Uber Eats Bike Delivery Guide for Beginners

So you’re thinking about doing Uber Eats by bike — to earn cash, get fit, or both. Uber Eats bicycle delivery can be a great way to meet those goals.

While it’s not hard to get started, it’s not as simple as downloading the app and pedaling off to fill delivery requests. This article will tell you the requirements for Uber Eats delivery drivers who want to make drop-offs by bike or other modes of transportation.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of bicycle deliveries, how to sign up, and the best ways to maximize your earnings.

How Does Uber Eats Bike Delivery Work?

Uber Eats bike delivery works like the regular Uber Eats delivery service, except instead of using your car you’ll use your bike, motorbike, electric bike, or motorized scooter to complete customer orders.

Like rideshare drivers, Uber delivery bicycle couriers are independent contractors.

You’ll need to pass the same requirements you would for being an Uber driver. Although you won’t need to pass a car vehicle inspection or submit insurance, you will need to pass a background check.

And it’s a much more physical activity hustle than dropping off food by car. To be successful at this gig, you’ll need to be in good shape and be able to pedal quickly — or have the right equipment like a battery-powered electric bike.

You’ll also need to be able to haul around a heavy bag of food, likely in an insulated backpack or caterer bag, and get the food there hot and fresh.

Uber Eats will assign food deliveries in-app. In many areas, there are fewer bicycle deliveries available so it may not be as lucrative as regular deliveries by car.

In other areas, like dense urban streets with plenty of restaurants and residential housing, bicyclists may find there are as many bike deliveries as car ones.

Typically though, Uber Eats bike delivery will not provide enough extra money to be a full-time job.

Pros & Cons of Uber Eats Bike Delivery


  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Get paid to exercise
  • Flexible schedule; be your own boss and pick up shifts when you want
  • Fewer costs; bicycles are overall cheaper to maintain than a vehicle
  • Discounts for electric bicycles — delivering for Uber Eats can score you a great discount


  • Inclement weather
  • Less lucrative; there are usually more delivery driver jobs
  • Working conditions may be dangerous; you’re biking alongside cars that don’t always want to share the road with bikers

Uber Eats Bike Delivery Requirements

To do Uber Eats bicycle deliveries, there are some basic requirements you need to meet. Cyclists must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license or state-issued identification card.

When you sign up to make bike deliveries in the rideshare app, make sure to select “Delivery by bicycle or foot” under the transportation method.

Finally, you’ll need to pass a background check. Generally, it takes 3 to 5 days to complete it.

Even if you are approved to do Uber Eats bicycle deliveries, make sure that food bicycle delivery is available in your market. The odds are good you’re covered, as bicycle couriers in small and large cities all over the world utilize the Uber platform.

After you’re approved, you can log into your “Uber driver” app and look for Uber bike deliveries to come your way. As with other ride or delivery requests, log in and hit the “Go” button. Then wait for potential deliveries for you to accept or decline.

In Australia, bicycle couriers are required to complete a short road safety test. The test is administered in person in cities throughout the country, and you must answer all questions correctly in order to pass.

How to Sign Up for Uber Eats Bike Delivery

Signing up to become an Uber Eats driver or bicycle courier is fairly simple. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for age, identification, and background check.

There is no bicycle or e-bike inspection for this delivery method, unlike the vehicle inspections that cars must pass at Uber Greenlight Hubs. However, you will not be successful in this role unless you have a well-functioning, well-maintained bike.

If you already do Uber, then you can easily add Uber Eats to your account settings. If you’re new to gigging for the platform, the process is a bit more involved.

New to Uber?

If you’re a new gig worker to the Uber platform, sign up on their delivery registration page.

  • Fill out forms with basic personal information.
  • Provide copies of your state-issued driver’s license or identification.
  • Pass the background check.
  • Download the Uber driver app to your phone and log in as a delivery person.
  • Select bicycle as the delivery method in your app account settings.

Equipment for Uber Eats Bike Delivery

Other than a delivery bag to keep food hot and a charged smartphone with the Uber app running, there aren’t any specific equipment requirements for Uber Eats bike deliveries.

Uber does expect couriers to comply with all state and local cyclist laws, which may include speed limits, bike helmets, and other safety gear.

To maximize your earnings and maintain your personal safety, here is the gear we recommend for Uber deliveries.

  • Bicycle helmet: Get a solid one that’s comfortable, and invest in one that has a visor to protect your eyes from sun glare, wind, and debris. Some cyclists swear by helmets with a camera for added protection.
  • Smartphone mount: This will give you a hands-free, visual display of your delivery route.
  • Raincoat: Highly helpful for rain and wind.
  • Rear bike rack: A fixed bike rack to hold an insulated pannier bag or other food delivery bag is invaluable. It will allow you to comfortably transport more food in a stable position, instead of toting around a heavy backpack.
  • Lightweight bike gear bag: These can be quite small and unobtrusive, but you want something to transport bike tools like a pump, spare tire, patches, multi-tool, repair kit, and a first aid kit.
  • Portable charger: Keep your phone charged while you’re working — you don’t want to have to stop and wait on a low battery.
  • Front basket or bike bag: Front-mount storage is helpful, even if you have a rear rack and frame storage. Here you can clip on carabiners and store your lunch bag, gloves, sweatshirt, rain jacket, and other gear.
  • U-lock or folding lock: Get a high-end, highly-rated bike lock like Kryptonite.
  • Bike alarm: This is a fantastic, added deterrent in addition to your bike lock. For around $20 or less, you can get a wireless alarm to attach to your bike. Controlled with a remote fob, a loud sound will activate if anyone touches your bike.
  • Bicycle mirrors: For added safety and visual range, right-side and left-side bicycle mirrors are helpful — especially when merging into traffic or viewing approaching vehicles.

