How Shopping Gigs Compare to Rideshare

How Shopping Gigs Compare to Rideshare [Sponsored]

Did you know that delivering groceries not only pays more than rideshare in many instances, but the customer interaction is incredibly different?  Some of you might say better!

Right now Instacart is offering guaranteed earnings to drivers in certain areas. Click here for current earnings in your location.  As a previous example, in Philadelphia we saw a guarantee of at least $1,150 on your first 48 batches – that’s an additional $24 on top of what you’ll make per batch!  And you can make more money when you follow our best strategies for working smarter and earning higher tips.

We’re thrilled to see shoppers earning more, especially from a gig company that’s already one of the easiest to work for!

This post is sponsored by Instacart but, as always, opinions are our own.

8 Comparisons of Shopping to Rideshare

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1. Less traffic

While driving for Instacart, in the majority of cases you won’t be driving across major cities and on the freeway during rush hour and feel like you’re in traffic all day. Instacart orders tend to be during the days, in mid-afternoons and on weekends, which also leads to less traffic for you to deal with.

As an added bonus, with less traffic comes fewer fill ups of your tank. If you’re idling in traffic, you’re using up more gas than when you’re on the move.

You know that super tired feeling you get after fighting traffic all evening? That’s from stress.

But when you drive for groceries and pharmacies you’ll mainly avoid the times when the roads are slammed.

2. Shop where you’re comfortable

As an Instacart shopper, you see where you’re going to be shopping BEFORE you accept the order. If an order request is at a store you don’t like or in a town you’re not comfortable with, simply decline and wait for the next to come through.

This makes Instacart one of the best gig companies to get started with, too. If you’re newer to a city or not 100% comfortable driving in all types of weather, with Instacart you’ll be able to choose where you shop and deliveries are generally close by.

When you drive for rideshare, you could end up in parts of the city or state that you aren’t familiar with. That might be OK with you! It’s something to be aware of.

3. Be selective and potentially earn more

One of our readers discovered that warehouse shopping for Instacart is where the money is in his market. He knows what orders to take and which to pass on, as well as when an order could be eligible for a heavy bonus.

Liquor store runs might also turn a better profit for you. They are typically smaller orders but will cost the customer about the same as a regular grocery run. You could earn the same amount of money without wasting time wandering through a giant store, giving you time to pick up more batches throughout your shift.

The RideShare Guy team member Scott lives in South Florida and notes that Instacart delivers for Sam’s Club.  But what’s great for shoppers is that the liquor store is separate and relatively small.  So it’s very fast to grab the items you need and get back on the road.

If you end up in a big store like Total Wine and aren’t sure where to find something, it’s filled with helpful experts who will gladly point you in the right direction.

To compare, with Uber or Lyft you have an acceptance rate that you’re constantly being reminded of if you dip below a certain threshold.

With Instacart shopping, if you don’t want an order, you can decline without penalty. Simply pass and wait for the next offer to roll through.

Instacart wants shoppers who are accurate and efficient, and if you feel an order isn’t right for you, you can decline it and accept another order you’d be proficient at.

4. More opportunities to impress the customer = more tips

In our experience, if an item is out of stock, you can impress the customer by offering options for what is available and keeping them in the loop throughout your shop. Many customers would be grateful for any extra care you take in completing their order and ensuring they are happy with any changes being made along the way. Happy customers tend to tip more, which means more money in your pocket.

5. Go your own speed

Yes, if you go faster, you’ll be able to get through more orders and potentially earn more. However, you don’t have to be The Flash! You can go your own speed and grab the items in whatever order you prefer.

You won’t have a customer looking over your shoulder as you would with a rideshare passenger.

For some of you, you may find it’s a more relaxing environment with less pressure to go, go, go.

6. More exercise

There were times as a rideshare driver where I didn’t get out of my car for 8 hours straight. With Instacart, you’re walking around throughout your day and getting the chance to stretch and move.

7. Your Car, Your Music

With rideshare, while you technically CAN listen to whatever you want, your passengers might get upset or reduce your tip.  When delivering groceries, jam out as loud as you want! Or listen to audio books or the The RideShare Guy podcast! 🙂

8. Be Social If You Want To Be

Again, since you have no passengers, you’ll never feel obligated to answer their questions.

Instead, you’ll have opportunities to socialize while you’re grocery shopping (chatting while bagging at checkout) or you can use hands-free ways to chat with friends or family on the phone while you’re driving to drop off orders.

Also, some customers will be home when you make delivery orders, offering another opportunity if you both choose to chat. In our experience, dropping off groceries is a short interaction, but some customers will ask about your day, offer you a water bottle, or even snacks!

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll find both opportunities to chat and get some quiet time while shopping for Instacart.

While there are pros and cons to every job, Instacart is certainly one of the best gig jobs thanks to its flexibility and ability to earn as much if not more than rideshare driving.

Considering signing up for Instacart? Your city may currently be offering guaranteed earnings for new drivers – click here to sign up!

-Paula @ RSG