Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Gig Workers – 23 Plans Compared

Most people think that paying gas expenses is the only thing they’ll have to spend from their pockets in the rideshare sector.

However, if you want to become a driver on Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare portal, you’ll also need a reliable cell phone plan. Unfortunately, we have yet to come across a driver who has not faced any difficulties on the job because of this necessity.

While many cheap cell phone plans are available, not all of them will match your network and coverage needs. To make things easier for you, here’s a detailed overview of the cheap cell phone plans available in the US to make your decision in no time.

How Much Data Do Rideshare Drivers Need?

When looking to purchase cheap cell phone plans, you should check every option to make the best choice. However, before comparing the price, you should assess whether the package delivers your requirements as a rideshare driver.

We know what you’re thinking. Unfortunately, you will need an unlimited data plan to continue using rideshare apps for 12+ hours a day. Luckily, that’s not the case.

Companies such as Uber claim that their drivers need only around 3GB of data every month. Still, you could fall into big trouble if you run out of data in the middle of nowhere. That’s why it is better to invest in an unlimited plan.

Besides that, you should also know that you won’t be using the data solely for your ridesharing gigs. Instead, you may listen to music while driving and stay in touch with your loved ones.

Also, you should remember that most mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs slow your data speed down once you exceed a specific limit in an unlimited plan. This way, if you purchase a plan with 3G data, you won’t be able to navigate unfamiliar territories when your internet slows down to 2G.

Dedicating an individual phone for your gig jobs is a good idea in this case. It can help you save your data from getting wasted on unnecessary apps and downloads. In addition, your unlimited data plan can easily last you the entire month.

What About Coverage?

Besides the data limit, network coverage is also crucial to assess before purchasing a plan. If the MVNO of your choice does not provide ample coverage, your data package won’t be of much use.

Ultimately, this could lead to problems reaching your passenger or locating drop-off points. However, coverage often depends network to network and on your area.

Usually, a coverage map is provided on their official website. This shows where their services are available easily and where you can expect to get fewer bars.

Moreover, the wider the coverage area, the more efficient the data plan. Check this map before investing in an expensive unlimited plan to avoid displeasing your clients or getting lost in a remote location.

Should you get the cheapest plan?

If you’re planning to take up ridesharing gigs permanently, you should consider the price factor. Naturally, you don’t want to waste your profits on your monthly phone bills, so you should choose from cheap phone plans available with the best services.

However, when disclosing the actual price of phone plans, service providers can get quite malicious. So while the initial cost is mentioned with every data plan, there are hidden costs and limitations you should know about so that you don’t face any inconvenience during operation.

For example, if you buy a dedicated device with your phone plan, the free device can come with a hidden cost.

Furthermore, the chances are that the unlimited phone plan you choose isn’t precisely unlimited.

Instead, network providers advertise low-priced data but charge you for exceeding your limit or failing to sign a long-term contract with the company. This way, you might expect to be charged a certain amount by the end of the month, but you’ll burn a larger hole in your pocket instead.

Which Provider Offers The Cheapest Plans for Rideshare Drivers?

Now that you know the features and aspects, you should assess them before purchasing cheap phone plans. Here’s a list of the most popular mobile service providers in the US with details about their cheap phone plans and coverage so you can pick the right option.

Company Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan Price
T-Mobile $90-$120/mo
MetroByt Mobile $30/mo
Xfinity $35/mo
Good2Go Mobile $12.50/mo
Verizon $70/mo
CircledIn Varies
StraightTalk $55/mo
Mint $30/mo
AT&T $85/mo
Cricket Wireless $50/mo
Google Fi $70/mo
PureTalk $45/mo
Visible $40/mo, $25/mo as Gridwise member
Tello $14/mo
USMoblie $30/mo
Consumer Cellular $55/mo
RedPocket $50/mo
Republic Wireless $60/mo
Total Wireless $35/mo
Tracfone $40/mo
Ting $45/mo
BoostMobile $50/mo
Twigby $17.50/mo for first 6 months, then $35/mo

1. T-Mobile

One of the most popular mobile networks in the US, T-Mobile, offers some of the most attractive cheap phone plans for rideshare drivers. If you’re looking for unlimited plans, its Essentials plan for $90-$120 gives you 5G access with unlimited text and talk.

Besides that, you’ll get 3G hotspot data and 50GB premium data, and autopay integration.

2. MetroByt Mobile

MetroByt Mobile brings some of the best unlimited plans for rideshare drivers for cheap phone plans. Its cheapest unlimited plan will cost you only $30/mo.

With access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, the plan provides unlimited 5G data. Besides that, you’ll get a Google One and Amazon Prime membership.

3. Xfinity

Xfinity is a popular MVNO that provides 5G services using Verizon’s mobile network. You can choose from two different plans from this provider, the Unlimited and By the Gig plans.

Its Unlimited plan provides reliable cellular service and 5G data for $45 per month. But, you can face slow speeds after using up to 20GB of data.

4. Good2Go Mobile

Good2Go Mobile also provides T-Mobile’s 5G network if you have a compatible device. Its cheapest unlimited data plan costs around $12.50 and provides 6GB of LTE data with unlimited talk and text.

5. Verizon

Verizon is a go-to MVNO for most rideshare drivers that operate on its network and provide a variety of phone plans. So if you’re looking for reliable coverage, Verizon is the provider you should go for.

However, the network is quite expensive, and its unlimited plan for a single line costs up to $70. But, if you purchase five lines, you’ll pay only $50 per line every month.

