11 Things That Can Get You Deactivated As An Uber Driver

There are a lot of great reasons to be a rideshare driver, but at one time or another, we’ve all been frustrated by at least one of Uber’s policies.

Personally, I’ve always had problems getting reliable answers from Uber customer support (although they did call me once!). Not only is it tough to get an answer, but it can also be tough to get a straight answer.  But if you’re reading this, you’re probably already well aware of all the positive and negative aspects of driving.

10 Things That Can Get You Deactivated As An Uber Driver

11 Things That Can Get You Deactivated As An Uber Driver

Regardless of where you stand on the Uber experience, at the end of the day, driving for Uber is still a lot better than many other jobs (that’s why so many people do it, right?).  Anyone who’s worked in a corporate environment can tell you that clocking in at 9 am and out at 5 pm really does suck.  And although you’re not completely your own boss with Uber, it’s pretty damn close. [Read more…]

What’s The Real Commission That Uber Takes From Its Drivers? [Infographic]

Harry here.  I’ve always had a problem with the lack of transparency when it comes to TNCs like Uber and Lyft.  There are countless examples of this, but today we’re going to focus on the commission they charge their drivers.  For an app that just ‘connects passengers and riders’, it sure does seem like they take a big cut, and that number is only increasing.

Over the past few weeks, RSG senior contributor Christian Perea and I have been examining the real commission that Uber takes from its drivers, and today we’re presenting that information in an infographic.  If you’d like to share this infographic on your own website, feel free to copy the embed code at the end.

TNCs like Uber and Lyft have long advertised that they charge only a 25% commission of the fares they earn. However, these figures ignore the “Booking Fee” that both companies assess on top of each ride, which goes solely to the TNC. The resulting effects of this fee and the 25% commission mean that when passengers step outside of their Uber and only see a $5 charge, the driver will only get around half of that.

To make matters worse, Uber and Lyft have consistently cut prices so that most drivers are now driving twice as far to earn the same $10 dollars that they made only two years ago. The result is that drivers are forced to drive longer hours while incurring heavier expenses.

In the infographic below, we examined a collection of UberX trips in San Francisco to show what the real take home pay of an Uber driver looks like and show that these “Booking Fees” translate into a much higher commission than the 25% these companies advertise.

TNC Commission Infographic

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Popular Car Rental Service for Uber and Lyft Drivers Suspends Operations

Harry here.  It seems like more and more companies are shutting their doors these days than opening them.  I can’t say I’m surprised since it really speaks to the disconnect between a lot of start-ups that fail and the people (in this case drivers) they’re trying to serve.  I see this a lot with employees at Uber, but if you’re a start-up like Breeze looking to scale (doing the exact same thing that Uber does with Xchange Leasing) you have to do things differently than Uber.  You can’t go out and offer a crappy product with questionable recruiting tactics and expect drivers to stick around. I’ve actually gotten a couple e-mails this week from employees at Breeze and it seems like they were also treated pretty poorly as the ship was sinking. More to come on this as we learn more.

Today, senior RSG contributor John Ince takes a look at a couple companies that are closing shop, the cottage industry around training drivers and an interesting UberPool promotion in NYC.

John Ince covers a popular car rental service closing shop, the cottage industry around training drivers and an interesting UberPool promotion in NYC.

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Lyft Vehicle Requirements And Driver Requirements

Getting Started With Lyft I: Getting Your Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Getting Started With Lyft II: Lyft Vehicle Requirements And Driver Requirements

Getting Started With Lyft III: Passing Your Mentor Session and Lyft Welcome Ride

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Getting Started With Lyft V: Your First Week of Lyft Driving

Lyft Vehicle Requirements And Driver Requirements

Lyft Driver Requirements

Lyft emphasizes the fact that most drivers are just ordinary people like you and I. That being said, Lyft also has safety standards and regulations to meet. So in reality Lyft is looking for any ordinary person who has a good driving record and is not or has not been a criminal. Here is a list of their requirements to become a driver:

  1. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. Applicants must have had a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year.
  3. Clean Driving Record.
  4. Pass a criminal background check.
  5. Be insured on the vehicle you intend to drive.

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Paying Off Your Debt As An Uber Driver

Harry here.  A lot of drivers have different reasons for driving, but one thing that Uber and Lyft can be great for is paying off debt.  Today, Senior RSG Contributor Christian Perea shares some tips and resources on how he uses rideshare income to tackle credit card and student loan debt.

Most Uber drivers have debt in one form or another. In fact, the median household has $2,300 in debt. But nobody wants debt. So how do we get rid of debt while driving for rideshare?

Even though none of us will really get rich driving for companies like Uber or Lyft, I still think there are plenty of opportunities and strategies to pay down some or even all of your debt. This is especially true if you use the on-demand economy to supplement your income on top of a full time job; it’s a little bit like getting extra credit each week. If you are a full-time driver, it can be tougher because you are likely already doing a lot to make the most money on Uber, but at least you still have the option to work as many more hours as you’d like.

I Paid Off My Credit Cards Using Uber and Lyft in 2015

credit card death

Dramatic Reenactment

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RSG043: Randy Shear on Becoming The YouTube Blogger UberMan

If you’ve ever Youtubed anything related to rideshare, you’ve probably come across one of UberMan’s videos.  He’s the most well known Youtube rideshare blogger and one of the main reasons why I started my own channel.  And today he’s my guest on the podcast.

I’ve always had a friendly relationship with UberMan but recently we’ve been collaborating on a few cool project with lots more in the works.  On today’s show though, I really wanted to give drivers a behind the scenes look into how UberMan gained tens of thousands of subscribers, developed a community and now makes a full time living off of his Youtube videos.  Hope you enjoy!

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