Looking for a consistent delivery job, with plenty of demand and the opportunity to build your own schedule? The Spark Driver App, Walmart’s proprietary delivery platform, could be perfect for you!

    Walmart Inc. is one of the top five biggest global retailers – yes, global – selling everything from groceries to toys to electronics and so much more. It was only a matter of time before Walmart got into the delivery business, and, in 2018, Walmart created the Spark Driver App.

    You can check out our full Spark Driver app review, but basically, the Spark Driver App dispatches gig workers to pick up items at Walmart and then deliver them to shoppers at their homes. Sound familiar?

    So what is delivering with the Spark Driver App really like? We got the firsthand scoop from small-town Texas Spark Driver Magan B. Below, she shares with us what she likes most about being a Spark Driver, how she sets her schedule, and how goal-setting helps keep her on track.

    This article was sponsored by Walmart Spark Driver Platform but all opinions are our own.

    Magan B., driver on the Spark Driver App

    How did you sign up to be a driver on the Spark Driver platform?

    I signed up to be a driver on the Spark Driver platform through the Spark Driver App in a few simple steps. 

    Learn more about the Spark Driver App sign up process here.

    Why did you start driving on the Spark Driver platform?

    I started driving on the Spark Driver platform after previously driving for a different food delivery company, because I wasn’t getting as much business as I wanted to. I’ve since changed my focus and prefer to drive on the Spark Driver platform, because the money I was earning was more per trip and more consistent in my area. 

    What do you like about being a driver on the Spark Driver platform?

    The aspect I like the most about the Spark Driver Platform is that I get to set my own schedule. It’s important to me to be available for my family when they need me. If I had a conventional job, I would be restricted to being there for them after my work hours. Other aspects I like are being outside and not sitting in front of a desk all day, learning the routes and roads of my community, and going somewhere or learning something new every day. 

    What does your average week look like? When do you make most of your deliveries?

    My Mondays and Tuesdays are typically slower for deliveries, so I tend to spend more time at home with my toddler or doing family errands on those days. That makes my Wednesdays through Sundays more consistent with deliveries (if we aren’t traveling on the weekend).

    I usually make deliveries starting after breakfast and wrap up around 4:30 p.m. during the week but I adjust during the school year. If I feel I need more opportunities for earning, I will make deliveries after dinner and/or after my daughter’s bedtime. I am super lucky to have a supportive husband and couldn’t do this without him. 

    What’s the best time to for you to make deliveries?

    Since school has been back in session, the best time for me to make deliveries has been in the evenings after 5 p.m. and on weekends. I’ve learned to counterbalance this by focusing on my personal life more during the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday). 

    What can you share about your earnings?

    My earnings enable me to provide for my family. I let the customers know how much I appreciate them and for giving me the support I need to take care of my loved ones. I’m looking forward to a, hopefully, busy holiday season!

    According to drivers we spoke to about Spark Driver App driver earnings, Spark Driver App drivers can make $15-20 per delivery, depending on the type of order and where you drive. Learn more about the Spark Driver App earnings here.

    What is your recommendation for drivers interested in the Spark Driver platform?

    I set a daily financial goal for myself each day, week and month. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be as intentional with my opportunities. This helps me decide which offers meet my personal goals and are the best use of my time. I live in a smaller town so learning what that means took me a while, so I’d also recommend having patience. 

    What questions do you have about driving and delivering with the Spark Driver App?

    -Harry @ RSG

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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