Swoop Announces Major New Partnership with the NFL for 2022 Super Bowl

Cool news from Swoop, the group transportation company we’ve featured in the past: Swoop won a $1 million contract with the National Football League (NFL) to provide transportation for the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

Swoop will shuttle guests to the field and provide ‘VIP transportation’, including transporting executives, NFL personnel and teams to SoFi Stadium.

As Pete Evenson, co-founder of Swoop, stated on Swoop’s Facebook page:

“It’s a dream come true to be able to support the biggest sporting event in the U.S., and when you combine that with the fact it’s in Los Angeles, it makes it even sweeter! Our headquarters neighbors SoFI stadium so the entire Swoop team is eager to get started and provide a great transportation experience.”

It’s been a tough year for transportation in general, particularly group travel, so this is great news for Swoop. You can read more about Swoop here, but Swoop is essentially a technology marketplace that matches passengers to the best-fit group transportation provider.

As co-founder and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Pete Evenson explains, Swoop started out as a marketplace to connect mom-and-pop transportation shops to companies looking for group transit.

COVID hit the group transportation hard, and this deal with the NFL is big not just for Swoop, but for the entire industry. As Evenson mentions in the interview with Cheddar, Swoop initially forecast business would return for them in the fall, but they’re already seeing business bounce back now.

In addition to the Super Bowl news, Swoop also recently raised $3.2 million in a seed funding round led by Signia Ventures Partners, among others. Evenson stated this funding would be used to build out product solution and unlock the supply side for mom-and-pop transportation shops. This funding will enable these shops to build out their website, among other modernization goals.

If you’re looking to drive for Swoop, sign up via the Moovsapp to get connected. Moovs works with drivers who drive for more than just Uber: you can drive for Uber, Swoop, and other transportation companies.

Swoop matches customers and rides by partnering with vetted group transportation providers across the country. These operators have to pass numerous background checks to be allowed on the platform.

The independent limo and bus operators get thorough back-end support via the app, which gives them information on what rides are available, rates, how much they’ve made on past rides, passenger reviews, which vehicles were most profitable, etc. When a ride is booked, the company operator is informed of all the details: passengers, price, addresses, etc., as is the driver.

Read more about how Swoop works from the drivers’ side here.

-Melissa @ RSG