7 Best Car Alarms On The Market – Quality Vs. Price (Review)

One of the most valued assets in your possession is your car. Other than your home, you can sometimes keep your valuables in the car. If you are worried that your valuables or car might be at the risk of being stolen, you need the latest and best car alarm system to prevent any car theft. It will also keep you informed if your car is tampered with.

Nowadays, car alarm systems are far cheaper when compared to the 1990 ’s. Many of them come with useful features such as smartphone compatibility, GPS tracking, keyless entry, and remote start. Below are the 8 best car alarm systems on the market.

Reviews of the Best Car Alarm Systems

1.) Prestige APS997E Remote Start & Car Alarm System

The Prestige APS997E comes with the necessary features that can keep your vehicle protected. The product is redesigned to have a metal chrome feel and look. It features a two-way LCD command confirming transmitter and a one-way remote control with each having five buttons. A glass mount antenna that has a built-in LED light and valet switch is also included. It also features auto locks and unlocks that is programmable. The device comes with an indicator that indicates audible alarm, tamper, defect, and disarm.

Some key features of the Prestige APS997E include:

  • Cold temperature and 24-hour start mode
  • Dual-stage shock sensor
  • Multi-tone siren
  • Intrusion alert with memory
  • 2500ft operating range
  • Panic mode


  • It is affordable
  • Compatible with multiple vehicles
  • A two-way pager and four auxiliary channels


  • Requires professional installation

2.) AVITAL 5303L Security/Remote Start System

As one of the best car alarm systems, the AVITAL 5303L comes with one four-button remote and one LCD remote which displays visual confirmation from the remote start system or vehicle security system. The product features multi-level arming which allows you to choose the sensor that will be bypassed or active. It also includes a panic mode that will flash your parking light and sound your alarm.

Some other key features of the AVITAL 5303L are:

  • 2-way security system with keyless entry and remote start
  • 4 Aux outputs
  • 1500ft operating range


  • It lock and unlock without physical contact
  • Remote start is an excellent convenience
  • Affordable and seems durable


  • Operating range might be short
  • Lacks vehicle tracking compatibility

3.) Python 5706P Security System and Remote Start

Python 5706P is one of the best car alarms with lots of features. It comes with the Revenger 6-tone 120-dB siren and the Stinger DoubleGaurd shock sensor. It also has four auxiliary outputs which allow you to add tilt sensors and compatible glass break to the system. Another feature is its compatibility with Viper SmartSmart which provides vehicle tracking on your smartphone and also monitors the performance of the entire system.

Some other key features of the Python 5706P are:

  • Two-way pager with an LCD
  • Remote start system


  • A mile-long operation range
  • It ensures the temperature is always perfect before you enter your vehicle
  • Provides control over the entire system no matter your location
  • Alerts of intrusions without light activation or vehicle siren


  • It might be expensive

4.) Clifford 5906X Security System With Remote Start

This product is one of the best car alarm systems that contains every future that can offer your car the superior protection you want. It features LCD remote control and remote start functionality with a rechargeable battery that powers it. Clifford 5906X also comes with a Viper SmartSmart compatibility that allows you to have complete control of the remote starting and security of your vehicle.

Some other key features of the Clifford 5906X are:

  • Four auxiliary channels
  • One mile operation range


  • It offers two car operation
  • Allows to code in trunk release
  • Transmitter provides an extended range to the vehicle


  • It might be expensive if you are on a budget

5.) Viper 5305V Car Security System

This product is one of the options that the Viper brand as made available. It features a 2-way remote start and security system with an LCD that provides instant confirmation of all commands. The product comes with Failsafe® Starter Kill that prevents hot-wiring, 6-Tone Siren, and Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor that cheep when your vehicle bumps and put off the alarm.

Some other key features of the Viper 5305V are:

  • Four Auxiliary channels
  • Viper SmartSmart and XpressKit DBALL2 compatibility
  • SuperCode® remote encryption
  • one 4-button 1-way remote
  • one 4-button LCD 2-way remote
  • 1/4-mile operation range


  • High-speed communication between systems
  • Easy to understand texts and icons
  • Can be configured to any car
  • Great alarm at a great price


  • Its operation range might be short for some users

6.) EASYGUARD EC002 Car Alarm System

The keyboard entry system and a push-to-start button included as one of the features of the EASYGUARD EC002 makes it one of the best car alarm systems. The product comes with hopping code, touch password entry backup and latest RFID technology that improves the safety of your vehicle.

Some other key features included are:

  • Multiple modes such as shock alarm, valet, panic and more
  • Passive keyless entry
  • 3-9 feet lock and unlock range with key fob
  • two remote key fobs
  • Dedicated trunk release


  • More stable and durable performance
  • Multi-functional and makes starting and stopping of the vehicle easier
  • It fits almost all DC12V cars on the market
  • Easy to install


  • User’s manual might not be accurate

7.) Viper 5906V Start And Security System

This product has every feature you would like in a car alarm. The Viper 5906V comes with a one-mile range that ensures you know if anything happens to your car no matter how far you are to the car. It features an HD color remote and a five-button remote start that is rechargeable. It is one of the best if you are willing to fork out the cash.

Some other key features are:

  • Dual-zone sensor
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • 2-way pager
  • Keyless entry


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Very sensitive, responsive and great range
  • Color display for a brighter display


  • It might be expensive for low budget users

Bonus #8.) Crimestopper SP-302 Car Security System

If you are on a budget and looking for the best car alarm system to go for, Crimestopper SP-302 is a perfect option. It features a two-way communication range of about 3,000 feet. The product comes with a 5-button companion transmitter and a 2-way LCD transmitter that is rechargeable and shows the confirmation of alarm triggers and status.

Some of its other key features are:

  • High-power single tone siren
  • Dual stage shock sensor
  • Carjack protection
  • Trunk pop output
  • Starter kill output
  • Keyless entry


  • You can select between active and passive carjack protection
  • Affordable and easy installation
  • Sophisticated sensors


  • Installation instructions are poor
  • Some users had issues with the arm and disarm function

How to Choose the Best Car Alarm System

It can be overwhelming when selecting the perfect car alarm system for you because there are tons of car security systems on the market. There are various systems and factors to consider when you are looking for the best car alarm for your vehicle.

Features – Different car alarms have different elements, and some are standard than the other. When you know the various features available you would be able to make an informed decision. Some of the features you need to consider are:

  • Two-way remote: it allows you to control your car and get information about the car’s condition
  • Keyless entry: this will enable you to lock and unlock the doors of your vehicle without a key
  • Shock sensors: it detects impact and sends out an alert if your car is hit or jostled
  • Car location: it allows you to track your car down if you don’t know its exact location
  • Carjack protection: it combines ignition kill switches, chirping alarms or extra-loud siren, and light.
  • Trunk release: this allows you to open the trunk without opening your car’s doors
  • Mobile compatibility: There are car securities that would enable you to control the system from your smartphone. All you need is to download the mobile app, and you will be able to check in on your car without carrying around an extra remote.

Compatibility – Some car alarms work with specific cars while others are compatible with any car. The choice is yours to make, but it is advisable to go for a universal car alarm system.

Final Words

Picking the best car alarm system and investing into it is an important decision to make. The review of the car alarm and security system above should help you learn about the features, pros, and cons. I have recommended car alarms with multiple budgets; it should help you with your decision-making journey. No doubt all will protect your vehicle from criminals.