Earn points every time you buy anything. Click here to download the Fetch Rewards app and get up to 3,000 bonus points.

    Fetch Rewards is a free app that you can use to earn free gift cards just by scanning and uploading your physical receipts or digital receipts into the app. Scan every receipt after you shop for anything and automatically get cash back added to your account. It’s really that easy!

    How does the Fetch Rewards referral code work?

    Click here to download the app and get a Fetch Rewards referral code automatically applied. You’ll get  up to 3,000 extra points for free when you scan your first receipt. Or enter the referral code FNGMC manually into the app after downloading it.

    Fetch Rewards is an app that earns you cash back when you buy certain products and redeem them for cash. We at have partnered with Fetch Rewards to get the biggest signup bonus for our readers.

    How to add your Referral code for Fetch

    Add your referral code for Fetch by following these steps:

    1. Download the Fetch app using this link
    2. Register as a new user
    3. Earn your 3k point sign up bonus when you upload your first receipt

    Fetch Rewards Review

    Fetch saves you money on thousands of products. Just scan your receipt from ANY store and earn points which you can cash out for hundreds of rewards like an Amazon or VISA gift card.

    It doesn’t matter if your receipt is from Amazon, Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, 7-11, or a gas station. As long as you bought something then there’s an opportunity to earn cash back when you upload your receipt into the app.

    Gone are the days where we need to cut out coupons, remember to take them to the store, and hand them to the cashier. These days, apps like Fetch Rewards let us do it all from our phone.

    With Fetch Rewards, all you need to do is shop like you normally would. Then, after you checkout (in-person or online), just upload your receipt into the app and you’ll be rewarded for not just uploading your receipt but you’ll also earn extra points for purchasing products from brands that Fetch partners with.

    Fetch partners with hundreds of major brands so chances are you’ll make money by using this app. Fetch is very similar to Dosh, and we explain the differences in our Dosh referral code article. By the end of the year all of your receipts could add up to a serious chunk of change that you can use for Christmas gifts or a trip somewhere.

    Fetch is one of the best cash back apps that’s a no-brainer to use. Plus, when you sign up using our link you’ll also get a Fetch Rewards sign up bonus, just like the GetUpside app that also gets you a sign up bonus as well as savings on gas purchases.

    Download Fetch Rewards

    Get up to 3,000 bonus points when you upload your first receipt.

    What is Fetch Rewards?

    Fetch rewards if one of the best cash back apps on the market today. Fetch Rewards is also a completely free app that rewards you with discounts and points. Just start submitting any and all of your receipts in the app and you’ll start earning.

    And just like this Ibotta promo code we covered, Fetch also has a promotional referral code available too.

    After earning points, you can then exchange the points for gift cards to your favorite stores. Over time, the points add up and become worth a decent amount of money.

    It’s easy to use Fetch Rewards to save money. In fact, you’ll save money every time you upload a receipt and you’ll earn even more points when one of the hundreds of participating brands appears on your receipts.

    Yup, you heard that correctly. If any of these brands appear on any of your receipt from any store, at any time, you’ll get extra points! No scanning barcodes, no waiting for sales, doesn’t matter where you shop, and no expiration dates.

    Best of all, Fetch partners with the largest brands in the industry so you’ll save no matter what.

    Enter your referral code for Fetch Rewards in the app
    Enter your referral code for Fetch Rewards in the app

    How does Fetch Rewards Work?

    Fetch is so easy to use, no wonder millions of people have downloaded the app and millions of receipts have been uploaded.

    Fetch Rewards makes it easy to save when shopping because there’s no limits. You can buy anything from ANY store and you don’t have to bring any coupons (you don’t even need to bring your phone).

    All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt and upload it into the app, and then you’ll get points in your account.

    We tested it and can confirm that Fetch really does reward you for any receipt. I just got points back for uploading receipts from Trader Joes and Dollar Tree!

