60+ Uber Driver Accessories for 2024

Let’s face it, ridesharing ain’t easy. But it’s still one of the best gig economy jobs, however, the passengers we encounter range anywhere from “quiet and polite” to “drunk and incoherent”. This is why you need to have some of the best Uber driver accessories handy.

When I first started driving, I thought all I would need was my car, my phone, a steady hand on the wheel, and my favorite t-shirt.

While that’s still mostly true, I’ve found that it really pays off to be prepared for the variety of different situations one can encounter on the road. Now, I can’t imagine hitting the road without these supplies.

A lot of these essential accessories and gear are great for ridesharing service drivers. Still, a lot of these items can also apply to those who are driving for food delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

This is a comprehensive list of everything an Uber Driver or a Lyft Driver might find useful while they’re doing their driving. We’re not saying you should buy every single item on this list, but you may be able to find something useful that you haven’t thought of before.

60+ Best Uber Driver Accessories for Rideshare Driving

In order of importance, here are the most useful items you can add to your ridesharing office, aka your car.

  1. Phone Mounts
  2. Dash Cams
  3. GPS
  4. Lumbar Back Support
  5. LED Flashlights
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Head and Neck Rest
  8. Travel Pillow
  9. Car Seat Gap Filler & Organizer
  10. Pepper Spray
  11. The Rideshare Guide Book

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Uber Driver Accessories for Driver Comfort, Health, & Safety

These items and gear increase the comfort and efficiency of Uber and Lyft drivers.

1. Phone Mounts

Coming in at #1 is the trusty phone mount – a staple of rideshare drivers everywhere. The main benefit of having your phone up on your dash or windshield is simple: You won’t have to look down at your lap for directions every 30 seconds. This is a tremendous benefit to your safety (and that of your car).

Plus, a phone mount can improve your ratings: Passengers appreciate being able to see the directions you’re following, and they always feel safer with a driver who has both eyes on the road. Here’s an overview of the top options.


Many drivers like magnetic mounts, as they allow you to easily remove your phone when you need to make a call or send a text. A mount like these ones includes multiple magnetic backings that adhere firmly to the back of your phone or the interior of your phone’s case.

Flexible and Customizable

For a sturdy non-magnetic option, these RAM mounts are the gold standard, with adjustable grip tension and a variety of other options. If you have a deep dashboard, you can even accessorize with an extension arm to bring your phone closer in.


If you’re looking for something unobtrusive, check out smaller vent-mounted options, like the Kenu Airframe.

Cup Holder Phone Mount

This fits perfectly in your cup holder. It’s not on the dashboard or windshield. It’s easier to read and navigate because it’s right next to you, and cops won’t see you on your phone.

2. Dash Cams

A dashcam is the cheapest insurance policy you can buy (you should still look into rideshare insurance though!) – both for yourself and your car.

Having a dashcam in your vehicle will not only discourage bad passenger behavior, it will also act as an objective witness if you’re ever involved in a collision or some other incident on the road.

To see a full explanation of several top-rated dashcams, make sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to the Best Dash Cams for Uber & Lyft Drivers here. There’s a lot of different car video cameras to choose from on amazon, for any price/budget.

Here is one of the best-selling dash cameras on Amazon, it starts recording automatically when you start your car and captures both the road and the interior of the car simultaneously. This offers protection against both passengers and other drivers. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the footage – but if you do, you’ll be really glad you got one.

3. GPS

If you prefer to have a dedicated GPS unit instead of relying on your phone, check out our list of the best car GPS review.

The Garmin DriveSmart is our top pick:

4. Lumbar Back Support

My friend says that driving for long periods of time makes him a little sore, but making the investment in one of these has been worth it, as he’s able to drive for longer periods of time.

We recommend the BackShield, one of the best back supports for your car.

Or if you want to go with a simple option, there are plenty of back supports to choose from on Amazon, like this one:

5. LED Flashlights

The most important reason for having a heavy, baton-like flashlight is to be able to see street signs in the dark.

