Wrapify Review 2024: Drivers Wrapify Experience

With Wrapify, you get connected to campaigns, and have your car professionally wrapped, and those campaigns pay you a certain amount monthly – all for doing what you already do: drive!

But what’s it really like, driving around with a Wrapify campaign ad on your car? Wrapify user Kendall T. shared his thoughts on what it’s like to sign up, qualify for a campaign, and how earnings stack up.

This article was sponsored by Wrapify, but all opinions are our own.

What Is Wrapify? 

Wrapify is a company that connects offline and online advertising channels by utilizing everyday drivers. They provide the ads and pay drivers to display them on their vehicles for extra cash. Drivers who run ads on their cars can earn an extra $200 – $300 on average per month.

The best part is that they prefer people who do a lot of driving in busy areas. That way their advertisements will make as many impressions as possible.

Wrapify has been around since 2015 and has partnered with brands like Zoom, Molson Coors, Amazon, and more.

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How Does Wrapify Work?

Wrapify provides advertisements in the form of durable wrap coverage that is easy to remove and won’t leave any damage on your vehicle. To get started, you’ll need to download their app and create a free driver account.

Wrapify just launched V1.12 of its app with user upgrades around the support experience, mile logging accuracy, and scheduling automation. They plan to launch V2.0 later this year.

Once the app is downloaded and you’re all set up, you run it in the background any time you drive. The app will record your miles and driving data.

After you record a few days’ worth of sample data (25 miles minimum), you will be eligible to receive campaign offers available in your area. It may take some time to get a campaign offer depending on where you live and the advertiser activity on the platform in that city. Driver pay varies depending on where you drive, how often you drive, and how big the advertisement is.

Requirements For Drivers

To be eligible for Wrapify, you must pass a background check and drive a 2010 vehicle or newer. Most vehicles are eligible, including:

  • Coupes
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Pick up trucks
  • Minivans

The vehicle also shouldn’t have any significant body or paint damage.

You must also be 21 years or older and have a clean driving record.

How Much Can Drivers Get Paid?

How much you can earn with Wrapify varies depending on the type of ad campaign you sign up for along with how often you drive.

Here are the different options and the estimated monthly payments:

  • Full coverage car wrap: Earn $264 to $452 per month on average
  • Partial coverage car wrap: Earn $196 to $280 per month
  • Lite coverage car wrap (covers a smaller section of your vehicle): $181 to $280 per month

Wrapify processes payments every other Friday. Payments usually make it to your bank via direct deposit on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Get Started with Wrapify

Where Is Wrapify Available?

Wrapify is available nationwide. They even partner with car wrap installers in your area so you won’t have to worry about correctly applying the advertisement to your car when you get approved for a campaign. You just need to make sure your vehicle is washed the night before dropping it off to be wrapped.

The company is regularly onboarding campaigns in several metro areas within the following states:

  • California
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Colorado
  • Virginia

And many, many more. Check out all the places Wrapify is available here!

Harry’s Wrapify Experience

Harry recently had his car wrapped to help advertise Curbivore and said the process was smooth and easy. Since Wrapify helps you put the car wrap on, all you have to do is take it to an installation shop in your area.

Harry’s car took about 4 to 5 hours to wrap, so he recommends that you drop it off on a day when you won’t need it. You’ll also need to make sure your car is completely clean so a $5 car wash beforehand is recommended. Wrapify will give you a free Uber ride too which is a nice bonus.

One downside Harry noted was that if you get a campaign that wraps your rear window, it can be difficult to see out of it. Other drivers we asked about Wrapify mentioned this as well, and as Harry mentioned, “Personally, I would prefer not to have the rear window wrapped, but everyone’s perspective is different.”

When asked, Wrapify stated this had not been a problem for the majority of drivers.

Take a look at the final result in his video below:


He also recommends that drivers look for longer campaigns that make the wrapping process worth it. If you have to drop your car off each month and lose a day of driving activity just to wrap it up, that can become tedious.

Some drivers we talked to about Wrapify also mentioned they had some issues taking a wrapped vehicle (advertising) for airport pick up and drop-offs, so make sure to check your airport’s rules and regulations for rideshare drivers before signing up with a Wrapify campaign.

Longer campaigns will help you earn more and also reduce the number of times you need to go to the installation shop.

The wrap comes off easily and when Harry took it back to the shop, he was in and out in just 15-20 minutes. You could probably even take the wrap off yourself if you’re the DIY type. There was a bit of a sticky residue on the car when the wrap came off and Wrapify said that this does happen occasionally. Normally, it’s gone after a car wash or two, but if not, they’ll cover detail for you to get it off.

Why Sign Up with Wrapify?

As you can see, there are several upsides to wrapping your car. You receive passive income while doing your regular commute or while delivering or driving for rideshare.

