Best Receipts For Cash Apps – How To Earn Cash For Receipts

Did you know the crumbled grocery receipts in your car cup holder are hidden cash?

Unfortunately, we see receipts as nothing more than a piece of paper with information about our purchases.

However, they are more valuable than you can think. You can earn rewards through your receipts via cash-back apps.

Downloading the app and scanning the receipts is all it takes to get started. Whether you make online purchases or in-store, receipts for cash apps can be an excellent way to get extra perks, from cash to free samples and gift cards to giveaways.

We’ll explore the best receipts cash back apps, how they work, and whether they’re worth the effort.

Don’t have time to read this whole article? The best receipt for cash app is Upside, which gives you cash back at tens of thousands of locations nationwide.

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What are the best receipts for cash apps? 

Wondering which apps can make your life easier and your pocket fuller?

Choosing the best receipts for cash apps is daunting, given the many online options. Therefore, we’ve curated a list of the best-rated apps that actually pay you for scanning your grocery receipts.

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1.) Upside App 

Use Upside App to get the most out of your gas receipts. This super cool app gives cash back on everyday purchases. While most are from gas stations, it also works for some grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores.

The Upside app was officially launched in 2016. However, the program has come far by expanding its reach to several areas and making more cash-back options available.

Here’s how the app works:

Install Upside App 

Download the Upside App and create an account using your Gmail, Facebook, Google, or Apple ID. Once you give the app access to your location, you’ll easily find relevant deals.

Download Upside

Use promo code RSG25 to earn at least 25¢/gal on your first fill-up. This is the biggest sign up bonus available exclusively for readers of

Explore Business Participations Within your Area

The Upside App will show you deals and offers closest to your location as soon as you enable your location. A map on your display will show you the offers.

Gas, convenience stores, restaurants, and groceries are the available categories. Here you can identify the participating businesses and the amount you can earn on your purchases.

Claim the Offer and Complete the Deal 

You should claim the offer as soon as you make a purchase. It’s because the app puts a timer that lasts for a few hours. So, you’ll likely lose the offer a few hours after your purchase.

So as soon as you find a good Upside deal, click the “Claim” button to activate the timer. Now, visit the “Claimed Offers” section to complete the deal.

Scan the Receipt 

Navigate the “Upload Receipt” option to upload and complete the deal. The best thing about the app is that it doesn’t require entering bank or credit card information to claim the cash. Instead, uploading the receipt is all it takes to claim the deal.

Besides, a few areas allow you to check in instead of uploading the receipt.

Enjoy the Cash

The app takes up to 10 days to approve the receipt. Once you qualify, you can take out the money by clicking “Cash Out” in the menu.

Upside is our favorite receipt for cash app! Scott on our team uploads receipts from every restaurant he visits to the Upside app to get cash back. For example, he just earned $9.15 back at his favorite seafood restaurant today!

Download Upside

Use promo code RSG25 to earn at least 25¢/gal on your first fill-up.

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2.) Ibotta 

Ibotta is another popular app that gives you cash-backs on household items, groceries, and personal care items. The app was made available to iOS and Android users in 2012 and became popular among US citizens right away.

The app works similarly to other cash-back apps in that you must download it, choose the store you plan to visit, and browse the available offers.

As soon as you find a relevant offer, activate it. Then, head to the store, purchase the items and upload the receipts.

The best part? Ibotta informs you about the amount of cash you can make with each offer. For instance, the app informs a tissue box from a particular brand will make you dollar $1 while a ground coffee bag will give you $1.5.

You can use the app at nationwide stores like Walmart and Target and regional stores like Kroger and Albertsons. It also works at some hardware stores and cinemas.

As with other cash-back apps, Ibotta lets you shop at specific stores or buy from particular brands. However, the app also enables any-product offers, letting you enjoy cash back on any item from any brand.

You can transfer your Ibotta cash on PayPal or a bank account. However, you must have at least $20 in earnings to claim the cash. Besides, you must remain consistent with using the app because inactive users are obliged to pay $3.99 inactivity charges.

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3.) Fetch Rewards 

Wes Schroll founded Fetch Rewards in 2013. The app allows you to save money on groceries by earning points for each receipt you upload. How many points you make depends entirely on what you bought.

Fetch Rewards partners with popular brands like PepsiCo, Ben & Jerry’s, and Huggies. So, if you occasionally shop from these brands, you’re lucky because you’ll get points for your purchases.

Besides, Kroger and Walmart purchases will also get you points because the app partners with them, too.

You can upload any pet store, hardware shop, grocery, or gas station receipt and get 25 points. Besides, Amazon shoppers can also earn points by connecting their Amazon account to Fetch Rewards. The app will scan your email for e-receipts and qualify you for the reward.

You’ll make $1 for every 1000 points made. Besides, you’ll also have numerous gift cards to pick from Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

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4.) Receipt Hog 

Receipt Hog was founded in 2016 and encountered a surge in its popularity with 1 million Google Play downloads. The app has been the talk of the town since its launch, and for good reasons.

The interactive app gives an enticing grocery and non-grocery shopping experience by letting you earn cash. Although most available offers are for groceries, you can earn rewards even if you do not purchase a single grocery item.

The app accepts receipts for electronics, clothes, and gas purchases.

