RSG253: Getting Gig Workers Insurance/Benefits With GigEasy

Join Harry as he speaks with Rilwan Lawal, founder and CEO of GigEasy, a company that started to help gig workers with important benefits, including health insurance. GigEasy is open to platforms to help individuals who operate as independent contractors get the necessary coverage.

Listen to why this business may be just what you need to ease the financial burden on your family while working on your terms.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Rilwan Lawal’s focus is on providing benefits for those who need them the most but have the least access to them – gig workers
  • Rilwan has a lot of experience in the gig industry, and in his conversations, he got to learn a lot about the pain points gig workers experience, including the lack of insurance
    • Most insurance plans are built for an industry with employees, not independent contractors
  • GigEasy is a platform that sits between businesses and insurance companies. They help independent contractors secure individual insurance while also providing commercial benefits.
  • Most of the health insurance plans offered are entry-level, but you can choose to include dental and vision insurance, as well as occupational accident insurance
  • The GigEasy health insurance plans start at $35 a month
    • It’s built for the 30% of people who work the gig economy full-time and don’t have benefits from a full-time job or a spouse’s employer
  • GigEasy has coverage that provides the basic necessities, including preventative, but you can upgrade coverage, too
    • They are currently working on a cashback health program that reimburses individuals for high-cost medical bills, too; it releases in March
  • GigEasy works for a surprisingly large number of industries, including nursing, trucking, deliveries, landscaping, restaurant workers, movers, and, most recently, substitute teachers
    • Some of the companies they work with include Skip Cart, Point Pickup, Frayt, and Wonolo Staffing
  • GigEasy also offers pay-as-you-go plans for occupational accident insurance and other necessary coverage options. This is a good option for those who might only work a certain job a few hours a month but need special insurance to do the job.
  • There is currently a large debate and potential rule change regarding how gig workers are classified, based on the latest Biden announcements. On March 11, a new announcement is coming that makes it much more challenging for companies to classify certain workers as gig workers, which could cause many issues for companies.
    • Most independent contractors don’t want to give up their gig economy status but would prefer employee benefits.

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