7 Best Car Mounts For iPhone Users According To Uber Drivers

If you want to mount your phone in an easy to use and convenient way while driving, look no further than a phone mount for your car’s dashboard.

If you want to see your iPhone GPS easier, or you want to change songs playing from your phone faster, then a car mount for your iPhone can help you out by holding your phone in plain view – front and center.

Most of the best phone mounts for iPhone offer you a choice to swivel the device, so you can even get multiple viewing angles.

Ready to check out the best car mounts for iPhone? Here’s the best 7.

1.) WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

The WizGear Magnetic Mount is a universal phone holder that can hold all models of iPhone. You’ll find that it is quite easy to use because of the simplistic design. In addition to that, the rubber base construction is quite sturdy and strong. This ensures that the phone remains in place no matter how bumpy the road ahead is!

Furthermore, the mount allows you to swivel as well as rotate your smartphone. So, you can look at the map or browse through your playlist as you drive. Lastly, the swift snap technology allows you to quickly snap it on and off the vent.


  1. Strong and sturdy
  2. Allows you to rotate or swivel the iPhone
  3. Easy to use
  4. Quick to install


  1. Doesn’t allow wireless charging
  2. The phone blocks the vents

Verdict: All in all, the WizGear Mount is best for iPhones as it is easy to use and will never let your phone fall.

2.) Mpow Car Phone Mount

Mpow Car Phone Mount ensures a secure mount for all your iPhone devices. The ultra-sticky pad ensures that your phone mount remains secure on your dashboard. Furthermore, the extendable arm can extend and can even swivel in all directions to allow you for better viewing.

However, if you want to fix the arm, you can do so with the arm lock. The mount comes with padded protection from all sides and a quick release button will ensure you can grab your phone and head your way.


  1. Phone remains secure
  2. Able to extend and rotate your iPhone
  3. All-around padded protection
  4. Quick release system


  1. Does not stick to a textured dashboard
  2. Shallow cradle

Verdict: The Mpow car mount is perfect for those looking for an adjustable mount that will keep their phones protected as well as safe.

3.) CAW.CAR Universal Magnetic Car Mount

The CAW.CAR Universal Magnetic Mount can suit any iPhone or GPS, but it is perhaps best suited for iPhones. The ultra-strong magnet ensures that your phone remains stable, plus it’s quite easy to install. In addition, you need only one hand and one second.

The mount also allows you to rotate your device at any angle for easier viewing. You can even stick it on your steering wheel and talk without earphones.  Lastly, the adhesive magnetic discs can be adjusted on the cover or the iPhone itself.


  1. Ensures superior stability.
  2. Allows viewing from all angles.
  3. Stick it anywhere on the dashboard.
  4. Can be installed with one hand.


  1. Doesn’t allow to use a wireless charger.
  2. Cannot stick to textured dashboards.

Verdict: In conclusion, the CAW.car mount will always keep your phone secure and in view! Additionally, it is ideal for all iPhone users who wish for a little more stability for their phone.

4.) EXSHOW Car Mount

The Exshow is one of the best car mount for iPhone because it is truly a universal car mount as it can stick on any surface, from windshields to textured dashboards. In addition, the long arm has a flexible base that allows you to reach your phone easily. Furthermore, a quick release button ensures you can single handed operate the unit.

The two-layered design on the suction cup ensures that you can stick it strongly at all temperatures. Moreover, it ensures you can swivel and move your device 360 degrees. Also, the shock absorbing pads ensure your phone always is secure.


  1. Sticks anywhere in your car.
  2. Strong suction.
  3. Shock absorbers to keep your phone safe.
  4. Swivels in all directions.


  1. Harder to take the phone out.
  2. It takes a lot of space for smaller cars.

Verdict: All in all, the EXshow Car mount can fit anywhere in your car and will ensure that your phone is in your sight at all times!

5.) Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Mount

If you’re looking for something different, the then Koomus iPhone Mount is for you! This phone mount actually installs on the CD slot. It is cradle-less so it takes up lesser space in your car. Further, the mounting system is quick and easy. Just snap your phone on the magnet.

The device is full rotatable to about 360 degrees. It is compatible with all iPhone models, however, for the iPhone X, you might need a smartphone case.


  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. One hand mounting.
  3. Rotates to 360 degrees.
  4. Compatible with all iPhone models.


  1. The mount doesn’t fit all the way inside so it tends to wobble.
  2. Not every car has a CD player.

Verdict: The Koomus Pro is the perfect and most secure mounting device. You can easily mount your iPhone with a single hand. It’s ease of use is what has made it so popular.

6.) iOttie Easy One Touch Car Phone Mount Holder for iPhone

The iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount includes a permanent disc and a suction cup which you can place on either your windshield or your dashboard. This ensures a secure and smooth hold. The telescopic arm included easily extends and is able to pivot as well. This allows you to place your device in a number of different positions.

Also included is a one-touch mounting and release. Since it has no cradle, there are no size limits to the magnet. As long as the weight is not too heavy, the iOttie will surely keep your phone secure.


  1. Allows you to rotate iPhone in various positions.
  2. Can be placed in windshield and dashboard.
  3. No size limits.
  4. Provides better suction.


  1. The foot at the bottom isn’t as useful.
  2. Charging cable cannot be put anywhere.

Verdict: iOttie Mount is quite suitable for those who want a clear view of their phone without worrying about it falling off. You can rest assured your iPhone will stay safe and secure!

7.) VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder

The Vava Magnetic iPhone Holder comes with a strong magnet that is sure to lock down your phone so you can see it clearly. The super strong magnet can actually support devices up to 3 kg. Furthermore, the sticker offers a secure and tight hold.

You can operate it with a single hand. What’s more is that it works seamlessly with all kinds of phones. Plus, the mounting device allows you to view the phone from all angles.


  1. No sticky residue from the stickers.
  2. Compatible with all phones including iPhones.
  3. You can view your phone from all possible angles.
  4. Includes a super strong magnet.


  1. Doesn’t work with thick phone cases.
  2. Not compatible with absolutely flat surfaces.

Verdict: The Vava Magnetic Holder’s strong magnet will ensure that you have your phone right where you can see it!

Final Words

All in all, a magnetic or clamped iPhone holder is essential when you want to keep your phone in plain view while driving.

These best car mounts for iPhone will hold your phone securely; and with a fragile and expensive phone like an iPhone, it’s worth investing in the best iPhone car phone mount.