RSG228: Driving Safer, Smarter and More Profitably!

In this episode, I’m chatting with Ryan McMahon and Ahbi Butchibabu from Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which is behind a lot of data collection in the insurance industry, including driver safety and more. Driving rideshare can be dangerous – we are incentivized to drive longer, maybe even faster, and sometimes in inclement weather. I’ll chat with Ryan and Ahbi about what CMT does, practical advice for drivers, and more.

Intro to Ryan McMahon and Ahbi Butchibabu

  • Ryan is a Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development for Cambridge Mobile Telematics
  • Ahbi is a Senior Director of Product
  • CMT began as a startup at MIT
  • Theory was to use sensors – “pothole patrol”

What Does CMT Do?

  • Uses sensors to monitor road safety
  • Predicts likelihood of crashes
  • Tech company measuring driving behavior
  • Partnerships with insurance industry
  • No data is shared – data used for one thing only, likelihood of drivers getting into crashes

Tactical Advice for Drivers

  • Several factors affect safety, what causes most accidents
  • Road safety – vehicles, road risk, phone distractions
  • This might be one of the easiest things to change!
  • Practice defensive driving

What’s Next for CMT?

  • Understanding context and variables
  • Weather risks and outcomes
  • Investment in IoT devices

Show Notes

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