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Wrapify Driver Review: Get Paid to Advertise On Your Car

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    This is a sponsored post from Wrapify. As always though, all opinions are our own. I kinda like Wrapify because it’s a way to earn extra money while irritating Uber and Lyft 😉

    A few months ago I heard about a company called Wrapify that was paying drivers a monthly fee to wrap their car in an ad. It sounded too good to be true, so I decided to try it out. The company is now looking for more drivers in San Francisco and New York, and they’re willing to pay some pretty good money too.


    Drivers who run ads on their cars can earn an extra $200 on average a month, and the best part is that they prefer people who do a lot of driving in busy areas. That way their advertisements will make as many impressions as possible.

    Who do I know that meets these criteria??? Rideshare drivers!

    Pay varies depending on the campaign, location, and how much you’re driving, but it seems like a natural fit for rideshare drivers since you’re already out on the road a ton.

    Passive Income Is Nice

    Even an extra $60+ a week can make a big difference, and the nice part about this revenue stream is that you don’t have to do anything extra (except log miles on the Wrapify app).

    I signed up and, after a week, I got an offer in the San Francisco peninsula. Assuming I drove 5 days a week, that adds up to an extra $60+/week or $240 a month that I otherwise would not have made.

    Even if I don’t drive for Uber or Lyft everyday, Wrapify still allows me to log ANY miles I drive in my car. So I can log trips to the grocery store or while making a trip to a friend’s house and still get paid for the advertisement on my car.

    How it Works

    First, download their app and signup with your email. Once the app is downloaded and you are all set up, you run it in the background anytime you drive. The app will record your miles and location. After you record a few days worth of sample data (50 miles minimum), companies will begin to offer you “campaigns” based on your data.

    campaign details.png

    Wait For A Campaign Offer

    It may take a while to get a campaign offer and the payout varies depending on where you drive and how big the advertisement is. You can wrap as little as a panel on your car or as much as your entire car. Generally, the bigger the ad, the more it will pay out.

    I suggest waiting for a campaign that is right for you. Take your time to get an offer that is worth it and that will have a design that you like since you will be seeing it a lot. And it doesn’t hurt if you know a thing or two about the company.

    My first offer was for a partial ad but the second offer was up to $30/day for a full wrap.

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    How Do You Get Paid?

    Wrapify will pay you bi-weekly via direct deposit. Pay is determined based on the miles you logged in their app while driving. Each time you go out to drive, you simply run their app in the background and it will record the miles and areas you drove in.

    When selecting a campaign, you will want to make sure that you read the details around how much you can make, where you need to drive, and other factors.

    Will Uber and Lyft Deactivate You?

    No. Neither company will deactivate you for having third party advertising, although they would still prefer that we have no ads.

    Since I would prefer to not have my pay cut every January, I think they can kick rocks. Especially if this would allow me to make some of that money back without having to do much extra work.

    Lyft’s Official Policy: Here

    That being said, remember you need to maintain a 4.6 star rating to stay active on Uber and Lyft, so if you’re on the borderline, wrapping your car may not be the best idea right now. But if you’re a solid 4.8-4.9 driver and don’t have a problem explaining why you’re looking to diversify your income (hey, it’s smart business right?!), this could be a great fit.

    Should I Do It?

    Since I started driving, I now look at my car as a tool to earn income with. I make money from Uber and Lyft, but I’m also constantly looking for ways to diversify that income. Also, the nice thing about Wrapify is that you’re actually earning money on top of your rideshare income without doing any extra work.

    So if you are interested in decking out your car for some extra cash each month, you can signup using our link here.

    Drivers, what do you think about this way to earn extra money? Have you used Wrapify in your city?

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    -Christian @ RSG

    Christian Perea

    Christian Perea

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