RSG211: Tesla Rideshare

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Could you imagine getting picked up for a rideshare ride in a Tesla, with a friendly driver – for less than the cost of a typical Uber ride? It exists! In this episode, I chat with Alejandro Arbeláez Jaramillo about Beat, a mobility option in Mexico City.

Intro to Alejandro Arbelaez Jaramillo

  • General Manager of ViralCode
  • Sister company of Beat
  • Mexico City and Bogota
  • Beat is an entrepreneurial story

Latin American Markets & Characteristics

  • Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina
  • Infrastructure is a challenge
  • A lot of traffic congestion
  • Economies are more fragile – unemployment in particular

ViralCode + Beat

  • Transforming the way people move
  • Classic ridehailing model goes far, but not far enough in LatAm markets
  • Safety is a concern
  • Goes beyond connecting users

Beat Tesla in Mexico City

  • 300 cars, built charging infrastructure and hubs
  • Premium pricing
  • Drivers paid hourly as employees
  • 3 shifts a day – begins at hub

What’s Next?

  • Expansion into other LatAm cities
  • Staying super focused
  • Improve ridehailing value proposition

Show Notes

Alejandro on LinkedIn

Beat on LinkedIn

@TheBEATapp on Twitter

Beat on Facebook