DashMart: What Is It & How Does It Work?

You know DoorDash for its restaurant delivery service, but did you know you can get convenience items from them, too? DashMart is DoorDash’s grocery and convenience store – selling products people need in a pinch, delivered to their doorstep.

DashMart can be an excellent concept for drivers if available in your area. Here’s everything you should know about the service.

What Is DashMart?

DashMart is one of DoorDash’s latest offerings, creating even more convenience for consumers and providing drivers with another income-earning opportunity. The app offers local, fresh groceries and household essentials. They stock all the brands and products you’d find at your local grocery store, but without the need to go to the store.

They also stock products from local restaurant chains that they don’t sell in grocery stores, but customers can purchase on DashMart.

DashMart offers delivery on-demand, so customers don’t have to worry about scheduling a curbside pickup or running out of time to deliver food. Just like how they order DoorDash restaurant food on-demand, they can do the same with DashMart and have their groceries fast.

Are DashMart and DoorDash the Same Company?

DashMart stores are owned and operated by DoorDash. They provide local businesses with a new business channel to market and sell their products to a larger audience, leveraging the 32 million active subscribers using DoorDash.

DashMart vs. Traditional Grocery Stores

DashMart is like a grocery store but without the ability for consumers to walk in and shop. Instead, consumers can view the products online and order, much like Amazon.

DashMart is also unlike services like Instacart that go to traditional grocery stores to fill and order and then deliver it to the customer. All DashMart products come from the DashMart store.

How Does DashMart Work?

DashMart is an online grocery store owned by DoorDash. Customers can view the available products in their area and shop online. After checking out, an employee fills the order, and a Dasher picks it up to deliver to the customer’s home.

The delivery is on-demand, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling your order days ahead of time. Most orders are delivered quickly, but of course, it depends on current demand.

How Does DashMart Make Money?

DashMart makes money the same way DoorDash does when it partners with restaurants.

DashMart charges retailers a commission or convenience fee to sell their products in the DashMart store. Customers pay a higher cost for the items, just like they do for most restaurant orders delivered by DoorDash.

How Much Do DashMart Orders Pay For Dashers?

Like DoorDash orders, the pay for DashMart orders varies by location, demand, order size, and customer tip.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all rate to deliver DashMart orders, but like DoorDash orders, drivers earn base pay and keep 100% of the customer tips.

Benefits of Driving for DashMart

DashMart offers Dashers many benefits, including the following.

Enhanced Income Stream

Relying on one source of income is tough, especially in a gig-economy job where qualified individuals have just as much chance of getting an order as you.

DashMart diversifies your opportunities, allowing you to pick up restaurant or DashMart orders. This allows you more options to make money during your available hours.

More Efficient Orders

Dashers don’t need to pick the order themselves, unlike competitors like Instacart. Dashers pick up an already packed order and deliver it to the customer like DoorDash.

This model allows Dashers to work efficiently and deliver more orders each hour, increasing their profits.

No Payment Required

You don’t have to pack or pay for the orders. Just like DoorDash orders, your only job is to pick up the order from DashMart and deliver it on time. Customers pay for the order online and can tip you then or in cash when you deliver.

DashMart Has Promotions

Like DoorDash, you may be lucky enough to find promotions that help increase your earnings. To earn the promo pay, you must fulfill the requirements within the time allotted.

Small Wait Times

Time is money for Dashers, and DashMart is great about getting orders packed and ready for Dashers in most areas. Since you’re not relying on a third-party restaurant to pack the order, you may be more efficient and increase your earnings with DashMart.

Challenges and Considerations

Like any gig economy app, there are downsides to driving for DashMart. The challenges include the following.

Availability of DashMart in Your Area

DashMart isn’t as widely available as DoorDash. If it isn’t in your city, you can’t make money driving for them.

Lower Orders Mean Lower Tips

Since DashMart is mostly for convenience foods and small food items, the order totals are usually less than restaurant orders. Since most people tip based on the total order, you may make less than you would with larger restaurant orders.

Not Widely Known

Not many people know about DashMart, even if it’s in their area. This makes it harder to profit from the gig if no one orders from it.

DoorDash Shop Locations

DashMart shops are located in 25+ cities. DoorDash isn’t transparent about where the warehouses are located except for naming eight major metropolitan areas.

They include:

  • Chicago
  • Columbus
  • Minneapolis
  • Salt Lake City
  • Dallas
  • Cincinnati
  • Redwood City, California
  • Phoenix


Can Customers Order From DashMart 24/7, or Are There Specific Operating Hours?

The service operates 24/7, allowing drivers to make money around the clock. This makes it easier to make extra money, knowing you can pick up shifts any time of day.

Is DashMart Only for Delivery, or Can Customers Also Opt for Pickup?

DashMart is strictly delivery. There isn’t an option for customers to pick up their orders. A part of the business model is to provide convenience to consumers.

Can Customers Track the Delivery Driver’s Location in Real-Time When Their DashMart Order Is En Route?

DoorDash sends customers a tracking link once the Dasher is en-route to pick up the order. Customers can track the Dasher until they reach their home if desired.

Can Customers Schedule Deliveries for Future Dates With DashMart?

DashMart is an on-demand service, so customers do not need to schedule orders. Dashers can also pick up orders on demand.

How Does DashMart Handle Returns and Refunds for Unsatisfactory Purchases?

Like DoorDash, DashMart ensures customer satisfaction. If a product is bad or a customer is unhappy, they will do what is necessary to make it right.

Is DashMart a Real Store?

DashMart is a store, but customers cannot visit it. Instead, it’s a fulfillment center where employees fill orders and Dashers pick them up, delivering the order to the customer’s home or place of business.

The Bottom Line

DashMart is only available in some places, so you won’t be able to get rich driving for them yet. But, if they are in your area, it can be a nice change of pace from delivering restaurant food and give you another chance to make more money.