RSG196: Dan Bratshpis of Inshur

In this episode, I chat with Dan Bratshpis, the CEO and co-founder of INSHUR, a data-led insurance technology company. I’ve been working with INSHUR for a while now, and I think they’re bringing a cool new way for drivers to get insurance. While they started in the New York City market, they’re expanding! We’ll chat about the unique environment of NYC, why he started INSHUR, who INSHUR is good for, and new initiatives they have coming up.

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Intro to Dan Bratshpis

  • CEO and co-founder of INSHUR
  • NY-based next gen insure-tech
  • First product was geared to professional rideshare drivers
  • Expanded into other markets since then

Insurance in the NYC Market

  • Insurance is a lot more expensive in the NYC market – thousands!
  • Depends on what type of vehicle you drive
  • The process of getting insurance was very analog
  • Drivers felt ripped off – idea for INSHUR came from this

INSHUR Customers

  • Professional drivers right now
  • Expanding to rideshare drivers
  • Product for last-mile delivery drivers too – live in Europe
  • Launching a contractor product – plumbers, etc.

Why is Insurance So Expensive for Drivers?

  • All about exposure
  • Even if you’re a professional driver, there are more opportunities for accidents
  • Add passengers and pedestrians to the mix
  • The litigious society we live in as well

Future for INSHUR

  • Last mile delivery product
  • Report on effects of the pandemic, electric vehicles
  • Lot of overlap in driver segments


  • Big thanks to Dan for coming on the podcast and chatting about insurance with us!

Show Notes