DoorDash Delivery Expands to Alcohol: What Drivers Need to Know

In an effort to compete against Uber, which recently acquired alcohol delivery service Drizly, DoorDash recently announced they would be expanding their alcohol delivery service, too. RSG contributor Jeffrey Fike shares what you need to know before you start delivering alcohol with DoorDash.

While driving for DoorDash you may receive orders that contain, or are exclusively alcohol. This should be a good thing, as alcohol, in general, is high-priced, and is also generally very well tipped (think about your favorite bartender).

Quick Summary:

DoorDash teased drivers with alcohol certification a few months back and has now started refining desired outcomes, steps, and cautions. Hopefully, this delivery trend continues to tick upwards and reaches all drivers who wish to participate quickly.

Here are some helpful links about delivering alcohol on the DoorDash platform:

Delivering Alcohol Guidelines

Alcohol Order Navigation

Doordash New Features

There are a few things to be aware of before starting these deliveries. For starters, you will need to pass DoorDash’s certification. It’s a free online course you’ll need to take and pass.

You’ll also need to have your ID on you and be at least 21 years old to pick up these orders.

While doing these deliveries, keep in mind the steps DoorDash has put in place for everyone’s safety. You will need to adhere to not just DoorDash’s guidelines, but your local/state laws as well. Some of these include looking for signs of intoxication and being aware of restricted locations where alcohol delivery is prohibited.

Unlike other alcohol delivery services, in many cases, the Dasher will not have to scan an ID. Instead, they will simply have to just check that the customer you’re handing the order to matches a picture sent in the app.

There will be times when you will need to confirm the identity by scanning the customer’s ID. The app will alert you to this.

There are a few concerns, however. Now that this feature—previously just a blip on the radar—is being dangled like a carrot, Dashers should make sure they are getting said carrot – and not the stick.

Particularly concerning is no deliveries to college campuses. Also concerning is the fact that in the image above showing how to scan a customer’s ID, they used McLovin’s ID from the movie Superbad—a known FAKE ID, but maybe that was just a little inside joke to those of us old enough to remember.

Back to the topic at hand. One obvious question is what about off-campus University housing? And how will canceled deliveries be handled? Will the dasher receive ½ pay as with closed restaurants?

Does the dasher return alcohol to the point of sale? If so, are they compensated for time in some way? What about delivery destinations that fall in a gray area—near a business that serves alcohol, but not the business itself?

Drivers need answers, so I contacted DoorDash support, and here’s the deal:

Any non-completed deliveries will be returned to the merchant, with the dasher receiving full payment for the delivery plus half pay for the return trip to the merchant. Off-Campus means off-campus university guidelines specific to campus.

So, it appears that all bases are covered. In closing, watch for orders containing alcohol as they could be a great earning opportunity.

Stay safe and follow all the precautions outlined by DoorDash, as well as any local to your area. And, I’d like to say “Bottoms Up!” but only if you’re not out driving.

Have you completed any alcohol deliveries for DoorDash? What was your experience like?

-Jeffrey @ RSG