And speaking of flashlights, I recommend a nice bright set of LED headlight lamps to really brighten up the road in front of you at night:

6. First Aid Kit

I’ve always had a first aid kit in my car even before I became a rideshare driver. I’ve only had to use it a few times, but those times I did need one it came in very handy.

7. Head and Neck Rest

If you don’t take care of your neck while you drive, you’ll end up with a stiff neck and then you might not be able to drive for a few days after that, which is not good. A car headrest can keep your head and neck in perfect form while you drive.

8. Travel Pillow

People usually buy these for airplanes, but they’re also great for taking a nap in a car between shifts. I got this pillow and it’s worked great so far. It’s longer than other ones so it’s able to support your chin

9. Car Seat Gap Filler & Organizer

I love my coin side pocket! And it keeps my phone from falling in the crack (or as I like to call it – the black hole).

10. Pepper Spray

If you work in a higher-crime area or you work with a lot of drunk people, it could be worth carrying one of these with you, if it’s legal in your area. Check your rules and laws.

11. Polarized Sunglasses

There’s a reason I’m recommending polarized over non-polarized. If you haven’t tried polarized sunglasses before, grab a pair and see if you like them. After trying polarized I never went back to regular. It blocks glare and gives you a much more clear field of vision. There are LOTS of different sunglasses on amazon and you’re sure to find one you like within your budget.

Here’s a cheap but highly rated one (#1 best seller on amazon):

12. Lunch Box, Tupperware, Thermos

The Thermos can keep food cold for 7 hours and hot for 5 hours! I pack soup to take with me on cold days.

13. Insulated Water Bottle/Reusable Water Bottle

Insulated keeps your beverages cold or hot for long periods of time.

14. Bluetooth Headset

My family loves to call me, so for me, this Bluetooth headset has come in very handy!

15. Medicine

Not everyone feels perfect every day. Whether you have an upset stomach or headache, sometimes it’s not worth calling off the day for some allergies.

Instead, keep some medicine with you like Pepto Bismol, Tums, and Tylenol, or stop by a pharmacy if you feel a little down.

If you don’t live close to a pharmacy, keep some essentials just in case. This common medicine pack has everything you need for non-emergencies.

Uber Driver Accessories for Passenger Comfort & Safety

This equipment can make your passengers more comfortable and happier during the ride, which might result in improved ratings and increased tips.

16. Multi-Chargers and Charging Cables

If you’ve been driving for more than a few hours, you’ve probably had a passenger ask for a phone charger. Having a good one is important not only for keeping your own device online, it’s also a great way to offer something extra to passengers – without having to stock up on snacks or bottled water.

When the USB standard was first introduced, it put out a relatively low amount of electric current. As screens and batteries grew bigger, the amount of electric current required to charge a device went up. That means your old 12v-to-USB adapter might not be charging newer devices very quickly (if at all) – and that can be a major nuisance to a driver who works long hours.

This charger has four USB ports, all of which charge at a full 2.4 amps – so you’ll be able to power and charge a phone, a GPS, and a dashcam, and still have a slot left for passenger. Plus, it even has a surge protector and a microchip to determine each device’s charging needs, so it won’t put too much current into a device that can’t handle it. Add on the Amazon warranty, and this might be the perfect car charger.

The adapter alone isn’t the full story – passengers often don’t carry cables with them, and they really appreciate it when drivers go the extra mile and provide one. Although you can purchase “universal” cables with multiple charging tips for different devices, I usually steer clear of these.

In my opinion, it’s better to get multiple cables – they’re usually longer (better for reaching the backseat), and if one wears out, you can replace them one at a time rather than shelling out for another universal cable.

In my car, I keep one for Android and one for iPhone; it’s rare to encounter a device that uses something else these days. The cheap (and surprisingly durable) offerings from Amazon Basics are usually your best bet: You can also save some dough on these by buying in multiples!

