Uber and Lyft Threaten To Abandon Chicago To Avoid Licensing

Harry here. RSG contributor Christian Perea and I will be heading to Austin next week to talk to some drivers about what life has been like now that Uber and Lyft are gone and to meet with some of the companies looking to fill that void.  You can follow along with our journey on Facebook – we’ll be posting updates, pictures and videos.  And an article or two on the blog once we get back.

Today’s lead story from RSG contributor John Ince might give you deja vu though from the recent news in Austin.  Uber and Lyft are now threatening to pull out of Chicago because of increased regulation and we now know that this isn’t an idle threat.  But with more stories by the day of serious safety issues with TNC drivers (see below), stricter regulation could be a good thing, right?

Oh, and if you’re looking for more Uber reading, Motherboard/Vice dedicated all of last week to Uber Earth – a huge series of posts examining everything from ‘Why Everyone Hates UberPool‘ to ‘How Uber is Changing Drug Dealing‘.  I also want to thank Louise Matsakis at Motherboard for her feature on me, I thought she did a great job capturing what we’re trying to do here on The Rideshare Guy and I’m happy to be able to provide so much help to drivers looking to navigate this industry 🙂

In this week's round up, John Ince covers Uber in Chicago, self-driving cars, and more. What do you think of this week's round up?

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How I Learned To Drive Like A Pro

Harry here.  Once you become a rideshare driver, you quickly learn that driving is a skill.  Navigating traffic, pedestrians and dealing with passengers only complicates things.  RSG senior contributor Christian Perea knows all about these challenges and more having driven in three different cities and logged thousands of rides across Uber and Lyft.  Today, he shares with us what he’s learned.

Driving is a skill. I know it’s hard to believe sometimes with autonomous cars on the horizon, but there is a reason that cab drivers have a lot of pride in the work they do (and why you should respect it). In places like London, taxi drivers need to pass “The Knowledge”, a legendary test that requires them to memorize 25,000 street names and all the businesses in the area.

It’s important to learn about the city you drive in. You will figure out what lanes will be clogged during rush hour, where parking enforcement hangs out, what speed to go between lights in order to get them to all sync green, or knowing when Google Maps is having an aneurysm.


“uhhhh it keeps RECALCULATING”

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11 Products That Every Rideshare Driver Should Be Carrying

Let’s face it: Ridesharing ain’t easy. The passengers we encounter range anywhere from “quiet and polite” to “drunk and incoherent” – and the ones who fall into that last category can be tough to deal with when you’re out there on your own.

When I first started driving, I thought all I would need was my car, my phone, and a steady hand on the wheel. While that’s technically true, I’ve found that it really pays off to be prepared for the variety of different situations one can encounter on the road. Now, I can’t imagine hitting the road without these supplies. Here, in order of importance, are the 11 most helpful items you can add to your ridesharing setup.

Think you just need a car and a phone to be a rideshare driver? Think again! Here are the 11 most helpful products you need as a driver.

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How To Start A Rideshare Company

I think most people underestimate what it takes to turn an idea into a real business.  I know, because I get a lot of pitches about the latest and greatest rideshare companies to hit the scene but, more often than not, they’re more of an idea than an actual company. Turning an idea into a business is where the real challenge begins.

I can’t tell you how many people have e-mailed me about their cool new company that is going to put Uber out of business.  But when I go to their website and Google their name, all I see is a landing page.  Putting a landing page up is not the same thing as starting a company.

Think it's easy to start a rideshare company? Here are the things you need to know if you want to start a rideshare company yourself!

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Named Uber Plaintiff Says He’s Pulling Out of Suit

Harry here. On Thursday, I moderated a panel on The Future of Transportation in Downtown LA – an event hosted by Start-ups in the Sky.  It was an interesting discussion and a lot of the conversation revolved around how start-ups and businesses can work together to improve transportation for everyone.  I was disappointed to learn that the first Hyperloop will probably happen outside of the US, but that’s one of the big downsides of regulation. While start-ups tend to want as little regulation as possible, and legislators want as much as possible, it seems like a healthy balance of the two is the best scenario for the workers in the on demand economy.

Today, RSG contributor John Ince touches on the theme of regulation and updates us on the latest with the Uber employee lawsuit settlement, and some reaction out of Austin over Uber/Lyft’s recent ban.  Make sure you also check out the preview for Ryan Gosling’s new Uber driver film 😉

This roundup updates us on the latest with the Uber plaintiff lawsuit settlement, some reaction out of Austin over Uber/Lyft's recent ban, & more.

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How To Use The Uber Partner And Passenger Apps

Harry here.  If you’re a brand new Uber driver, learning how the apps work can be a challenge. Unlike Lyft, Uber has separate apps for passengers and drivers – and they each work a bit different.

Today, RSG contributor Jonathan Knope gives us a full walk-through of each app and explains everything from how to do a pick-up as an Uber driver to how to request a ride as an Uber passenger. As a driver, it’s obviously important to know how the partner app works but it’s also equally as important to know what the passenger is seeing.

In addition to the videos, you can also read on to find answers to frequently asked questions.

RSG contributor Jonathan Knope gives us a full walk-through of both Uber apps - everything from how to do a pick-up as a driver to how to request a ride as a passenger.

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