The 5 Driving Strategies I Learned Watching Dune Part Two

Dune Part Two Movie Poster

As a rideshare driver with over eight years of experience and more than 30,000 rides under my belt, I’ve seen it all on the roads. However, inspiration for honing my driving skills can come from unexpected places.

Recently, while watching “Dune Part Two,” I found myself drawing parallels between the challenges faced by the characters and the strategies I employ on the job. I watched “Dune Part Two” on the largest screen I could find here in Sacramento, California.

My theatre has a technology called “D-Box,” which provides chairs that move and vibrate to the action on the screen. When those giant sandworms were on the move, it felt like I was right there with Timothée Chalamet, learning how to ride them.

I would say Dune Part Two is the best movie this year. I learned five key driving strategies from this epic sci-fi saga that have enhanced my rideshare driving experience.


“Dune Part Two,” the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s legendary novel, is a tale of survival, strategy, and resilience. The characters navigate treacherous environments, political intrigue, and relentless adversaries while striving to achieve their goals.

The main character is Paul Atreades (Timothée Chalamet), who must learn to adapt to desert life while establishing himself as the messiah of a nation. Part of his journey involves riding sandworms, fighting, and drinking a blue liquid that has killed every man who has drunk it in the past.

Much like the characters in the story, rideshare drivers must navigate the urban jungle, manage customer expectations, and stay ahead of the competition. These parallels inspired me to reflect on and share my driving strategies, drawing wisdom from the desert planet of Arrakis.

Sandworms from Dune

Strategy 1: Anticipate the Unexpected

In “Dune Part Two,” the characters are constantly alert, anticipating threats from all directions. What you see in the picture above are sandworms. They are huge and unexpected. As a rideshare driver, this mindset is crucial.

The urban environment is full of unpredictability, sudden stops, erratic drivers, and unexpected roadwork. To stay ahead, I’ve learned always to expect the unexpected.

This means keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, scanning intersections well before reaching them, and being prepared to react swiftly to any sudden changes in traffic patterns.

This proactive approach has saved me from countless potential accidents and ensures a smoother ride for my passengers.

Strategy 2: Adapt to Changing Conditions

The harsh and ever-changing environment of Arrakis demands adaptability from its inhabitants. Similarly, rideshare drivers must be adaptable, as driving conditions can change rapidly.

Adapting quickly is essential, whether it’s a sudden downpour, road closures, or a surge in traffic due to a local event. As we are all well aware, there are now more drivers (over saturation) and lower pay than in years past.

I always watch weather forecasts and traffic updates and am prepared to reroute on the fly. Instead of working full-time, I have adjusted my schedule to drive only on weekends when I can maximize my per-hour earnings.

This flexibility keeps me on schedule and demonstrates to my passengers that I am reliable and resourceful, leading to better ratings and more tips.

Walking in the Desert

Strategy 3: Efficient Resource Management

In “Dune Part Two,” resource management is a matter of survival. There is no water. It is so bad that when someone dies, their body is drained of all its fluid so that others may live longer. Even tears are not wasted.

For rideshare drivers, efficiently managing time, fuel, and personal energy is critical to maximizing earnings. I’ve learned to plan my shifts strategically, focusing on peak hours and high-demand areas.

I also monitor my vehicle’s fuel consumption and maintenance needs meticulously. This reduces operational costs and minimizes downtime due to unexpected breakdowns.

Additionally, taking regular breaks and staying hydrated ensures I remain alert and provide the best service possible throughout my shift.

Strategy 4: Building Alliances

The alliances and relationships in “Dune Part Two” are pivotal to the characters’ success. For example, Paul Atreades (Timothée Chalamet) befriends a woman named Chani (Zendaya), who supports him during his training.

Similarly, rideshare drivers benefit from building alliances within their community. Networking with other drivers, sharing tips, and staying connected through driver forums and social media groups can provide valuable insights and support.

The best source for connection is The Rideshare Guy, with email blasts and daily YouTube videos to keep you on top of all the changes in the marketplace.

These alliances help us stay informed about the best routes, avoid trouble spots, and share experiences with difficult passengers. This sense of community fosters a collaborative environment where drivers can help each other succeed and improve the rideshare experience.

The Showdown of Dune

Strategy 5: Maintaining Focus Under Pressure

“Dune Part Two” showcases characters who must focus despite immense pressure. The movie’s final section shows a showdown between Paul Etreades and his number one opponent. It is a fight to the death.

We don’t usually have to contend with someone trying to kill us, but we do have to deal with upset passengers, weather, car repairs, and low demand. Maintaining focus is a skill that rideshare drivers need to master.

The job can be stressful, especially during rush hours or when dealing with difficult passengers. I’ve learned to stay calm and composed, using techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness to manage stress.

Keeping a positive attitude and focusing on providing excellent service helps maintain composure. This ensures my safety and that of my passengers and enhances the ride experience, leading to better reviews and higher ratings.

Key Takeaways

The journey of a rideshare driver is much like the epic saga of “Dune Part Two,” filled with challenges and opportunities for growth.

I have successfully navigated the urban landscape by anticipating the unexpected, adapting to changing conditions, managing resources efficiently, building alliances, and maintaining focus under pressure.

These strategies, inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of the characters in “Dune Part Two,” have made me a better driver and enriched my experience as a rideshare professional. Embracing these principles can help any driver thrive in the ever-evolving ride-sharing world.

You can now watch “Dune Part Two” on HBO Max at home.

Enjoy, and be safe out there.