And a cable organizer to arrange it neatly:

17. Aux Cable/Adaptor

The all-important aux cable – both for connecting to the best audio system and playing either your music or let your passengers DJ (if you’re so inclined).

I like this one from Anker: The housings on each connector are made from reflective metal, making it more durable and easier to find in a dark car.

You can also get a Bluetooth Aux adaptor, it’s the same thing as an Aux cable but wireless!

And if you have a car that does not have an aux input, you can get an FM transmitter like this one:

18. Illuminated Uber Sign

If you work in busy areas or large events, finding passengers can be a huge hassle. Simplify the search with one of these awesome light-up Uber signs.

Your passengers will appreciate being able to find you more easily, and you’ll appreciate less downtime waiting on people trying to hunt down your car. It’s also a helpful identifier for valet guys and parking attendants who love to give drivers a hassle – when they see the sign, they’ll know that you will be on your way soon, and may be less likely to give you a hard time about your parking decisions.

One of our favorites? Driver Bling, which is advertised as being helpful for delivery drivers but also makes a great addition for rideshare drivers as well! Driver Bling is an illuminated sign that you can program to say anything – the name of the delivery service you’re driving for to alert customers you’ve arrived, the name of a passenger you’re picking up in a crowded location, and more! Driver Bling is easy to set up and is controlled via an app on your phone, making it easy to change and update as you want.

Driver Bling is a lapel Bluetooth LED Badge for all sorts of drivers (it even doubles as a great option for servers, storefronts, and more). You can program ANY custom message with the app on your smartphone (iOS and Android)!

Once you have programmed your custom messages, you won’t need your phone anymore unless you need to edit/delete/add any messages. Toggle between messages instantly with the push of a button!

Driver Bling is particularly good for multiple delivery services and has a fantastic wow factor. With Driver Bling, you will be noticed quickly & easily when you enter restaurants or are on deliveries. It’s also great for portable advertising for your business!

What about a light-up, official-looking Uber and Lyft LED sign? Get yours here from Huttronics!

19. Car Trash Can

Passengers appreciate the extra attention to details like this, plus sometimes customers leave junk and trash in the back seat and now they have no excuse not to throw their trash away.

20. Water

Don’t forget to stock up on water for your car. Whether it’s for you and/or for your passenger, and whether you want to sell it or give it away for free, it’s always useful to have water in your car. You can get water and other groceries delivered from Amazon Fresh.

21. Window Shades

I’ve done a few trips out in Arizona during the summer and these greatly improved the comfortability of my passengers. They don’t really notice because they’re just on their phone the whole time, but they’re not squinting cause the sun wasn’t glaring in their face the whole ride.

Uber Driver Accessories for Hygiene & Cleanliness

These products and supplies will keep your car looking new and smelling fresh. A win-win for everyone, a driver is happier when their car is clean and organized, and so is the passenger. Keeping your car clean is a key way to increase ratings and tips.

22. All-Weather Floor Mats

If you pick up a lot of passengers from the beach as I do, you’ll end up with a lot of sand in your car. Even in inland areas, passengers usually manage to track a fair amount of dirt into your car.

Adding some quality rubber floormats to your ride will make cleanup a snap, and offer added protection against spilled beverages, rain, and so forth.

These universal floor mats can be cut to size to fit most vehicles. WeatherTech also makes custom-fit mats for certain types of cars, so check to see if there’s a pre-cut option for your car before ordering!

23. Plain Old Towels

Speaking of spilled beverages and rain, it’s always a good idea to have a towel on hand. In the wise words of Douglas Adams, “a towel … is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.”

Not only do they make great seat covers when it’s raining outside, but they’re also great for protecting your upholstery when transporting service dogs that like to shed all over your car. You probably have towels already, but just in case, here’s one from Amazon…

24. Seat Covers

For a more permanent and/or classy solution to the above problems, consider investing in some seat covers. Amazon has a great selection of both universal and custom-fit covers for an assortment of different vehicles.

25. Interior and Exterior Duster

Car washes can add up fast. Save money by going DIY and investing in some quality cleaning tools.

