3 Easy Ways To Support This Site

The other day I got an e-mail from Paypal notifying me that someone had given me a $5 donation.  It turns out I’ve actually had this ‘Donate’ button on my About Me page for over a year but this was actually the first donation I’d ever received from it!  I honestly forgot that I put that button there, but once I got the donation I went and removed the ‘Donate’ button from that page.

Even though the season of giving is upon us, I just don’t feel right taking people’s money for no reason when there are so many other ways that you can help support my site without having to spend a dime.

3 Easy Ways To Support This Site

So even though you can’t donate to the site anymore, that donation actually inspired me to write a short post and let you know how you can support my site.  And the best part is that most of the best ways to show your support won’t cost you a dime!  If you really do want to give me money though, I’ll give you guys a few options at the end 🙂

#1: Easiest Ways To Support The Site

You’d be surprised how easy it is to support sites that you like without ever spending a cent.  These are all the easiest ways you can help me out.

Tell A Friend

I have never spent a single dime on paid marketing and one of the reasons for that is that I rely heavily on word of mouth marketing.  That means I rely on readers, fans and followers to share articles that they like and tell people about my site.

So if you read an article that you like, please share it with your driver friends, Facebook groups, forums, etc.  I get a lot of my traffic from referral sites, so this is a big help and it really only takes a few seconds.

You can also forward the weekly e-mails you get from me or even use the handy social sharing buttons on the side of the articles on the website too.

Leave A Review on iTunes

If you’re a fan of the podcast, then leaving a review on iTunes is the BEST way to get my attention and show me some love.  I read each and every review that is left for me and I also give shout-outs to all my 5 star reviewers at the beginning of every podcast.  And the more 5 star reviews I get, the more high profile guests I’ll be able to bring on in the future.

Read, Listen And Watch My Stuff

One of the absolute best ways to support this site is to just consume as much material as possible.  I’m not going to lie, I always check and see how many page views and podcast downloads I’m getting and, the higher the number, the more it inspires me to keep working hard and keep trying out new stuff.

If you haven’t subscribed to my e-mail list, that’s a great place to start, but you can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and subscribe to the YouTube channel too!

Send Me An E-mail

I say this a lot but I love getting e-mails from my readers.  Even if it’s just to say hi or introduce yourself, I love connecting with my audience, and if you’ve ever e-mailed me, you know that I respond to every single e-mail that I get.  That’s really important to me and it’s something I’ll always try and do.

#2: Easier Ways To Support The Site

Most of the money I make off this blog comes from the following areas.

Sign Up To Drive Or Deliver Using My Referral Links

This is probably the most obvious way to support the site and the one that also has the biggest impact since it makes up most of my revenue.  For now, I really only promote the companies that I’ve gone out and tried myself, though.

I like to write about these services in a very fair and detailed way that highlights my experience with actual earnings, statements, etc so that you know I’m not full of crap.  I’ll tell you exactly how much I made driving for Postmates, for example, and then let you decide if that sounds like something you want to do.

The other nice thing about using one of my referral links is that it also benefits you when you sign up since most of these driver sign-up bonuses are double sided.  It really is a win-win for everyone.  If you’d like to sign up using one of my codes, here they are:

Shop On Amazon

I’m a huge fan of Amazon and spend a lot of money there every month.  I’m also part of their affiliate program, which means I can link to any product on their site and turn that into an affiliate link.  I don’t receive a very high % of the purchase BUT the great thing about the Amazon program is that I get a small cut out of any purchase you make within 24 hours of clicking on my link.

So even if I recommend a Kenu Airframe (my favorite phone mount) and you want to buy a different one, I’ll still receive an affiliate commission if you used my link to buy another product.  If you’re a heavy Amazon spender like myself, feel free to bookmark my Amazon link (therideshareguy.com/amazon) and every time you go shopping on Amazon, you can help support the site.

You just need to click that link before you shop and it won’t cost you anything extra, but you will be contributing to the site big time!

PS – If you’re going to be applying for a credit card any time soon, please click here to see the top list of business and gas credit cards.

#3: Easy Ways To Support The Site

There are a lot of ways to support the site without spending a dime, but I’ve also worked hard to find good advertising partners and create value for drivers.

Buy My Video Course

A few months ago I launched a video course on MaximumRidesharingProfits.com and it’s gotten off to a great start.  We’ve sold a few hundred courses so far with pretty minimal promotion and although I’m biased, I feel that it really does provide a lot of value to beginner and intermediate drivers.

We’ve even started adding some more advanced content, and soon we’ll be launching our very own affiliate program.  It will only be open to those who have taken the course, but it should be a great opportunity to help promote the course and make some money too while you’re at it.

PS – I also recently partnered up with Palm Interactive to create some pretty cool premium rideshare driver business cards recently.

Support My Partners

I’ve been pretty careful not to take on too many advertisers and pretty much all the companies you see me promoting are ones that I would personally use myself.  Here are a few of my partners that you can work with if you’d like to help support the site:

  • Your Mechanic: YourMechanic will give you $20 off your first service with the code ‘RSG15‘ and they really are a good fit for rideshare drivers since they’ll come to your home and business to handle any auto repairs.

Insurance Marketplace

We’ve put a lot of work into our auto insurance marketplace in order to provide the most up to date information for drivers seeking rideshare insurance.  Fortunately, we’ve been able to add more and more options every week too.  On that page, we’ve also compiled a list of agents that have been recommended to us or that drivers have worked with and had a great experience with.

So if you’d like to get a quote for rideshare insurance, head over to our insurance marketplace page.

Any questions, let me know in the comments below.  Even if it’s just to say thanks or point out a bug with the site, I always appreciate hearing from you guys!

-Harry @ RSG