RSG202: The First Rideshare Safety Solution

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In this episode, I’m chatting with Abdul Kasim of DisplayRide. I’m really excited about this company because DisplayRide isn’t a dashcam – it’s actually a full monitoring system for drivers. Not only is this helpful for driver safety, but it can also help them during accidents, deactivation incidents, and more.

Intro to Abdul Kasim of DisplayRide

  • CEO of DisplayRide
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Developing solutions for the gig economy
  • DisplayRide – rideshare monitoring platform

From Tech to Rideshare

  • Actual life experiences
  • Friends had encountered safety issues
  • Deactivation issues
  • Problem waiting to be solved!

Why DisplayRide?

  • NOT a dashcam – provides solutions to actual problems
  • Takes 30 seconds to install!
  • No knowledge or tech sophistication required
  • Want safety? Delivering safety as a service

DisplayRide + Driver Deactivations

  • Current process with Uber is inefficient – it’s a lose-lose situation!
  • That’s where DisplayRide can come in
  • Driver owns information now
  • Potential to connect with Uber in the future to make this process more streamlined

Show Notes

Display Ride Rideshare Monitoring Platform Dash Cam Review