6. CircledIn

CircledIn is a unique platform where rideshare drivers can share their phone plans and get unlimited data with maximum perks. All you have to do is create an account and register the members of your circle to purchase a plan together. You can even join a public circle on the platform and pitch in for a plan of your choice.

7. StraightTalk

StraightTalk is a straightforward network provider that does not require any contract-based agreement from its users. Although you have to pay upfront, you can get a 5GB plan for only $35 per month, unlike other network providers.

If you go for its basic unlimited plan, you’ll get 5GB at high speeds for $55 per month with hotspot data and Nationwide talk and text.

8. Mint Mobile

Mint provides some of the cheapest phone plans for rideshare drivers with ease and simplicity. For example, an MVNO uses T-Mobile’s network and provides three-month 4GB plans for around $15.

If you’re looking for good coverage with unlimited data, you can get a plan for around $30. However, your phone needs to be unlocked while using Mint, so you won’t be able to use your current device.

9. AT&T

AT&T is not precisely known for its cheap phone plans. Nevertheless, the company has excellent network coverage across the US with flexible unlimited data plans that might work for you.

Its Unlimited Elite plan, ideal for rideshare drivers, includes 100GBs with 5G access, unlimited talk and text, HD streaming, and talk and text to Canada and Mexico. This plan will cost you around $85 per month.

10. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is another popular mobile network provider offering its cheapest unlimited plan for only $50. With unlimited data, you will get SD streaming and talk and text to Mexico and Canada.

However, most of the services on this network require a compatible device, and it also tends to slow speeds down after you cross a specific limit.

11. Google Fi

Google Fi is one of the most efficient MVNOs with sustainable phone plans for gig workers. You can purchase its unlimited plan for $70 without signing any contract with the company.

Its unlimited plan includes high-speed data up to 22GB with 480p video streaming. Besides that, you can get free calls from up to 50+ countries and free data abroad.

12. PureTalk

If you go for PureTalk, you can get an unlimited plan for only $20 if you purchase two or more lines with 2G internet access. However, if you need a single line with faster internet access, you’ll have to pay $25 for 4G unlimited internet.

13. Visible

Powered by Verizon, Visible is a reliable MVNO with ample coverage and cheap packages. For example, you can purchase its unlimited data plan for $40, including calls to Mexico and Canada.

Or, you can join its network of users on Gridwise to share your unlimited plan and pay only $25 per month.

14. Tello

Tello is another network provider that offers cheap data plans but has coverage issues throughout the country. If the network works well in your area, you can get its unlimited plan for $14.

In this plan, you’ll get 25GB of high-speed 4G data, after which you’ll face slow speeds. Also, you’ll get free calls to more than 60 countries.

Read our Tello Mobile review.

15. USmobile

USMobile offers unlimited talk and text and 30GB of data for only $30. The best part about this network is its customization. You can create a plan according to your convenience and receive a quote from the portal. Also, you can invest with a group and get shared data for only $2 per GB.

16. Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is a reliable option for drivers looking for good coverage. However, its unlimited data plan comes with a price tag of $55, excluding tax and autopay fees. You’ll get unlimited talk and text with your data plan, but you may face slow speeds after using around 50GB.

17. RedPocket

On RedPocket, you can get a 100GB data package for $50 per month with unlimited talk and text. However, while this plan offers unlimited 5G data, you will face slower speeds after exhausting the 100GB limit.

If you only want to use your plan for gigs, you can purchase their data-only plan of 20GB for $40 per month.

18. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a network provider with reliable coverage and no contract-based plans. Their unlimited data plan costs $60. Along with fast 5G data, you will also get unlimited talk and text, international texting, and a 10GB hotspot.

19. Total Wireless

Total Wireless offers unlimited 5G data for $35 per month. You don’t have to join the network on a contract basis and can cancel your plan any time you like. However, once you reach the limit of 50GBs, you’ll get only 2G data for the rest of the month.

20. Tracfone

Tracfone is another reliable platform that offers unlimited data plans without any contracts. For example, you can get unlimited 5G data with talk and text for $40 per month.

21. Ting

Ting is one of the cheapest mobile networks, with reliable coverage and minimal hidden costs. You can get its unlimited data plan for $45 with 5G LTE data and a 12 GB hotspot.

Even if you purchase its limited data plans costing $35 for 12GB and $25 for 5GB, you can top up your data for $5. However, once you exhaust your limit on a limited data plan, your speeds will be reduced to 2G.

22. BoostMobile

BoostMobile offers an unlimited data plan for gig workers billed at $50 per month. The network provides good coverage, but your 5G speed will be reduced to 2G once you cross its 35 GB limit.

23. Twigby

If you want to purchase a data plan solely for your gigs and ridesharing activities, Twigby is an excellent option. You can get its 10GB plan for only $17.50 with unlimited talk and text for the first six months, then pay $35 every month.

Once you exhaust your limit, you can still enjoy 2G unlimited data, enough for rideshare drivers. Also, you can customize a plan according to your needs on the platform and get a quote immediately.


If you’re working for a rideshare company or aspiring to become a gig worker you should look out for cheap cell phone plans. However, when looking for the right unlimited plan, make sure you don’t let the price tags deceive you.

Check for any contract-based conditions, hidden costs, and limitations to see if the mentioned cost is justified or not. Also, compare the services offered by each network or MVNO to see which one offers the best deal before making your purchase.

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