So you’re thinking about driving with Uber? That’s great! You’ll be in the driver seat of your own business, earning money on your schedule. Plus, it’s a flexible way to make some extra cash and meet interesting people while doing so.

    Today is the best time to sign up, since drivers in many cities are seeing hourly earnings of $25 and up – places like Anchorage, Boston, Denver, and Las Vegas are even seeing earnings of $30+/hr!

    This post is sponsored by Uber but, as always, opinions are our own. Uber does not guarantee future earnings. Earnings can vary depending on many factors, including time spent driving with Uber, rider demand and other factors.

    Why is NOW The Best Time to Drive with Uber?

    1) Flexible Schedule

    You can drive any time, day or night. You don’t need to drive for hours at a time. No more putting your life on hold while you work.

    Uber is the perfect solution for those who want to make money in between other jobs or as an extra income stream, but it’s also good if you’re looking for full-time employment opportunities because drivers can pick their own schedules and drive whenever they want.

    Driver survey after driver survey shows drivers overwhelmingly value flexibility over any other metric (76% of drivers agreed with this in Uber’s most recent 2020 survey!)

    All of that flexibility means even if you have a part-time job, driving just one day/weekend afternoon will help fill up any gaps in your income.

    The past year has reminded a lot of Americans how important time and flexibility can be. Uber offers both of these important resources back to drivers, and you don’t have to sacrifice your earnings either.

    Get started with Uber here!

    2) Earnings By City

    If you live near a metropolitan city, there’s a good chance you’ll earn more than $25 per hour (see below) by simply turning on your app and completing some trips when you can.

    What’s interesting is that drivers in some cities are even seeing more than $30 per hour for median earnings, with New York City being one of the highest paying cities with Uber. This means if you want to work very minimal part-time hours, you can still earn around $1,000 per month or more.

    However, even if you don’t live near one of the cities on this list, you can still make a significant amount on Uber.

    On every trip, the driver earns a total fare, based on the time and mileage it takes to complete a trip. You can also make more if it’s surging or there are promotions available. Tips paid by passengers are always extra, on top of the fare. This means if you’re able to score somewhat longer trips outside of a major city, you can still earn a reasonable amount by driving with Uber.

    How does your city stack up, compared to this chart? You may find that earnings for driving with Uber are much higher than what you could make doing other similar work in your city.

    Median Earnings Per Hour with Tips and Promotions

    From August 16, 2021 to August 30, 2021


    City Median Earnings Per Hour with Tip and Promotions
    Albuquerque $28
    Anchorage $34
    Ann Arbor $33
    Asheville, NC $25
    Athens $30
    Auburn $25
    Austin $25
    Baltimore, MD $31
    Bloomington, IN $42
    Boise $25
    Boston $38
    Bozeman $29
    Central Oregon $31
    Champaign $27
    Charleston $27
    Charlottesville-Harrisonburg $31
    Chicago $36
    Cincinnati $30
    Cleveland $26
    Colorado Springs $25
    Columbia $28
    Connecticut $27
    Denver $33
    Eastern Shore, MD $33
    Eastern WV $29
    Fairbanks $26
    Fort Collins $27
    Hampton Roads $25
    Harrisburg $25
    Honolulu $40
    Inland Empire, LA $30
    Juneau $25
    Kansas City $25
    Kauai $28
    Lansing $27
    Las Vegas $36
    Lehigh Valley $28
    Los Angeles $35
    Louisville $27
    Madison $28
    Maui $28
    Memphis $25
    Milwaukee $25
    Minneapolis – St. Paul $32
    Myrtle Beach $28
    NYC Suburbs $31
    Nashville $25
    New Jersey $32
    New York City $41
    Olympia $25
    Omaha $25
    Orange County $33
    Oxford $28
    Palm Springs $27
    Philadelphia $35
    Pittsburgh $34
    Portland $33
    Portland, ME $36
    Raleigh-Durham $25
    Reno $36
    Rhode Island $31
    Richmond $29
    Sacramento $28
    Salt Lake City $25
    San Diego $34
    San Francisco $35
    San Luis Obispo $27
    Santa Barbara $37
    Santa Fe $25
    Seattle $32
    South Bend $25
    Spokane $27
    St Louis $26
    State College $38
    Tacoma $27
    Tallahassee $26
    Tuscaloosa $27
    Upstate NY $30
    Ventura $25
    Vermont $26
    Washington D.C. $29
    West Lafayette $27
    Western MA $30
    Wilmington, NC $27
    Worcester $33


    **The figures above represent median hourly earnings, after Uber’s service fee, for all time on the Uber app (not just engaged time) for drivers spending 20 hours online per week from August 16 to August 30, 2021. Earnings include trip fares, some promotional offers (including Quest and Consecutive Trips), and tips, which are provided at the discretion of the rider. These earnings do not account for expenses, which are drivers’ responsibility. While costs vary based on vehicle choice, fuel prices, and other factors, we looked at the two most popular vehicles on the Uber platform: the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Camry. According to our nationwide estimate, costs hover around $3-$4.50/hour if you own one of these two vehicles. This is not a guarantee of future earnings. Earnings can vary depending on many factors, including time spent driving with Uber, rider demand and other factors.

