Shipt Shopper Review

    Grocery delivery is huge now, and Shipt grocery delivery service is taking advantage of the current boom in demand. Should you become a Shipt shopper? If you’re interested in earning up to $22 per hour (or more in some cities!), check out our Shipt shopper review below

    The best delivery companies out there offer both flexibility and the ability to earn money quickly. Shipt says their shoppers can earn up to $22 per hour and you can set your own schedule.

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    But the difference between earning $22 (or more!) and earning considerably less all depends on how you maximize your Shipt shopping requests and time. Below, our Shipt shopper review will walk you through the process and provide you tips on maximizing your Shipt income quickly!

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    What is Shipt?

    Shipt is a company that offers same-day grocery shopping and delivery services to consumers all over the country. They operate in most major cities and hire independent contractors to shop and deliver grocery orders.

    Shipt orders also include household projects so it’s not just limited to fresh food, drinks, and snack items.

    Shipt is big on promoting quick and accurate deliveries while also allowing shoppers and customers to communicate during the shopping process so that updates are provided each step of the way.

    Shipt is available in most major cities, including:

    • Phoenix
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Denver
    • Orlando
    • Tampa/St. Petersburg
    • Boston
    • Kansas City, MO
    • Manhattan
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Portland, OR
    • Pittsburgh
    • Philadelphia

    And many more.

    How Does Shipt Work For Drivers?

    Shipt shoppers can select their hours by scheduling out shifts up to 5 days in advance. When you put yourself on a schedule for a particular day, it means you’re available to shop for orders in your area during that time.

    You’re able to limit your shopping to a specific radius from a grocery if you want to limit your driving. However, this could also limit your trips. Once you log in to the app during your scheduled time, you’ll start getting requests for shopping trips.

    Before you accept an order, you’ll be able to see the size of the order, the store you’ll have to go to the final destination. While you don’t have to accept every order that comes through the app, Shipt does track your acceptance rate.

    shipt shopper reviewOnce you accept an order:

    • Drive to the grocery store
    • Select the items from the customer’s list
    • Pay the register using the app
    • Drop the items off to the customer

    Shipt Shopper Requirements

    To become a Shipt shopper, you’ll need:

    • To be at least 18 years old
    • Have a valid US driver’s license and auto insurance
    • A reliable vehicle, 1997 or newer
    • Knowledge of produce selection (don’t mistake an apple for an orange, for instance)
    • Ability to lift 40 pounds
    • iPhone or Android smartphone

    How Much Can Shipt Shoppers Make?

    Shipt says shoppers can earn up to $22 per hour. While writing this Shipt shopper review I talked to two Shipt shoppers who say what you can earn really depends on the market you’re in and when you’re able to work.

    Pay also depends on how large your orders are, since people typically tip on order size. From Shipt shoppers we’ve spoken to, you shouldn’t earn less than $5 per order (orders are typically much higher – $18-22 per order depending on where you live!).

    Shipt shoppers get to keep 100% of their tips but in case the customer tip amount is low, Ship also offers to pay a percentage of the order total. Bonuses can also be available depending on if Shipt is running a shopper promotion during your order delivery time.

    “When I first started working with Shipt, it was easy to make anywhere from $150 – $300 per day on busy days like Sunday and Monday,” says Taylor S., who shops in the Fort Myers area. “Now, I think it just really depends on where you’re shopping and the time.”

    Taylor started out working with Shipt full-time as a shopper and deliverer but now he works part-time and still aims to make around $100+ per day after working just a few hours.

    As you can see in the screenshot below, Shipt sometimes offers Taylor a bonus payment of $20 per order in addition to the original order pay and customer tip. The bigger the order amount, the more Shipt pays the shopper.


    Shipt Shopper Reviews: What Shipt Shoppers Say About Delivering With Shipt

    We asked Shipt shoppers in The Rideshare Guy community about their Shipt shopper reviews to see what they thought about shopping for Shipt.

    One shopper from the Washington D.C. area says they like overall but wished they’d pay a little more.

    “There are plenty of shops to do in my area as well as ‘delivery only’ options where I don’t even have to do the shopping. However, I do believe that considering the amount of time involved in the shopping and delivery–as well as the lugging of groceries up flights of stairs to apartment dwellers, etc., the base pay is insufficient.”

    Taylor has completed over 2,500 shopping trips with Shipt and believes that your success as a shopper depends heavily on your ability to be efficient and consistent when scheduling work through the app.

    “I like how Shipt gives you the option to schedule shifts in advance at local stores or simply claim an order that has been submitted that day,” he said.

    Taylor mentioned that Shipt likes to pair shoppers with the same customers as much as possible. However, if a top shopper in your area doesn’t want to claim an order, it goes to the ‘Open Orders’ tab on the app so anyone can claim it.