As Kendall shares, you can use the income to cover your gas expenses, insurance, and more. You can choose if you want to represent the company with an available campaign, so you’re in control. If you don’t agree with the company’s messaging or what they stand for, you can easily pass on that campaign and wait for the next.

Overall, signing up with Wrapify is free, and you can see what you think of it with absolutely no commitments up front. You can even try it out once, see if it works for you, and then go from there! Why not make extra money passively?

Summary: Wrapify is a Nice Way to Earn Extra Cash

Wrapify provides an easy way for you to make every mile count and extra money when you drive your car. If you’re a rideshare driver, you can enjoy the extra cash to cover expenses like your car payment or increased gas prices.

Even if you aren’t logged into a rideshare app, Wrapify will still pay you for the miles you drive when you’re running errands, shopping, etc. Since they are widely available and easy to use, it’s definitely worth a try.

The only potential downside would be if you don’t like the look of your car wrapped in ads. This is why it’s best to wait for the right campaign and choose your brand advertiser accordingly.

Get Started with Wrapify

What was it like finding campaigns on Wrapify? 

Campaigns come along every now and then, it always feels so exhilarating when the opportunity to do a new car wrap pops up! It’s so fun to see which company the wrap will be for, what type of wrap it will be (full or partial), and the amount they are compensating! The wraps always look so crisp and probably even makes my car look even nicer than it actually is.

To be eligible for Wrapify, you must pass a background check and drive a 2010 vehicle or newer. Most vehicles are eligible, including:

  • Coupes
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Pick up trucks
  • Minivans

The vehicle also shouldn’t have any significant body or paint damage.

You must also be 21 years or older and have a clean driving record.

Here are the different options and the estimated monthly payments:

  • Full coverage car wrap: Earn $264 to $452 per month on average
  • Partial coverage car wrap: Earn $196 to $280 per month
  • Lite coverage car wrap (covers a smaller section of your vehicle): $181 to $280 per month

How easy was the wrapping process? 

The wrapping process is super simple. You schedule on the app, they offer a variety of different days and times for convenience. You drop your car off at one of the designated locations, and then you pick it up a few hours later.

Wrapify also compensates for travel, so you don’t have to sit and wait and you can go about your day or spend some time in the city.

See Harry get his car wrapped here:


What types of campaigns can you expect?

I have done several campaigns for several different companies. The campaign varies by the type of wrap you receive.

Some campaigns will wrap the entirety of your car, others will do a partial wrap of just the sides. I always look up the company that I advertise for and learn a lot of neat things.

I have advertised for Brex, which does credit cards among other business-related things, I’ve advertised for Clover, which does insurance, and even for Amazon advertising for work opportunities!

Fun fact: If you drive approximately 50 miles or more on average, Wrapify is a great opportunity for you to earn! Wrapify is available almost anywhere, not just major cities.

How long do campaigns last?

Based on my experience, the campaigns consistently go for 3 months; however, I have been on multiple campaigns that extend the campaign time, allowing me to earn even more money!

Fun fact: Campaigns usually last around 4-12 weeks and brands can choose to extend the campaign, earning you even more.

How much can you earn with Wrapify?

Earnings typically depend on whether it’s a full wrap or a partial. Either way, you’re making money just driving your normal routine routes.

The full wraps tend to pay more, but it also depends on the company. The current campaign I’m on pays about $41 a week, plus the potential to earn a little extra in key areas.

There are also opportunities to do meet-ups with photographers that pay $50 to $100, and SWARM events that pay $50 to $100 by the hour, which is great compensation for us drivers.

The SWARM events are also really neat because multiple drivers get together and drive the same route, and you’ll see a handful of other people with the same wrap. I always try to give them a little honk to see if they notice me!

Apply for Wrapify by downloading their app and creating a free driver account!

Overall thoughts on the Wrapify experience

I love it! For me, it’s purely logical. I drive DoorDash as a side hustle, so I drive frequently, this benefits both my earnings and the exposure to the company I’m advertising for. To me, it’s a clear win-win!

The customer service is second to none. They always help me, and answer questions when they arise. They are prompt, and I have been very satisfied with their help.

Using Wrapify to earn extra money for very little extra work has made a huge impact on my life. It easily pays the monthly insurance cost for my car. It also compensated me enough to the point it helped me pay off my other car.

Now, with gas prices being so high, it has been a clear must for when I do DoorDash as I blow through gas regularly. It just makes clear sense to do it as a driver.

And I feel advertisers and other rideshare drivers feel the same way. Whether you’re Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Grubhub, or even if you just have a long commute to work, it just makes sense for us to do. I mean, we’re driving anyways, why not make money while we do it? It also has definitely boosted the earnings to my side hustle!

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