RSG001: What’s Your Passenger Pick-Up Strategy?

RSG001: What’s Your Passenger Pick-Up Strategy?

Welcome to the first episode of The Rideshare Guy Podcast.  I’m super excited to be working on this site and especially the podcast.  I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting this first episode so I hope you guys enjoy it.

In this episode, we’ll talk all about passenger pick-up strategies and ways to maximize profitability, efficiency and more.  At the end of the show, I’ll also share with you 5 awesome tips for getting the best passengers.

You can find a transcript of the show here and a big thanks to our awesome listener Carolyn for transcribing the podcast!

Summary of the Show:


  • My first podcast for The Rideshare Guy
  • Why I like podcasting so much

How does the passenger pick-up/request system work?

  • The secret behind Lyft’s passenger pick-up algorithm
  • Why do you get calls from passengers that are 20 minutes away when there are closer drivers?
  • How to reset your passenger pick-up radius
  • Future tweaks to passenger pick-up algorithm
  • Is it better to move around or stay in one spot?

Hot zones

  • How to find Hot Zones
  • How to get passengers headed into hot zones

5 Awesome Tips for Getting the Best Passengers

  • What’s the most surprising day to work?
  • Should you worry about your acceptance rate?
  • Are longer rides better than shorter rides?
  • Can you drive in other cities/states?
  • How to find rideshare friendly events


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Show Notes:

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