RSG234: From Delivering Food to Grocery Shopping with an Uber Eats Driver

I’m reposting our opening panel for the Curbivore 2023 conference in this episode.

We have a panel interview with the head of Uber Eats Grocery, David Meers, a delivery driver named Mariana, and Erewhon’s chief revenue officer Kabir Jain, and I think it’s a great interview with a variety of perspectives.

Overall, Curbivore 2023 was a huge success – make sure to check it out here!

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Intro To Panelists

  • David Meers: Head of Grocery + Retail Fulfillment Products, Uber
  • Mariana: Local Courier Turned Shopper
  • Kabir Jain: Chief Growth Officer, Erewhon Market

Uber Grocery

  • Uber has been experimenting with grocery over the last few years.
  • The natural extension of food delivery.
  • Why do delivery drivers like grocery delivery? Fewer miles, higher earnings!
  • Erewhon in particular is good because they help shoppers find what they’re looking for.

Balancing Shopper Experience & Retail Demand

  • Listen to retailers – what are the trends?
  • Couriers have more control over grocery shopping vs picking up the delivery.
  • Shoppers are customers!
  • Tip for Customers: You can make shoppers’ lives easier by telling us what you want for substitutes! Tell shoppers ahead of time and leave it in the notes.

New Features for Uber Eats App

  • Live order tracking
  • Digital payment cards for couriers
  • Enhancing information provided to couriers
  • Apple Pay will be most helpful to shoppers!