Uber and GetUpside Team Up to Help Drivers

It’s no surprise gas prices are on the rise, like almost everything else. When we interviewed full-time drivers about their gas expenses, many mentioned spending on average $600+ – and yes, even in states with cheaper gas!

For many drivers, “not driving” is not an option. So how can drivers save more at the pump?

To answer that question, Uber and GetUpside have teamed up to help drivers in more ways than one. The two companies started a partnership back in August, but now they are expanding what services and features are offered to drivers.

Have questions about how GetUpside works? We explain it here: How Does GetUpside Work? Does The App Actually Help Save Money On Gas?

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Uber + GetUpside Team Up to Help Drivers Save More on Gas

Since the partnership began in August, Uber drivers have been able to receive Uber-only bonuses at the pump and convenience stores via the GetUpside app.

Previously, with the GetUpside app, you’re able to find nearby gas stations and claim a discount/cash back on your gas fill up.

Thanks to this partnership, you’ll be able to earn up to 25 cents in cashback without leaving the Uber driver app.

Another neat feature Uber has added? Finding public restrooms and letting you hit “pause” while you go!

You’ll also be able to navigate to public bathrooms while being able to pause your Uber app, giving you the time you need to do your business and get back on the road.

Once you’re ready to get back to the grind, you just click on “resume” in your Uber app and you’ll be back to accepting requests.

We’ve covered GetUpside many times in the past and really love the services they provide. Learn more about their app and sign up for it today to earn even when you’re not on your Uber app.

Driver Takeaways

I’m glad to see Uber is more fully integrating things within the Uber app itself. It would be a pain to have to juggle two apps just to do the gig while also looking for a decently priced gas station.

Plus, I love that you can pause the Uber app to use the restroom. This means if you’re in the middle of a streak, you can ‘pause’ and continue on once you’re done with your break.

Yes, you can continue your streak after you resume! This is a big relief to those like me, who’ve missed out on streaks before because I needed to take a short break. 

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Sign-up bonus included.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to miss out on streak bonuses because I’ve had to go so bad, and this is a very common complaint in driver forums, too. For some drivers, this addition could be even bigger than the gas news!

Are you excited for the pause feature? What about saving money on gas? 

-Paula @ RSG