Uber Driver Spotify Playlist Can Impact Your Revenue

Besides ride selection and bonuses, tips are the biggest determinant of your revenue, and it is something you can control.

Your customer’s experience will affect how inclined they are to give you a tip. A silent car is awkward, your Uber Driver Spotify playlist makes a difference. The volume is also a factor you want to be aware of.

All these things set a tone for your passengers driving experience in your car.  In this article, I will share some of my tried and tested music selections which you can immediately use in your own car.


I was raised on Led Zeppelin, I am a proud child of the 1970s. My true love, which has never broken my heart, is Led Zeppelin.  I listen to it every day of my life.  It has a powerful effect on me.  That is the power of music.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares my love of Led Zeppelin. I can’t blast Dazed and Confused and expect my passengers to love it as much as I do.

Instead, I have to play music that will be pleasant for most people. I have curated a few playlists which you can also use.  Let’s get into the music.

Main Music Streaming Platforms to Use While Driving

There are three significant players in the streaming music arena: Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.


I started out with Pandora. I had my playlists all set, however, one thing I could not do with Pandora at the time was play one specific song.

I recall being on the Bay Bridge with a woman named Angie, and I wanted to play her the song “Angie” by the Rolling Stones. I could not.


I decided to switch to Spotify, pay the $9.99 a month, and have the flexibility to pick any song I wanted to play at any time.

I still pay $9.99 monthly and feel it is completely worth it. I also get my Hulu subscription as a package deal with Spotify.

However, you can use the free version, which has fewer bells and whistles and has advertisements.

It is very easy to navigate Spotify.  All you need to do is type in the search bar to be shown every match.



Before we get to the music, we need to discuss volume.  I have taken many Uber and Lyft rides as a passenger.

One of the worst experiences is entering a car with music that is playing too loud.  I still remember listening to rap music loudly in the back seat. It was a horrible experience.

You will need to experiment with your volume levels. In my car, the perfect level is seven. It is soft enough not to be intrusive and loud enough to set the car’s energy.

Bottom line. Not too loud. But loud enough to be heard. Let’s jump into the types of music.

Uber and Spotify: Best Types of Music to Play While Driving

1. Coffee Table Jazz Playlist

This is my go-to. If you don’t like jazz, I will offer you a backup a little further down.

Coffee Table Jazz plays jazz which is relaxing. You won’t be hearing any crazy John Coltrane saxophone solos. Buddy Rich won’t be pounding away on the drums.

No, instead, this is a wonderfully curated playlist with each song in that relaxing sweet spot. As you can see, the playlist runs over eleven hours so that you won’t hear the same song twice daily.

I play this from the start of my day until about 10 AM. Your passengers will thank you.

uber driver spotify coffee table jazz playlist

Once you have selected a playlist and it is playing, I recommend you switch the mode so you will see only the current song.

It is easier to start and stop the music. I play music with the passenger in the car.  Once the passenger leaves, I play a podcast.

As I approach my next passenger, I return to Spotify and hit the play button in the middle of the screen.

uber driver spotify see current song playing

2. Morning Drive Playlist

In addition to the playlists provided by Spotify, you can make your own. My Morning Drive playlist features my favorite jazz artists and some gentle vocals.

If I want something other than Coffee Table Jazz, I listen to Morning Drive. Making a playlist is easy to do and can be quite enjoyable. After all, you will only add music you love and want to listen to.

morning drive playlist

3. Calming Classical

If jazz is not your favorite, you can listen to Calming Classical. I use this playlist when I do my writing for the Rideshare Guy.

Calming Classical is my vibe when I need to get some work done. It’s like a massage for my mind.

calming classical

4. Yacht Rock Playlist

Once I move into the more active parts of the day (after 10 AM), I will listen to a playlist such as Yacht Rock. Here again, it is gentle-sounding music.

This playlist is full of hits from the 70s and 80s. Most of my passengers know most of the songs that are playing. People like to hear music they are familiar with.

yacht rock

5. 10 Best Playlist

What I did here was make a playlist of my favorite ten albums.  Since I first created this playlist, I have added another ten albums.

I did not change the name, but there are twenty of my favorite albums. Certainly, there are a few Led Zeppelin albums that I generally don’t recommend for passengers.

If I have a passenger in my car and Whole Lotta Love comes on, I will fast forward to something more tame.  So while the playlists are primarily for the passengers, sometimes I want to hear my favorites.

As I end my shift, this feeling gets stronger, and my music selection will be more attuned to my interests.

top 10 playlist

Uber Driver Spotify Playlist Takeaways

Music is magic. One of the best parts of our job as rideshare drivers is driving and listening to music. Not just any music. The music we want to hear.

It’s awesome. Even better, if we get the music right, our passengers feel it and may reward us with a nice tip.

What could be better? I am going to fire up a Jimmy Hendrix song right now.  I hope you do the same.

Be safe out there.