Weekly Round-Up: Uber Eats Steps Up Their Game, Allowing Orders From Two Stores at Once

From this week’s trending stories, RSG Contributor Paula Lemar covers how Uber Eats is finally offering the ability to order from multiple locations at one time.

She also details the testing DoorDash is allegedly doing on a feature that will reward customers for dining out as opposed to ordering in.

Let’s dive into each summary and Paula’s take on the news.

Uber Eats Will Now Let You Order From Two Stores At Once


Uber Eats announced multi-store ordering, a new feature that allows customers to order from two stores or restaurants at the same time without an additional delivery fee.

The scenario in which this can be useful is if you want tacos and your roommate or significant other wants pizza. With this new feature, you can get both.

UberEats delivery can now be placed at two stores at once.
UberEats delivery can now be placed at two stores at once.

Customers can select which items they want from a store’s menu and add them to their cart. At the bottom of the menu, there will be a button indicating that they can bundle their order with another order from a different store.

They can then add items from that second store and head to checkout.

My Take

This is a beneficial feature, allowing customers to save money and get everything that the household wants in one order.

How many times have you been with your family or friends, and no one can agree on where they want to eat? This will let you order food for everyone so everyone can be content.

They are a little late to the game, though. DoorDash has been offering this to its customers since 2021.

However, it’s not clear how this will affect delivery drivers. Would one driver be expected to pick up the food from both locations? Or would the pay be split between multiple drivers?

How would Uber handle that split since only one delivery fee is attached and assuming only one tip? I suppose time will tell.

If you’re an Uber Eats driver and you come across this, please let us know if it looks or feels different from your other orders.

DoorDash Tests A Feature That Rewards Users For Dining Out, Not Ordering In

Topic Originally Appeared On TechCrunch


DoorDash has made a name for itself as a restaurant delivery service that has, in later years, expanded to categories like groceries and convenience store items.

But the company is now running a test of a surprising new feature: a rewards program that offers consumers credits for dining out at local restaurants.

DoorDash is rewarding customers for dining at restaurants
DoorDash is rewarding customers for dining at restaurants.

The feature, called simply “Dine Out,” allows users to earn credits by swiping to “check in” while they’re at a restaurant. As a page on DoorDash’s customer support site explains, the amount of the credit varies and will be stated in the offer.

Plus, the credit may be limited to certain locations if a restaurant has multiple locations. Customers are also limited to one eligible restaurant per day.

The company has not formally announced the feature because it’s a small-scale test for the time being. However, DoorDash confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s running the test with consumers in select markets, where users would claim a deal in advance and then dine out at the participating restaurants to earn their rewards.

My Take

This is a bit of a twist coming from a delivery service company. I’m really curious to know how it works. I mean, it says that you claim a deal and check in.

I would assume you have to have location services on; otherwise, what would stop people from claiming and checking in when they are still sitting at home? Unless you also have to submit receipts from your visit?

What do you all think of this? Is it a good thing? Will it catch on? How would you see it working?

Minneapolis Rideshare Left With Uncertain Future


Driver pay and ride costs are all in question after efforts in recent months to improve rideshare driver working conditions failed.

The Minneapolis City Council passed an ordinance in August that would have increased rideshare driver pay and protections, but it was vetoed by Mayor Jacob Frey after Uber and Lyft threatened to stop service in January.

Frey said he supports pay increases for drivers but had problems with the wording of the ordinance and how little time was spent debating it.

This renewed effort will split the previous ordinance into two — one to increase driver pay and the other to improve driver protections and rights.

My Take

The struggle continues. The city keeps trying to make things better for its drivers by demanding minimum pay and increasing driver protections and rights. But the rideshare companies are pushing back and threatening to leave and/or increase prices.

In the article, RSG contributor Joe Pierce said, “The ridership will go down, so there will be fewer rides to be had, but drivers will be making more per ride, so drivers overall should be more well off.”

The article also points out that Uber and Lyft have threatened to leave other markets when passing similar legislation but ultimately stayed, so maybe it is also an empty threat in Minneapolis.

I think it’s great that markets are fighting back for the rights of their drivers, trying to give them better pay and protections that the platforms are not providing of their own volition.

Toronto To Put A Cap On Ride-Hail Licences


After a surprise council vote Wednesday that Mayor Olivia Chow said would benefit app company workers and reduce emissions, Toronto will freeze the number of Uber and Lyft vehicles operating on its streets.

But Chow’s opponents warned the move would drive up trip prices and prompt legal challenges from powerful ride-hailing companies.

The decision, which was approved 16-7 with Chow’s support, will pause the issuance of new licenses to so-called “private transportation companies” at current levels, which city staff said sits at about 52,000.

Although the motion stipulated the limit will stay in place only until staff delivers a report on regulating the industry at the end of 2024, councilors who opposed the move predicted it would be made permanent

My Take

Take a look at Harry’s response and comments following on X. Here’s a peek:

Toronto is putting a cap on ride-hail licences

Are you a driver in Toronto? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or join the thread online.

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