RSG225: Building New EVs for Last Mile Delivery

In this episode, I chat with Steve Hornyak, BrightDrop’s Chief Commercial Officer. BrightDrop is a new company from General Motors and focuses on all-electric delivery systems. E-commerce and how packages get to customers’ homes – how can that be done smarter and faster? You won’t want to miss this episode about the behind-the-scenes of BrightDrop!

Intro to Steve Hornyak

  • BrightDrop’s Chief Commercial Officer
  • Develops company’s sales and marketing strategy
  • Previously at Fabric, where he focused on improving logistics with automated micro-fulfillment centers


  • Entire ecosystem model – similar approach to Apple
  • Took a hypergrowth area not covered by parent company
  • Plus electrification of vehicles
  • BrightDrop Trace, Zevo 600, software, etc.

Partnership with GM

  • Technology company
  • Wholly own subsidiary of GM
  • Builds the platform, parent company does what it does best
  • “Venture capitalist” type of relationship

Driver Experience

  • Light cars – driving with a Zevo is a night and day experience – 250 mi range
  • Like driving in a luxury vehicle vs driving a car from the 80s
  • Less vibration
  • Ergonomics focus

What’s Next for BrightDrop?

  • Grocery – automation and microfulfillment
  • Mobile smart stores
  • FedEx – package movement
  • Good for dense areas

Show Notes

BrightDrop on LinkedIn

Steve Hornyak on LinkedIn