    Shoppers can claim open orders if they have flexible availability, reserve a slot on the schedule to secure the opportunity to get orders, or do both to maximize earnings.

    In terms of when he prefers to shop for Shipt, Taylor likes to start working during the late morning starting at 10 am or 11 am for a few hours. If there are a lot of open orders available, he may go back on the app around 7 pm.

    Tips For New Shipt Shoppers

    Since Taylor has completed so many shopping trips over the past few years with Shipt, I was eager to share his expertise here for anyone who is thinking of signing up with Shipt and wants to get off to a great start.

    1. Taylor recommends new Shipt shoppers get familiar with the grocery stores in the area and ask employees for help if they need to find something.

    “Don’t waste time looking for something when you have no idea where it is,” Taylor said. “Instead, realize employees are always available to help and are familiar with Shipt. Most workers build relationships with Shipt shoppers who frequent their stores so their assistance can often save you time.

    2. Another tip Taylor has is to send the customer a text through the app when you’re heading to the store. This gives them a heads up to stay by their phone in case you need to request a replacement item while shopping.

    “Don’t worry if your customer doesn’t always reply, Each person may not always have their phone on them but if you’re really relying on a reply, you can also have the option to call them to check in on a suggestion for the order or give an update.”

    3. Process the order when you get in the car. After each order is completed, you must process it in the app by taking a picture of the receipt.

    Taylor waits until he is out of the store and in the car to process the order because he’s found that sometimes customers will add last-minute items.

    “If you process the order too soon like during the checkout process in the store and the customer wants another item last minute, this will just slow down your process or cause you to tell the customer that it’s too late to add to the order,” he adds.

    You can see all of Taylor’s tips and thoughts about Shipt over at his YouTube channel here.

    Pros and Cons of Being a Shipt Shopper


    • Flexible –  Shoppers can go into the app and pick up an available order or schedule their work time in advance
    • Get paid per order, not per hour
    • Deliver only trips are an option
    • Shipt offers promotional bonuses sometimes
    • Shoppers get to keep their tips


    • Pay for your own gas and car maintenance
    • May involve some physical work (ie. carrying a lot of bags up a flight of stairs)

    Is it Worth Driving for Shipt? Shipt Shoppers Share Their Review for Maximizing Your Income

    YouTuber The Soltrop Six is a stay-at-home Mom of two sets of twins who delivers for Shipt part time – roughly 5 hours a week.

    Below, the Grand Rapids, MI Shipt shopper shares her thoughts about Shipt and what it’s like delivering for Shipt part-time. Her takeaways?

    • The sign up process is very simple
    • You’ll go through online training – no in-store training, but it’s pretty common sense
    • Join Facebook groups for Shipt shoppers in your city – they provide helpful information about your local grocery stores
    • Pay in her market is roughly $14-18, but can be higher depending on order size

     Want to become a Shipt shopper with a more full-time schedule? Check out Your Driver Mike’s YouTube video below, where he shares what it’s like doing 30 Shipt shopper orders. He drives in San Diego – quite a different market than Grand Rapids, MI!

    Your Driver Mike’s Shipt Shopper review takeaways?

    • Choose grocery stores you’re familiar with – otherwise your order could take a lot longer as you hunt for specialized items
    • Always communicate with your customer, especially if you have product substitutions. This could lead to higher tips!
    • You typically drive a lot fewer miles, and therefore spending less on gas and wear and tear on your car
    • Mike earns $20+ per hour in San Diego

     Additionally, pair delivering with Shipt with other top delivery companies, like delivering with Uber Eats or DoorDash, and shopping with Instacart.

    When one app is busy, the others may be less so, so maximize your time on the road by signing up for as many platforms as you can.

    Shipt vs Instacart

    Clearly, Shipt is not the only grocery delivery option in town. Chances are if you can deliver with Shipt, you can also deliver with Instacart.

    The primary differences between Shipt vs Instacart are:

    Pros of Instacart

    • Flexible hours
    • Pay on time
    • Know your delivery destination before getting to the store
    • Seems to be more well-known, with more stores and delivery requests


    • Don’t get paid hourly
    • Can cause heavy wear on vehicle
    • Tips can sometimes make or break your hourly earnings

    In general, you’ll likely have more options with Instacart than you may with Shipt, but you’re also more reliant on tips with Instacart as compared to Shipt. Your earnings are potentially higher, but so is the potential to earn a lot less. Shipt appears to be more consistent with earnings than Instacart, from what readers have shared with us.

    You can read our full review of Shipt vs. Instacart.

    How to Get Started as a Shipt Shopper

    If you’re looking to diversify your rideshare income and continue earning money in the gig economy, Shipt is a great option to consider. Click here to get started and sign up.

    Readers, have you tried Shipt either as a shopper or a member? Do you think you’d try out Shipt? What’s your Shipt shopper review? Let me know in the comments below.

    -Chonce @ RSG

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