For the exterior, I recommend these California dusters. They’re treated with paraffin wax to clean effectively without the use of sprays, and they’re made of 100% cotton to ensure your car’s finish stays scratch-free.

26. Car Vacuum

For the interior, you can’t beat the classic Dust Buster. Although there are some options that charge through your car’s 12v outlet for on-the-go cleaning, I’ve found that the beefier “stay-at-home” models are more powerful and better at picking up dirt and dust from your car’s nooks and crannies.

Plus, they’re great for keeping the house clean, too. Here’s the model I use, which contains a lithium-ion battery for consistent suction and a long lifespan.

27. Throw-Up Bags

Gross, I know. But if your passengers need these, everyone involved will be very glad you had them. The technical term for these is “emesis bags,” and there are actually a couple of options. These blue ones are some of the cheapest:

If you work in a college town where this is a more regular occurrence, you may want to invest in these Cadillac emesis bags, featuring absorbent pads to fight smell and an extra closing mechanism in case the first one fails:

28. Lint Roller

Lint rollers come in very useful when someone comes into my car covered in dog or cat hair, or after a service animal has been in the car. Passengers don’t appreciate getting pet hair from the passenger before on them. It’s even caused me to lose ratings!

29. Air Freshener

When so many people are coming in and out of the car every day, it’s impossible for smells not to start forming. I keep the odors at bay using a variety of methods, but these little fresheners are some of the best ones I’ve tried:

Looking for a longer-term solution to odor issues? Check out Spearclean’s AiroDoctor Mini.

With the AiroDoctor Mini, you don’t have to worry about smelly food (or, let’s be frank, smelly people) Spearclean’s AiroDoctor Mini is capable of removing bacteria, allergens, dust, and odors from the air.

In our review of Spearclean’s AiroDoctor Mini, we found it removed food smells quickly – within a minute!

30. Squeegee

Very useful for wiping dirt, water, or condensation off of your windows.

31. Latex Gloves

Keeping latex gloves handy for cleaning up vomit or poking around the engine, will keep vomit or grease off of your hands!

32. Paper Towels, Tissues, Tissue Holder

These are a must. If a passenger hops in your car with a runny nose, there is nothing worse than them constantly sniffing their nose. So have tissues handy to help them out!

33. Wet Naps/Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes/Disinfecting Wipes

These come in super handy when you have a spill or dirty spot in your car you need to get cleaned up quickly before your next passenger needs a ride.

34. Hand Sanitizer

I’m so germophobic, being an Uber driver is probably one of the last things I should be doing, but that’s why hand sanitizer is a god send for me. Can’t live without it 🙂

35. Trunk Organizer

If you don’t have a garage, you’re gonna need to keep your auto accessories somewhere.

36. Scotch Guard Fabric Protector

Recommended by a reader in the comments below, Scotchgard Fabric Protector helps repel liquids and block stains without changing the look and feel of fabric. If someone spills something for example, you’ll be able to wipe the surface clean before it sinks in.

Uber Driver Accessories to Help Make More Money

There are a lot of ways to make money while rideshare driving.

A lot of people actually drive for Uber to pitch their other businesses/services to prospective clients, which I’ve always found super cool.

I personally do have a little tip sign and sell snacks and products like disposable chargers, which you’ll see below.

Here are ways to make more money while driving.

37. Add Tip Box

With the recent ruling that Uber drivers can, in fact, accept tips, many drivers have taken to putting signs or small donation boxes in their vehicles.

This is a great way to pick up extra cash on the job, and over time it could add some serious dough to your bottom line. This is especially true if you use a funny sign, or offer some extra amenities to passengers during trips!

Macgyvver tips

Example funny sign you can add:

Someone in the comments down below recommended giving away small things candy/mints/lifesaver/tootsie pops for free with a candy/tip jar combo like this one:

38. Add Tip/Rating Sign

You can either write your own or purchase one that looks professionally made, like this one:

39. Car Back Seat Organizer

A great way to display products for sale on the back of your seat. Put drinks and snacks right in front of your passenger, cause how could they resist the temptation?

