Looking to save money the next time you fill up at the gas station? Senior RSG contributor Paula Lemar found the top 8 best gas apps to help you save more no matter where you fill up, with additional reporting from Xylon Zara.

    Download Upside – The Best Gas App

    If there’s one thing that a rideshare driver can’t get enough of, it’s saving on gas. It’s an expense we all have, and for some it is a daily expense that adds up to hundreds of dollars a month.

    If you can save when you fill up your tank by taking a few simple steps, would you do it? The best part is that many of these apps are able to be used together to double or even triple your savings.

    Best Gas Apps

    These are the best gas apps for drivers:

    1. Upside – best for most gas savings
    2. GasBuddy – the easiest gas app
    3. Fetch Rewards – a very popular cashback app
    4. TruNow – find the cheapest gas and get rewarded on snack purchases
    5. Waze – updated gas prices
    6. AAA Travel Planner – find gas while you’re traveling
    7. Gas Guru – find the cheapest gas closest to you
    8. Dosh – gas rewards and more
    9. Receipt Hog – submit your receipts and get cash back

    1. Upside

    Upside is a U.S.-based company that partners with some of the biggest gas, grocery, and restaurant brands in the nation, making it easy to earn cash back. You can earn up to 25 cents off per gallon directly at the pump. Learn more about Upside by clicking here.

    The basic premise is that you download the app and search nearby participating stations. The app will show you a map of the gas stations along with what their current prices are and how much of a discount you’ll earn.

    You have to “claim” which gas station you’re going to, fill up at that station within 4 hours and submit your receipt to earn cash back within the app. Below is an example of a nearby gas station for me, how many cents off I can earn per gallon and how much time I have left before I need to fill up and submit my receipt before needing to claim the station again.

    Some gas stations don’t even require you to upload a receipt. You just mark “check-in” in the app when you’re about to pump gas and it will automatically give you your cashback within the next day or two.

    I love that it shows the cost of all kinds of gas so I can make a quick decision, making this one of the best gas apps. The app also showed me about 3 other gas stations within a mile radius that I could choose from. Recently, it started including SpeedWay as an option. Previously, for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, it just had BP as my only option. It’s great to see it’s expanding, giving me even more options of where I can fill up and save.

    Another good thing about Upside is that there is no expiration date on the cash back you earn. Your cashback balance will never expire, so you don’t need to worry about rushing to spend your funds.

    The biggest downside for me is that the receipt upload process is a bit clunky and you have to wait to earn the money. It’s not savings I see that very moment. One fun aspect is that the app lets you choose between cashing out to your PayPal account or choosing a gift card for places like Amazon, Starbucks, AMC Theatres and more.

    I love shopping on Amazon and going to the theater, so if I want to use my saved money for something fun for me, I’d go that route. Otherwise, I know if I use the PayPal option, that money is going to go toward paying bills or buying groceries.  You can also link your bank account if you don’t have PayPal or if you just prefer your bank account. 

    Click here to download Upside. Use promo code RIDE35 to earn at least 35¢/gal on your first fill-up.

    In addition to the promo code above, you can earn an additional 15 cents per gallon cash back on the first purchase of someone that you referred. After that, you will receive 1 cent cash back every time your referral purchases gas.

    2. GasBuddy

    GasBuddy is another best gas app that gives you more immediate savings. You don’t have to upload your receipt to receive the savings, and you don’t have to wait until you have enough built up to cash out. You can earn up to 25 cents a gallon like in the Upside app (although with RSG’s limited time code, you’ll get 35 cents/gal sign up bonus on your first fill up!)

    According to GasBuddy, they work with 95% of the gas stations within the U.S., which is very appealing to me. I know which gas stations work best for my vehicle, so I love that I can use whichever one I want instead of hunting down a participating location. Find out if GasBuddy is near you!

    With GasBuddy, you get a card from them and you attach your bank account to it for that instant savings at the pump. And users like you can update the prices within the app for the most up-to-date information.

    Since it uses a card, it’s easy to double this up with other apps like Upside to double up on your savings. All you need to do is try out as many as you have the patience for, and you’ll see the savings start to pile up.

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    3. Fetch Rewards

    Fetch Rewards is another popular cash back app.

    This is a great app because you can combine the points you earn from shopping and gas purchases. Every purchase gives you a minimum of 25 points which you can save until you want to redeem. 

    All you have to do is upload your gas receipt into the Fetch Rewards app and you’ll earn points which you can redeem for gift cards.

    Unlike Upside, points earned can expire if the account has been inactive for 90 days or more.

    Also, unlike Upside, you cannot transfer the points to your bank account or PayPal. Instead, you can redeem your points for gift cards, with $3 being the minimum amount to redeem.

    Click here to read our full Fetch Rewards review.

    4. Trunow

    Trunow is another app that will help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area as well as earning cash back with every gas station receipt you upload. In some areas of the country, you can find rewards for cashing out your earned money, otherwise you have to wait until you have enough to cash out to your PayPal account.

    In the app store, they boast “Put cash back in your pocket every gas station, every time.” I’ve put this to the test. I was recently on a road trip in South Dakota and stopped by an unknown gas station that was not associated with any big national chain and my receipt was accepted.

    One benefit of this app is that you can combine points earned from gas purchases with points earned from grocery stores and restaurants as well. Fetch Rewards has this same perk.

    The downside of Trunow is the savings take a while to add up. You need 100 points to earn $1 and from what I can tell, each dollar you spend is worth half a point. So, I uploaded receipts totaling $128 and received 63 points for it, which in turn is equivalent to 63 cents of cash back.

    In my mind, that’s not great, but if all I have to do is upload all of my gas receipts, then why not? I’ll eventually earn enough to cash out and that will be nice when it comes around. Plus, pairing it with Upside and GasBuddy will help me earn even more back.