Tips for Uber Eats Delivery Drivers

Here are some other helpful tips for Uber Eats delivery drivers.

  • Use delivery partner routes. This can help you find the best bike route for the quickest and safest navigation, avoiding tunnels and highways. Go to “Navigation” under “App Settings” in your account to turn on this feature.
  • Have multiple food delivery bags. Or a large multi-pack unit that can accommodate food and drinks in different sizes, including pizza and beverages with lids. This will help you get orders to customers intact.
  • Always lock up your bike. Even if the delivery will only take a few seconds, and you’ll only be a few feet away, lock up your bike. Do not risk leaving it unattended.
  • Multi-app. Use other delivery platforms to earn the most money with each trip. Uber welcomes bicycle couriers from other services like Grubhub and Amazon.
  • Stake your turf wisely. Make sure you’ve got the right bike for the streets you’ll be pedaling. If you’re going to be on flat, even terrain in bike-friendly cities, you probably don’t need a multi-gear bike. In other areas, you’ll want a multi-speed or e-bike.
  • Don’t change your delivery method. Don’t deliver by car if you signed up as a cyclist. It can be an innocent switch, like bad weather for biking. But it can be underhanded, like a driver knows their car wouldn’t pass inspection so they are skirting the rules. So stick with bike deliveries! If you want to add a vehicle as a secondary method, talk to Uber Support. They can help you do it on the up and up.

Driver’s Take

The UberEats app offers a fantastic way for car drivers and bicyclists to earn extra cash. Uber bike deliveries are not available in every city, but they are available in Seattle, San Francisco, and hundreds of other markets worldwide.

Bike delivery is a fantastic way for riders 18+ to explore their city, earn money, and keep fit. If you do decide to try out Uber Eats, make sure that you meet and maintain the eligibility requirements and follow our safety tips.

Demand for bike delivery is generally lower than for car deliveries, so it’s not likely feasible as a full-time job. However, many bike aficionados do Uber Eats just to be able to cash in on their love for cycling. Some riders make over $10,000 a year doing it for fun in their spare time.


How do you switch from Uber Eats car to bike?

You can switch your preferred transportation method in the Uber app.

  • Log into the app.
  • Go to the work hub in account settings.
  • Select “Deliver food with UberEats.”
  • Review and accept delivery terms.

You can change your delivery method from car to scooter, bicycle, or motorized bicycle.

If you want to add a bike as a secondary delivery method, in addition to using your car for other Uber trips, you’ll need to contact Uber Support. It can take 2-3 business days for them to add on this additional delivery method.

Is there a speed limit for Uber Eats bicycles?

Uber imposes a 25 mph speed limit for cyclists. Pedal faster and you could get a warning call from Uber Support or even find your account suspended.

If you went a lot faster, say 70 mph, you’d probably find your account deactivated permanently. Speeds like this would indicate you’re driving a car to make deliveries, which is not permitted if you signed up as a bicycle courier.

The Uber app tracks how long it takes you to make deliveries, along with your GPS location and your speed.

How much do bike delivery drivers make?

Our drivers at the Rideshare Guy report earnings of around $15 to $25 an hour when factoring in tips and bonuses.

Our editorial team also compared figures reported across national job boards.

  • Average hourly wage of ~ $19 reported on Glassdoor.
  • Hourly wage range of ~ $21 to $26 reported on Salary.com.
  • Hourly wage range of ~ $10 to $25 reported on ZipRecruiter.

Location has the biggest impact on a bicycle courier’s earnings.

Can you DoorDash on a bike?

Yes, DoorDash also allows for bicycle deliveries. However, bike dashing is not allowed in all cities. Generally, only in bikeable cities with restaurants and eaters in the same densely packed areas.

Can you claim your bike as a business expense?

If you use your bicycle to conduct regular business, then it can be claimed as a business asset in the Business Assets section of your tax return. This includes repair and maintenance costs. However, you cannot claim it in the Business Vehicle Expenses section since that is for cars, SUVs, and other similar motor vehicles.

Talk to a tax professional about personal guidance for your filing situation.

Is Uber Eats on a bike worth it?

If you enjoy bicycling, want flexible hours, and are looking to earn extra part-time cash, then Uber Eats on a bike is definitely worth it.

Of course, this does depend on where you live (New York City is a better market than Boise, Idaho), cycling terrain, and the weather.