Solo raises $5.3M to offer gig workers guaranteed earnings and more!

Solo, a platform for gig workers to optimize their time and maximize income, raised a grand total of $5.3 million in a seed round of funding.

What is Solo? Solo helps drivers analyze their performance and pay, and helps drivers and other gig workers maximize earnings by learning from the data they collect. Solo is so confident in their hour by hour earnings predictions, they actually offer drivers ‘guaranteed earnings’.

Harry is a big fan of this service and has signed on as an advisor and investor for the company.

As Harry told GeekWire, “Solo is bringing transparency to the gig economy and giving workers the information and power to earn more. From their planning and goal setting features to their one of a kind ‘earnings guarantee.’ Solo is a company that gig workers are going to love!”

Solo is a free service and it takes about two minutes to sign up on their website.

Currently they are only offering their services to gig workers in the Seattle area, but they are looking to expand to other markets, so you can also sign up for their waitlist here.

Learn more about Solo in our video: Solo is Offering Uber and Lyft Drivers Guaranteed Earnings!!


Getting Started with Solo

If you are interested in signing up, click here. Be sure to uncheck the box “Confirm you work in Washington State” and instead click on “Work in a different city?” to let them know your location and your interest in their services for your area.

If you’re not in Seattle, when you click on “Work in a different city?” you can enter your email address and the city where you drive. From there you’ll get a notification on the website that says, “Thanks for your interest with Solo! You are on our waitlist and we will contact you as soon as we are available in your area.”

Otherwise, if you do live in Seattle, you can complete the sign-up process. Fill out your email address and pick a password to sign up.

After you’ve created your free profile, your next step would be to link your accounts. For example, if you drive for Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, you’d sign in to those apps through your Solo account to link them all together.

From there, Solo will start to show you the busiest and highest paying jobs that fit your schedule. You can also set goals for yourself, create a schedule to stick to and track your progress toward those goals.

One perk is that you’ll have all of your earnings shown in one place so you can easily track how much you’ve made across multiple apps. You can even see what other drivers in your area are averaging so you can compare your performance with others on the road.

In their FAQs section, Solo states, “We use your data to help provide insights about your individual work history across multiple earnings sources. This data is aggregated anonymously with others in the community to provide city-level pay and performance benchmarks. We will delete your data if 1) you disconnect a linked work account or 2) delete your Solo account.”

A goal of Solo is to bring transparency to drivers where gig worker platforms don’t offer that kind of service.

As far as future capabilities are concerned, Solo plans to be an all-in-one platform for gig workers to manage jobs, expenses, taxes, etc.

Solo’s CEO and co-founder, Bryce Bennett, states, “While the gig economy has provided flexible work for millions of people, the jobs come with minimal security and stability. We’re excited to put better data and tools in the hands of drivers, shoppers, couriers and others so they can maintain their flexibility, while also knowing when, where, and what job to work.”

Have you heard of Solo before? If not, does it sound interesting to you?

-Paula @ RSG