Here are some popular snacks you can sell in your back seat organizer:

40. Buy and Sell Rain Ponchos

You can buy and sell rain ponchos when a rainstorm comes out of nowhere and catches everyone unexpectedly.

41. Buy and Sell Emergency Disposable Phone Chargers

Seasonal Uber Driver Accessories

These gadgets are only useful for part of the year, but for that small part of the year don’t be caught without these essential rain and snow products.

42. Windshield Sun Shade

For those that live in very hot locations, these are great for keeping the car cool while you’re parked.

43. Umbrella

A large 2-person umbrella for escorting passengers to and from the car, when they don’t have their own at least. Clients always leave a 5 star and sometimes tip extra when I do this.

44. Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

45. Windshield Snow and Ice Cover

46. Traction Mats

47. Snow Chains

Uber Driver Accessories for Road Safety

These items and gear will help you out if your car (heaven forbid) breaks down.

48. Emergency Kit

Full of useful tools in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

49. Jumper Cables

I’ve always carried a set of these in my car even when I wasn’t working for rideshare.

50. Jump Starter (Battery Charger)

My car’s battery used to drain a lot and the car would stop working on me, so I carried one of these around. Turns out my after-market stereo was draining my battery and I had to install a kill switch to my battery so it would stop doing that.

51. Gas Can

If you live somewhere that’s more remote without a gas station on every block, it might be worth having one of these in your car.

52. Tire Pressure Gauge

Did you know that driving with properly inflated tires can actually help you save gas? You get better MPG when your tires are at the optimum pressure.

53. Air Compressor Pump

For filling your tire with air on the go – especially if you don’t have a spare tire.

54. Car Jack

One time I bought a used car that didn’t come with one of these, and I didn’t find out until it was too late.

55. Breaker Bar

Have you ever tried to change a spare tire and couldn’t get the lug nuts off? Breaker bars are long and heavy – perfect for getting the leverage you need to be able to get lug nuts off your tires, especially if they were screwed on too tight from prior service. You will need to purchase the right size drive, an adaptor, and a socket that fits your lug nuts.

56. Multi-Tool

57. Diagnostic Tool

Uber Driver Accessories: Bonus Items

These are extra accessories that you can use to go above and beyond. These are not necessary to have.

58. Business Cards

Rideshare driving is one of the best ways to network with people in your area. If you’re a freelancer or run another business on the side, keeping a stack of business cards with you is a great way to get your name out there and pick up new work or just to promote your passenger referral code so you can make extra money from referring new drivers.

You can get cheap cards on VistaPrint or if you’re looking to really stand out, Palm Interactive has some of the best business cards money can buy! This is where I got my Rideshare Guy cards done actually! 🙂

59. Car Karaoke

If you drive around bars and nightclubs a lot, you can buy a Bluetooth karaoke microphone like this one:

60. Car Cooler/Fridge (And Heater!)

This thing cools food and beverages AND/OR warms it up if you want it to. Pretty schwifty.

61. Electronic Toll Transponder

For those of us who live in places with paid carpool/fast lanes, getting the fastrak pass or whatever they call it in your area is worth it.

62. Passport

San Diegans know what I’m talking about. You never know when you might be dropping that one last client off at their home which happens to be near the border, and you may decide that you want to take a quick trip over the border to have some fun. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it’s encouraged. You deserve it for working so hard.

63. Car Alarms

64. The Rideshare Guide

Lastly, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Harry’s Book on Amazon, The Rideshare Guide!

There are paperback and kindle versions available.


Which Uber Driver Accessories Should You Buy?

We hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive guide on gear for rideshare drivers. We know how hard you work and hope that some of the items on this list help make your life easier when you’re out on the road.

Keep in mind that all of the items above are physical products you can have in your car.

For a list of essential services, software, and apps that are useful to rideshare drivers, check out these articles: