RSG026: How Do I Make Money With A Blog?

Now that I’m a full-time blogger, I get a lot of questions from people about how I make money with a blog.  In this podcast, I decided to break it all down and let you guys know just how I’m able to do it.

I also provide some tips for those interested in starting a blog and talk about some of the expenses that come up once your blog really starts to grow.

RSG026: How Do I Make Money With A Blog?
RSG026: How Do I Make Money With A Blog?

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  • I’m back in LA!
  • I’m doing a 100 restaurants in 100 days challenge – I’m definitely going to be exploring Long Beach! Any recommendations? Leave them in the comments or send me a message!
  • So far: 22 restaurants! Want to read my review? Check out my personal site,
  • Let’s get to a big question people have: how do I make money with a blog?
  • As you know, I quit my job to focus on the blog full-time
  • Many parallels to being your own boss, being a full-time blogger, entrepreneur, rideshare driver
  • Still a big fan of Stride Health – a company that provides health benefits to independent contractors and freelancers that’s 100% free
  • Stride Health helps entrepreneurs figure out the health insurance process – a no-brainer for drivers and entrepreneurs

Is it Even Possible to Make Money From Blogs?

  • Majority of blogs aren’t making any income at all
  • I took a risk to make this blog full-time, but I saw potential down the road
  • There are opportunities to turn blogging into (somewhat) a passive income
  • So why do it? People blog because they’re passionate about the topic – they’re not in it to make money first
  • If you have a passion for a certain topic, blogging is a great way to make yourself an expert and get out your thoughts
  • Find something that excites you, something you’re willing to put a lot of your time into. If it has a business opportunity, even better

My History as a Blogger

  • This isn’t my first blog – was my first blog
  • Not the best writer at first, but I was passionate about the topic and still am
  • The collaborative nature of blogging is what got me hooked – FinCon conference was a great opportunity for networking and meeting people whose blogs I read
  • Secret to blogging success is being able to promote yourself without being spammy
  • You have to stand out among everyone else out there
  • YourPFPro never killed it, but it did spark my blogging passion and helped me learn a lot about blogging

The Rideshare Guy

  • The Rideshare Guy got started after I began driving and had a lot of questions
  • I looked out there for resources and advice from reliable sources – it was hard to find a reliable source about ridesharing!
  • Started the blog because I was passionate about the topic and knew I could help answer people’s questions
  • Being the first in your niche really helps, but you can also be successful by choosing a niche topic that you’re passionate about
  • I left my job once this blog started making some money and when I saw the opportunities down the road

Ways I’m Making Money

  • Driver referrals is the number one way I make money – Lyft and Uber
  • Recently started a partnership with DoorDash
  • I don’t sugarcoat things – I give the balanced truth and let you make the decision for yourself. Not trying to sell you anything just to benefit myself, and that’s why this site is so successful
  • Consider developing the long-term relationships vs. short-term. Think about the long-term success of your blog

Additional Ways to Monetize

Keep in Mind Expenses

  • You would be surprised by how much running a blog can cost!
  • Starting a blog is very affordable – low barrier to entry
  • As you receive more traffic, your expenses will inevitably increase (and you may be attacked by out-of-country hackers)

Advice for New Bloggers

  • Pick a topic you’re passionate about! Put in a year’s worth of work into your blog and, at the end of the year, make sure you’re still happy writing about that topic
  • Be consistent – it’s easy to get pumped up and write a bunch of posts, but you can get burnt out
  • Find a niche – this is one of the most important things if you want to make money
  • One thing that has helped me a lot is that there isn’t a lot of competition in this niche – has helped me get more advertisers and affiliates
  • Just do it. You won’t learn and experience it unless you just go out there and do it.
  • Take a look at Skillshare to find courses on blogging


  • You might not get rich blogging, but it’s very worthwhile – especially if you’re passionate about the topic
  • It is possible to make some money blogging, and it helps if you can find a profitable niche
  • I hope this podcast answered some of your questions! Leave a comment below if you have a question about something I didn’t cover
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Show Notes

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If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here

-Harry @ RSG