    One thing that makes Trunow one of the best gas apps is that they offer deals for nearby gas stations as well. It’s just a nice little extra perk to help guide you toward specific gas stations. If you’re planning on buying a coffee or a candy bar anyway, why not get a little bit of a discount for it while you’re at it?

    Example of deals available within the Trunow app
    Example of deals available within the Trunow app

    For this to work, you simply click on the deal you’re interested in and capture the receipt after purchasing that item to credit your Trunow account with the amount shown in the deal. Plus, you can still upload your gas receipt for the regular cash back you would have earned.

    Get Indirect Savings With the Help of These Apps

    Not all the best gas apps are going to give you cash back or discounts, but there are several that will help you find the cheapest gas prices, which helps you save in that respect. If you go to a gas station just because it’s close, you could be spending 20 cents or more a gallon for the convenience. Use these apps below to help find out if there’s a gas station within a mile or two of you that will be cheaper overall.

    5. Waze

    Many rideshare drivers already use Waze as their main navigation app, so why not let it work for you even more? Within Waze, you can search for nearby gas stations, and Waze will show you how much you’d be spending per gallon. It also tells you when the price was last updated in the app, so you have a better idea of if it’s up-to-date or not.

    Waze app shows nearby gas stations and their prices which makes it one of the best gas apps.

    If you click on the gas station you’re interested in, you can also see the cost of other gas options. The number you see up front is for regular.

    6. AAA TripTik Travel Planner

    In much the same way as Waze, you can use the AAA mobile app to find nearby gas stations and the cost per gallon. However, you do need a AAA account in order to utilize this. It also allows you to plan long road trips with up to 25 stops that allows you to fully plan out a trip without needing to plug in address after address.

    This app I would recommend if you already have a AAA account and plan to do traveling outside of your rideshare services. Otherwise, I’m not sure the $61 fee to sign up is worth it. Granted, this does include roadside assistance, so if your current insurance company doesn’t provide roadside assistance, this might be beneficial for you anyway.

    However, if you just want to use their website, it looks like you can use the trip planning and gas-finding features without having a subscription to their services.

    I was able to access this best gas app map without having AAA membership or without signing in. So, if you’re sitting at home but know you want to go fill up your tank soon, this could be beneficial to you.

    7. Gas Guru

    Gas Guru, much like the others, shows you nearby gas stations and their prices. One thing that makes this app stand apart is that they have a “Best Nearby” feature so you don’t have to scroll through the whole list to find the absolute best price around you.

    All you do is click on the Best Nearby star in the bottom corner and it’ll automatically jump to the best deal near you. It’ll look a little something like this:

    It’s within 2 miles of me, so I think that would be worthwhile to go to, especially since it’s almost 10 cents cheaper than ones that are within a quarter mile of me.

    It also shows when it was last updated, so you know the price is accurate. That’s why I think Gas Guru is one of the best gas apps to consider using when you want to fill up.

    This is an excellent app if you’re not interested in earning cash back from apps like Upside and Fetch Rewards. If you just want information on the cheapest gas prices, this is a great app. Or, you can use this app to find the best deals on gas stations and use the cash back apps to get points for the purchases.

    8. Dosh

    Dosh is not just made for gas rewards. You can earn cash back for shopping, dining and gas purchases. They boast on their website that it’s not points and it’s not coupons, just cash.

    Click here to download Dosh and get a signup bonus.

    For this to work for you, you need to download the app and then connect your favorite debit or credit cards. When you use them, you’ll earn up to 10% cash back for your purchases at participating stores.

    I also love that they allow you to cash out your earnings with PayPal, Venmo or directly to your bank account. Not everyone has PayPal, so it’s nice to have other options.

    In a nutshell, here’s what Dosh is and how it works:

    In addition to Dosh, sign up for Rakuten to get even more cash back on shopping you already do, whether in-store or online. Rakuten will give you cash back on everything from auto supplies to cellphone costs and more. Read our Rakuten review here.

    9. Honorable Mention: Receipt Hog

    In an honorable mention, there’s Receipt Hog. You submit receipts from anywhere you shop to earn cash back.

    Personally, I think this is one of the best gas apps because all I have to do is upload receipts instead of linking any of my cards. Credit card fraud and security issues seem to crop up all over the place, so without having to link a specific card or account I feel a bit safer.

    Granted, Receipt Hog says that the receipts that are uploaded are used for “market research”, so you have to pick your poison. You’ll likely get targeted ads online when you use Receipt Hog based on your purchasing history, but that happens whenever I search for something online once anyway.

    Parting Thoughts on the Best Gas Apps for Drivers

    The best advice I can give is to try all of these gas apps out. See which ones you can use together to earn double, triple or more. The ones you’re not the most satisfied with, simply uninstall and leave them behind. The worst that can happen is you won’t save quite as much as you were hoping for based on the effort needed to gain the rewards.

    Here is a list of our favorite gas apps below:

    1. Upside – best for most gas savings
    2. GasBuddy – the easiest gas app
    3. TruNow – find the cheapest gas and get rewarded on snack purchases
    4. Waze – updated gas prices
    5. AAA Travel Planner – find gas while you’re traveling
    6. Gas Guru – find the cheapest gas closest to you
    7. Dosh – gas rewards and more
    8. Receipt Hog – submit your receipts and get cash back

    Personally, when I’m traveling a long distance, I’m going to use as many as I can just to see how much I can rack up and see if it’s worth keeping all of them around for more cash back in the future.

    Do you use an app to save money on gas? If so, which one? Have you or would you try any of the above?

    -Paula @ RSG with additional reporting from Xylon Z.

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