Crew launch

Future for Uber

  • Uber Pro – how to differentiate the experience for drivers
  • Recognizing drivers
  • Can and will be doing more


  • Big thanks to Dennis for coming on the podcast and chatting about Uber’s recovery, plans for the future and more
  • Looking forward to see some of the cool initiatives we discussed

Show Notes