Easiest $300 Extra per Month You’ll Ever Make – [For Boston Drivers]

Imagine a $300 bonus hitting your bank account each month for doing nothing more than you already do.

This is what Carvertise is about. They want to pay Boston-area Rideshare and Delivery drivers like you to help them promote their advertising partners.

Here’s what I like about this passive income stream:

  • You have complete control over which companies advertise on your vehicle
  • Carvertise has partner wrap shops across the country, and you won’t need to pay anything to wrap your car or remove the decals at the end of the campaign. It’s 100% free.
  • Absolutely no damage to your car (Carvertise is legit — they’ve been in business nearly a decade)
  • You kinda get to look like a NASCAR driver

Overall, I think this is a very easy way to maximize your driving income. Join Carvertise here for free. (Say you heard about them from The RideShare Guy please.)

Not sure about it? Then read on! I’ll share our research and in-depth answers to the most common questions and concerns.

This post is sponsored by Carvertise but, as always, opinions are our own.

What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a car advertising company that has been around since 2012. Carvertise contracts with businesses who want to advertise with the car wrap method. From there, they reach out to drivers like you and me to get their cars wrapped for an advertising campaign.


As a driver, you can sign up on Carvertise to have your car wrapped. They will match you to a campaign in your area, tell you where to go to get your car wrapped for free, then as you drive you start to earn money.

Carvertise does need to know you’re actually driving, so you will need to drive! Tracking is simple; you just install their app on your phone.

You can also use one of our recommended mileage tracking apps to help you track your miles (good for tax time, too!)

Check out this video below from Carvertise on how it works:


How Do People Make Money with Carvertise?

Wrapping their cars, of course! It’s a simple application process to sign up, and from there you’re started on advertising campaigns.

The application process with Carvertise is a simple 3-step process.


For step one, you’ll fill in your personal information such as your name, email and phone number.


Next, you’ll input your car information, how you heard about Carvertise (yes, The Rideshare Guy is an option, and using this link will set you up with our referral code!) and a space for you to describe your driving routine.

Even if you don’t do rideshare driving, you can sign up as a Carvertise driver. People with commutes to and from the office may qualify for a campaign.


Finally, fill in your home city, your work city, average miles driven during the week and over the weekends and allow Carvertise to contact you. From there, you’ll be contacted by Carvertise if you meet their criteria and if there are any campaigns starting in your area that you qualify for.

Note: Drivers in Boston – Carvertise wants to work with you! If you drive in the Boston or surrounding area, you’ll definitely want to sign up with Carvertise here. You can start earning right away!


Some of you may be concerned about the wraps hurting the paint job on your vehicle. The decals used to wrap your car are OEM car paint safe and are installed and uninstalled by professionals, so you can trust that your car will be safe during the process.

How Much Can You Make with Carvertise?

According to the Carvertise website, you’ll get paid anywhere from about $100 a month to $300 a month, with a campaign paying out about $350 to $1500 for the duration of the campaign.

You are paid monthly via direct deposit. They do not send out checks. If you receive a check from someone claiming to be Carvertise, it is a scam.

Some drivers are worried they’ll be deactivated by Uber or Lyft if they use services like Carvertise to make more money.

Carvertise has thousands of rideshare/delivery drivers in active campaigns throughout the country – including Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart drivers. They also have insights when it comes to which airports allow advertising and which airports do not. So if you plan to drop off/pick up passengers at airports in your city, then it might be a good idea to ask Carvertise about the local policies.

Also, if you rent your car through Uber or Lyft, you are not allowed to advertise on those vehicles.

If you’re using your own personal vehicle, you should be allowed to do so and still work on those platforms. If you’re still not certain, consider contacting Uber or Lyft support to ask the question before signing up for Carvertise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Why Should You Sign Up With Carvertise?

1. Professionally done

There are no issues with getting your car messed up, it peels off cleanly and car wraps are put on and taken off by professionals. Plus, the wrap will be changed out for every campaign, so it shouldn’t start peeling away or looking unsightly before the campaign is over.

All costs handled by Carvertise too. They’ll never ask you to pay the wrap shop or ask you for a dime of your own money to work with them.

2. You pick the ads you want

No worries about putting ads on your car for companies you don’t like—you get to approve the ads before they’re put on your car! Keep in mind, available campaigns are based on businesses in your area that work with Carvertise.

One of our readers, Emily B, tells us that a campaign she was offered was for a Netflix TV show about racing. Not only did she receive $250 for the month, but she also received free codes for one month of free Netflix that should could pass out to people who asked about the car wrap – talk about an awesome way to get tips!

3. It’s free money for something you’re doing already

You’re already out driving, why not get paid more for no additional work? The only thing you would have to do is bring your car in to get it wrapped and be on your way. Then you just go about your regular life and get paid for using your car the way you’d normally use it anyway.

Should Drivers Sign Up With Carvertise? Yes!

We polled our followers on Twitter and found that 60.5% of those who voted would be interested in covering their car in order to earn up to $300 a month.

One person clarified with a response stating, “Depends what they’re advertising.”

This is perfect for Carvertise since you have the ability to say, “No” to a campaign if you don’t like the company it’s advertising or it doesn’t suit you in some way.

On Facebook, we had another poster state, “If I got paid good money for it then yeah.”

According to drivers who’ve used Carvertise, it can be worth it!

Carvertise user Uyvonne stated it only took two hours to have her car professionally wrapped, and the service was great. You will need a dent-free vehicle in order to have your car professionally wrapped, and once it’s done, it’s pure passive money.

Another user, Joshua, offers more information about using Carvertise. He mentions in addition to asking about the campaign (for the car wrap), you should ask about bonuses for the campaign. Not all bonuses are offered to drivers, so it pays to ask!

In summary, signing up with Carvertise is a no-brainer – especially for rideshare and delivery drivers. We’re already doing so much driving anyway, why not wrap our cars (temporarily, per campaign) and make extra money for no extra work?

Readers, what do you think? Would you be interested in earning an extra $300 a month for no additional work? You can get started with Carvertise here!

-Paula @ RSG