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    What if I told you there was an app out there with 100,000 users? This app alerts you where your friends are, operates a Clubhouse-style chat, and can even turn your phone into a dash cam. In this episode, I’m chatting with Luiz Neves, co-founder of StopClub, all about what this app offers drivers – and when it’s coming to the US!

    Intro to Luiz Neves

    • Co-Founder of StopClub
    • Vertical social network designed for gig workers
    • Designed to help the gig community work safer and better together
    • Started in Brazil

    Early Challenges

    • Gig workers are very different from cab drivers
    • Connecting people and creating community
    • Driving for Uber in Brazil is similar to driving for Uber in the US
    • Slightly higher percentage of Brazilians work in the gig economy than the US

    Differences: Driving in Brazil vs US

    • Many drivers in Brazil rent their vehicles, not own
    • Variety of vehicles too – natural gas vs. gasoline
    • Brazilian drivers feel less safe than drivers in the US – robberies happen a lot in Brazil

    How Does StopClub Work?

    • Helps drivers record video and audio in their cars
    • Social network is another popular feature – connect to friends
    • Can also see where your friends are on the map
    • Working well in Brazil

    Expansion into the US Market

    • Growth challenges – how will you tell drivers something like this exists?
    • Driver churn
    • Getting testers for the US market
    • Working on a ‘Live’ feature


    • Big thanks to Luiz for coming on the podcast and chatting with us!

    Show Notes

    Curbivore YouTube Channel
    Get StopClub from Google Play
    Get StopClub from App Store

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