Snapping a picture and uploading it on the app is all it takes to earn coins. What’s intriguing about the app is that it offers multiple options to earn bonus points:

  • Sweepstakes (monthly cash prizes)
  • Coins (cash rewards)
  • Spins (get bonus coins or other gifts)
  • Referrals (earn rewards by referring the app to a friend)
  • Surveys (participate in paid surveys to earn coins)

As soon as your reward balance hits $5 or 1,000 coins, you can claim your reward for gift cards or cash – it depends entirely on your preferences. US citizens can also redeem their rewards for magazine subscriptions.

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5.) is a relatively old app that allows users to save money in a traditional and contemporary way through printable and digital coupons.

You only need to install the app, sign up, and activate appealing offers. You’ll find more options for personal care, baby, and food products from brands like Huggies, Mills cereals, and Neutrogena.

While the app allows you to shop almost everywhere and upload the receipt of any shop, a few offers are restricted to specific retailers.

Further, you can link the store loyalty cards to the app. This step will make the cash-back process hassle-free. Why? Because the app will automatically recognize and scan your receipts.

What’s more, isn’t strict about the payout threshold, unlike other apps. Put simply; you do not need to reach a certain limit to take cash out. Once the app approves your receipt, you can transfer the funds to your bank account or PayPal.

So, yes, you can make money by scanning receipts. However, picking a reliable app with positive reviews and rating is critical. Besides, you can choose from paid and free versions.

A few apps require you to shop at specific brands, while others give cash for buying specific items.

Can you earn money for scanning receipts? 

Receipt apps allow you to scan your receipt and earn money on the go. A few apps also enable shoppers to search for offers from their favorite brands and upload receipts showing purchases of the items.

Once they qualify for the purchase, they receive the cashback within 48 hours of uploading receipts.

You may get the cashback through bank transfer or in the form of gift cards. Later, you can redeem it for cash or gift cards.

How do receipt scanning apps work? 

There are several receipt scanning apps, and each works a little differently. For instance, a few make you wait until you reach a specified payment threshold to take the cash out. Others give money via Paypal, and some offer gift cards.

Besides, free and paid apps would also make a difference to your earnings. However, the fundamentals remain the same regardless of the app you install. So, here’s how a basic receipt for cash app works.

  • App installation. It all begins with downloading the app and getting registered. Each app offers Android and iOS users a seamless installation option.
  • Browsing. Learn about the app by browsing offers and products. A few apps feature offers that you must activate before uploading a receipt.
  • Shopping. Purchase the items you previously activated. A few offers may be for certain stores and specific sizes, while other deals might be for any product from any brand.
  • Upload receipts. Take a crisp photo of your receipt and upload it on the app. A few applications also let you scan bar codes, making it easier to show your purchases.
  • Earn rewards. Finally, it’s time to earn points, cash, or rewards. What is made available to you depends on the app you use.

Which apps give the most cash for receipts?

The trend of earning through receipts is becoming popular with each passing day. As such, more apps are made available to the public to scan receipts and earn rewards. Today, you’ll stumble upon hundreds of cash for receipt apps online but not all give a fair amount of cash.

We think the best receipt for cash app is Upside, which gives you cash back at tens of thousands of locations nationwide.

Popular receipt for cash apps that make the most cash include the following:

  • Upside App
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Receipt Hog
  • Ibotta

Download Upside

Use promo code RSG25 to earn at least 25¢/gal on your first fill-up.

How to maximize cash rewards? 

You can maximize your cash rewards by being more consistent. Try to upload receipts for as many purchases as possible. If you forget to scan the receipts for everyday purchases, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to maximize the cash rewards.

Besides, keep track of the best offers. As soon as you find an appealing offer, activate it, buy an item, and claim your reward. So, consistency blended with diligence will help you make more money through these helpful apps.

Are receipts for cash apps safe? 

Because shady apps can record audio, take pictures, delete content, and download files from your phone, the concern for Cash Apps’ safety comes naturally. An article published by NBC news backs the safety of receipts for cash apps.

Gary Miliefsky, a Cyber expert, says that the cashback apps are “fairly safe.”

Besides, he mentions that when users download them through the Google Play store or iTunes store, they’re equipped with more built-in security features.

Therefore, the receipts for cash apps are pretty safe, and you can use them without panicking over leaking your personal information.

Are receipts for cash apps worth using? 

Because nobody wants to invest time in something useless, people wonder if cash-back apps are worth the effort. Truthfully, receipt-scanning apps offer several ways to save on groceries. Instead of tossing away your receipts, you can upload them and earn points.

Yes, they won’t make you rich but offer a great way to earn extra income to shave a bit off your groceries.

Besides, every little bit of savings helps, given the ballooning grocery item prices.


The receipts that you discard carelessly can be a source of income. While they might not pay your bills, they help cut down grocery costs. If you like the features of more than one app, you can stack them and use multiple apps simultaneously – a win-win for you.

The key is to keep an eye on the best offers and scan every receipt of daily purchases. You can pick your favorite receipts for cash apps from the list above and start generating a side income today!

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The best receipt for cash app is Upside, which gives you cash back at tens of thousands of locations nationwide.

Download Upside

Use promo code RSG25 to earn at least 25¢/gal on your first fill-up.