    Here’s how to use the Fetch app:

    1. Click here to download Fetch
    2. Scan your receipts from any stores
    3. After your first successful scan, you’ll get up to 3,000 bonus points
    4. Upload more receipts and rack up points
    5. Redeem your points for rewards like gift cards

    Fetch App Benefits

    • Quick way to earn rewards for doing something you already do – shopping
    • Simple to use – just scan any receipt from any store and you’ll get points back
    • You can buy products from ANY store, even convenience stores
    • You don’t need to buy specific products, you get points back just for uploading your receipts, but you also earn extra points for purchasing any products from brands that the app partners with
    • You’ll earn extra points every time one of 250+ brands is on your receipt
    • Lots of gift cards and rewards – choose from hundreds of gifts cards and rewards – you’re sure to find something you love

    Download Fetch Rewards

    Up to 3,000 bonus points for free when you upload your first receipt.

    Is Fetch Worth it?

    Yup, Fetch is so easy to use that it’s a no brainer. To get gift cards all you have to do is upload a receipt from any store. This includes grocery stores, department stores, small stores, big stores, convenience stores, club stores, wholesale stores, drug stores, and liquor stores, just to name a few.

    There’s even an option to connect Fetch to your Amazon or Email account to earn points on your online purchases.

    After uploading the receipt you’ll get back points within seconds. Then just exchange those points for rewards. It almost seems too good to be true, but it’s legit.

    You can use your points for whatever you want. Just download the app to see all the available options for cashing out. You can use your points to get gifts cards for anything from Amazon – to AMC Theatres – to Buffalo Wild Wings. Or just cash out to a VISA gift card.

    Fetch App Referral Program

    With the Fetch Rewards referral program, you can invite your friends and family and earn points when they sign up.

    When you refer someone to Fetch Rewards, and that person uses your referral code, you’ll both get bonus points when your referral uploads their first receipt.

    To get your unique referral code, in the app click “Me”, then click “Earn More Points!” and you’ll see your Fetch Rewards referral link and code there that you can share.

    Fetch Rewards Promo Code

    The Fetch app promo code is the same thing as the Fetch app referral code. Apps sometimes call this code a “promo code” and other times a “referral code.” Either way, it’s a code that you can share with your friends and you both earn a bonus when your referral uploads their first receipt. Click here to get your Fetch Rewards referral/promo code.

    Download Fetch Rewards

    Up to 3,000 bonus points credited to your account when you upload your first receipt.

    Fetch Rewards Sign Up Bonus

    Fetch Rewards is currently offering up to a 3,000 point sign up bonus if you use a referral code.  To get the bonus, just click this link to download the app and the code will be automatically applied.

    Fetch Rewards vs Ibotta

    Fetch Rewards is very similar to Ibotta because you have to upload a receipt into the app after shopping.

    The other difference between Fetch and Ibotta is that you don’t need to take any surveys or watch any videos. Also, you don’t need to select the items that you’re going to purchase beforehand and you don’t need to scan any barcodes.

    One major difference between Ibotta and Fetch Rewards is that Ibotta pays you with cash whereas Fetch pays you with gift cards.

    Fetch Rewards FAQ

    Are there any Fetch Rewards hacks?

    Yup, a hack you can use is to combine the Fetch Rewards app with other cash back and receipt apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, Receipt Hog, and ReceiptPal to get maximum cash-back.

    What are other apps like Fetch Rewards?

    Other apps like Fetch Rewards that we recommend are the Ibotta app and the GetUpside app.

    Is Fetch Rewards a scam?

    Nope, Fetch Rewards is not a scam. Fetch is a U.S.-based company and the app has more than 200K reviews with an average of 4.7 stars.

    How to contact Fetch Rewards customer service?

    You can contact Fetch through the app. In the main menu, click “Me”, then “Help Center”, then “Contact Us”.

    Does Fetch app have a promo code?

    Yes, the Fetch app promo code is the same thing as the Fetch app referral code. Click here to download the app and get up to 3,000 bonus points with our promo code.

    How much are Fetch Rewards points worth?

    1,000 points is equal to $1. So 500 points is 50¢ and 25,000 points is $25. You only need a minimum of 3,000 points to cash out.

    Does Fetch Rewards have any limits?

    Yes, receipts must be scanned within 2 weeks of purchase and you can only upload up to 14 receipts per week.

    How does the Fetch Rewards app make money?

    It’s not very clear, but according to Fetch’s privacy policy, Fetch may provide your personal information or shopping activity to third-parties. So Fetch Rewards may make money by selling your info.

    Download Fetch Rewards

    Get up to 3,000 bonus points for free after you upload your first receipt.

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