    3) Demand is Higher Than Last Year

    The best part? Your success depends on you. Unlike driving an hour each direction every morning for that long commute, your hours will be the ones YOU want to drive them.

    Choose how many hours per week (or month!) that work with your lifestyle and priorities without ever worrying about meeting someone else’s deadlines again! Today, 93 million people are actively using the Uber app (this is both passengers and drivers). It’s pretty cool to think that you can just sign up, turn on the app and start getting ride requests shortly after, but it’s true.

    Earnings for drive-time are always high, but now is an even better time to drive – there are a lot more rides now than last year due to pent up travel demand, yet fewer drivers on the road.

    Are you ready to hit the road as an Uber driver? You can sign up here!

    4) Hourly Earnings Are Almost 2x Minimum Wage in Some Cities

    Another reason why now is the best time to start driving with Uber is that your hourly earnings can be more than minimum wage in your city. The average minimum wage in Spokane, WA is $13.69/hour while the average minimum wage in Sacramento, CA is a little higher at $14.00/hour.

    Drivers in Spokane and Sacramento, however, make $27+ per hour (based on historical median earnings), respectively – much higher than the average minimum wage in both of those cities! So, if you’re looking for consistent work that pays more than minimum wage, you shouldn’t have to look much further than your own vehicle.

    Yes, you will also pay taxes and have some expenses like gas, and vehicle maintenance when you drive with Uber. On the bright side, if you get started now, the path to saving on some of these expenses has already been carved out for you.

    There are lots of apps and driving strategies out there (see: best apps for rideshare drivers) to help you maximize your driver earnings and spend less. GetUpside is a free app you can download to help you save $0.25 per gallon each time you fill up.

    Uber recently announced a partnership with GetUpside where you can get $0.35 per gallon back on your first two fill-ups with the app.

    Drivers can also deduct a lot of their vehicle maintenance and repair expenses on their taxes when they’re a rideshare driver, along with a fixed rate per miles you drove on the app for the year. By doing these things, you’ll likely be able to maintain more of Uber’s high median hourly rate in your city and keep expenses lower.

    Note: Uber is not responsible for third-party products or services and does not offer tax advice.

    5) Get Paid Weekly or Even the Same Day

    When you start driving with Uber, you’ll get paid weekly or even daily if you’d like. Drivers connect their bank account to receive direct deposit each week based on how many trips were completed during that pay period.

    Uber also has a feature called Instant Pay, which allows you to transfer earnings to your bank account up to 5 times per day. There’s just a $0.50 fee required to transfer your Uber earnings to your debit card instantly. Note: This fee is waived if you use Uber’s debit card.

    It can be very motivating and helpful when you’re able to drive for a few hours in the morning, then cash out your earnings and get them transferred directly to you that day.  If you need to earn money fast, driving with Uber is a great way to earn and get your money when you want it.

    6) It’s Easy to Get Started AND You Could Get a Guarantee!

    Signing up for Uber is an easy process and could set you on the path to making more money on your own terms. You just need to download the app, fill out a short application form, and pass a background check.

    You’ll also need a driver’s license, insurance, and a vehicle that meets the requirements in your area.

    Uber usually offers a generous earnings guarantee that varies by city as well. For example, you may be offered a $1,200 earnings guarantee if you complete 100 trips during your first 90 days of driving with Uber (check your email for the guarantee in your city – that will tell you how much of a guarantee you’ll earn, in how many trips over how many days.)

    This means, if you complete 100 trips and don’t earn $1,200 (including fares and tips) from them, Uber will pay you the difference so you’re guaranteed to make that amount. Taking advantage of this offer for new drivers is one of the best ways to earn a sizeable payment from Uber after your first month of driving.

    Note: If you’re offered a guarantee from Uber, terms and conditions apply.


    Now is a great time to drive with Uber. Demand in many cities is high and the pay can be very lucrative, so this could be an ideal opportunity if you’re looking for something new or want to make some extra cash.

    If your city isn’t one of those with really high demand (or yours has been saturated), don’t worry – there are still benefits that come from driving as a part-time job including flexibility and earning potential on the side!

    Sign up with Uber today here!

    -Chonce @ RSG

    Chonce Maddox Rhea

    Chonce Maddox Rhea

    Choncé is a freelance writer who’s obsessed with living well on a budget and loves encouraging people to make extra money so they can meet their financial goals. She is happily married to one of the best Uber drivers in the Chicago metro area, who currently has 2,800+ trips under his belt.