Seattle Launches Driver Resolution Center

Going to an Uber or Lyft Hub is one of the best ways to get driver issues resolved – but not every city has a Hub. The city of Seattle has taken a monumental step in helping drivers get their disputes with rideshare companies resolved by creating the Seattle Driver Resolution Center. Senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins breaks down what this Resolution is and what it will do for drivers below.

Drivers in the Seattle area will have a chance to dispute deactivations and have other rideshare-related issues handled locally. Starting July 1, 2021, the city of Seattle will launch a Driver Resolution Center.

Seattle Driver Resolution Center: What is It?

The Seattle Driver Resolution Center came about due to the 2020 passage of Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan’s “Fare Share” proposal. Other actions have taken place because of this proposal, including a minimum wage for Seattle-area rideshare and delivery drivers.

As a part of the Seattle Driver Resolution Center, the Driver’s Union will provide representation to drivers in arbitration hearings and outreach and education on driver’s rights, including those granted by the TNC Driver Deactivation Rights Ordinance (DRO), Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 14.32.

The DRO protects TNC drivers from unfair deactivations from rideshare platforms. According to a recent press release, “The law provides a venue for drivers to challenge those deactivations before a neutral arbitrator and authorizes the City to enter into an agreement with an organization to provide Driver Resolution Center services.”

Durkan is quoted as saying,

“Seattle is a city of firsts when it comes to worker protections. The Driver Resolution Center is yet another example of how our Fare Share Plan will continue to bring hard-fought worker protections to Seattle’s Uber and Lyft drivers. They are an essential workforce, and the city relies on them to provide businesses and residents critical support.”

What Will the Driver Resolution Center Provide Seattle Drivers?

The Driver Resolution Center will provide services free of cost thanks to the Driver’s Union. It will provide:

  • Consultation and support services to drivers facing deactivation;
  • Direct legal representation to drivers in deactivation arbitration proceedings;
  • Outreach, education, and support to drivers about their rights; and
  • Culturally and language-specific services to drivers in the primary languages that drivers speak.

Having this kind of resource could prove to be of great benefit to drivers in the Seattle area.

What are Drivers Saying?

Nurayne F., a ride-hail driver who was deactivated by Uber in 2018, said, “I lost my job after I was the victim of being hit by an uninsured driver. Even though investigations by both the police and Uber’s own insurance company found that I was not at fault, I still lost my job. I am so glad that moving forward other drivers will not have to experience what my family went through.”

Drivers in RSG’s Facebook group overall wished this would be implemented nationwide. As Bob A. stated: “Something like this is the absolute bare minimum of what they should do anyway.”

If you know of other drivers’ groups or unions looking at providing a similar service somewhere else, let us know in the comments or via email!

Overall, this is setting an unprecedented example for the rest of the United States to follow suit.

Readers, if you’re a Seattle driver, are you looking forward to this? If you’re not a Seattle driver, would you like to see something like this come to your city?

-Paula @ RSG