Dosh Referral Code “KAMIKAS2” Gets You The BIGGEST Bonus

Earn cash back automatically from thousands of stores, restaurants, and hotels. Click here to download the Dosh app and get a sign up bonus by using our Dosh referral code, KAMIKAS2.

Does Dosh currently offer a referral code?

Yes, you can use Dosh referral code “KAMIKAS2” to get the biggest sign-up bonus available, plus extra deep savings on your everyday purchases.

After you sign up, you can find your own unique Dosh referral code in the app by clicking the “Refer” button, then share your code with your family and friends and earn money when they sign up.

Download Dosh

Sign up bonus included

How to add your referral code in the Dosh app

After downloading Dosh, you only have 48 hours to enter a Dosh referral code to get your sign up bonus. After 48 hours have passed, you will no longer be able to enter a referral code.

There is a few ways to add a Dosh referrer code to your account:

  1. If you use a Dosh referral link then you don’t need to enter a referral code.
  2. If you don’t use a link, or the referral code did not apply for some reason, you will be prompted to enter a referral code when you’re creating an an account. You can enter the referral code “KAMIKAS2”.
  3. Another way to enter a Dosh referral code is to click the menu bar and then select “add referral code”. If you don’t see this option then you’ve already added a referral code.
  4. The last way to enter a Dosh referral code is by clicking the “Refer” tab in the Dosh app, and entering the referral code there.

If you sign-up through a referral link like this one, then the referral code automatically applies to your account, so you won’t need to enter one.

You can confirm that a referral code has been added to your Dosh account by clicking on the main menu or the Refer button. If you don’t see an option to enter a referral code, then it’s already been applied.

After you link and verify your credit card, you will see your sign up bonus credit available in the top right corner of the app.

Dosh Sign Up Bonus

The Dosh Sign Up Bonus is for every new user. You can use the Dosh referral code KAMIKAS2 to get the sign up bonus or click this Dosh referral link. Sometimes Dosh runs promotions and increases the sign up bonus for a limited time.

After you download the app, just connect your credit or debit card and verify it to get your Dosh sign up bonus. It’s a super easy way to get a free sign up bonus, plus you’ll get even more cash back when you start using the app.

How to get the Dosh sign up bonus:

  • Sign up using this Dosh Referral Link
  • Link and verify your credit card and you’ll earn the sign up bonus
  • If you don’t see your bonus, add the Dosh Referral Code KAMIKAS2 to your account within 48 hours of signing up, then link and verify your credit card

Dosh Referral Program

Dosh has a great referral program. After you sign up for Dosh, click the Refer button in the app. On the refer screen, you’ll see your own unique Dosh referral code which you can share with friends and family.

If they sign up using your referral link or referral code, you’ll both get a sign up bonus after your referral links a credit or debit card.

Download Dosh

Sign up bonus included

What is the Dosh App?

Dosh means money in British culture, and the Dosh app is a free cash back app that automatically earns you money for doing things like shopping, dining out, and booking hotels and travel experiences. The Dosh app is one of the best cash back apps. Dosh partners with thousands of merchants and brands nationwide, online and offline.

The good thing about Dosh is that you get cash back automatically. You don’t need to cut coupons, scan receipts, or remember discount codes. The Dosh app securely connects to your debit or credit card, finds deals, and automatically put cash into your Dosh Wallet.

There’s already many apps that give you cash back. Just check out our Freebird app reviews or Fetch Rewards referral codes articles to learn about a couple of other cash back apps.

But Dosh is definitely one of the top 5 best cash back apps, up there with Ibotta, Freebird, GetUpside, and Fetch. People like me enjoy using this app because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to upload any receipts.

Plus, there’s a good referral program and you get a sign up bonus when you use the Dosh referral codes KAMIKAS2.

Download Dosh app

Click here to download Dosh for your iPhone or Google phone. You’ll also get a sign up bonus by using that link.

Or you can search for “Dosh” in your phones app store and download it that way. Then enter the Dosh referral code “KAMIKAS2” to get a sign up bonus.

After you download Dosh, you’ll get cash back on your everyday purchases without having to scan any receipts like other apps. Dosh is an easy way to save money and it’s completely free to use.

How to register for Dosh app

Signing up for Dosh is easy. Just click this link to get started. Your Dosh referral code will automatically be applies.

Then link and verify one of your credit cards to get a sign up bonus. The app will automatically give you cash back for shopping at one of its partner stores.

How to get Dosh cash back

You don’t need to do anything to get cash back with Dosh. That’s the beauty of it. Unlike other apps that require you to scan receipts or jump through hurdles, the Dosh app quietly works in the background and gives you cash back when it notices you’ve made a purchase at a participating store.

Dosh app benefits

  • Get cashback on your purchases using the Dosh app
  • You don’t need to upload or scan any receipts like you do with GetUpside, as we covered in our GetUpside promo code article
  • Using Dosh is one of the easiest ways to save money
  • The Dosh app is free to download and use
  • You can use a Dosh referral code to get a sign up bonus, just like you can with this Ibotta promo code

Download Dosh

Sign up bonus included

How to use Dosh

Dosh is one of the easiest cash back apps to use. All you have to do is download the app, link your credit card(s), and that’s it.

Dosh will automatically check your purchases to see if you’ve shopped or dined at a participating location and cash will automatically be added to your account, which you can cash out whenever you want.

How does the Dosh app work?

Dosh is super simple to use and you barely need to do any work. Here’s how Dosh works:

  1. Download the app and add your Dosh referral code
  2. Connect any of your credit or debit cards
  3. Shop and dine out at 1000’s of stores, restaurants, and hotels
  4. Get cash back automatically added to your account, up to 10% or more for each purchase
  5. Cash out your earnings to your bank or PayPal

Dosh Stores & Merchants (list)

Dosh partners with 1000s of participating stores to bring you great deals and cash back offers. In fact, there’s too many stores to list here. You’ll have to download the app to see all of them.

Here’s a list of just a few of the stores that Dosh partners with:

  • Sam’s Club
  • JCPenney
  • Denny’s
  • Forever 21
  • Pizza Hut
  • Sephora

Here’s some examples of the types of offers available in the Dosh app:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 4% cash back
  • Pizza Hut – 3% cash back
  • Pier 1 Imports – 5% cash back
  • Kroger – 5% cash back
  • Sam’s Club Membership – $20 cash back

There’s many more online and off-line stores, hotels and restaurants to choose from in the app, and new ones are being added all the time.

Dosh Hotels

You can use the referral code for Dosh app to get up to 40% back on over 60,000 hotels around the world. This is perfect if you travel a lot, whether it’s for business or pleasure. So if your work requires you to travel a lot, why not get cash back at the same time? Plus, you’ll also get cash back when you shop at stores and eat at restaurants around your hotel.

Download Dosh

Sign up bonus included

Dosh Review

The great thing about referral codes like Dosh is that you get paid for doing something you already do. In this case, you get paid for shopping and dining at 1000’s of stores, restaurants, and hotels and you can get up to 10% cash back for each purchase. The best part is you don’t even need to think about it, just connect your card, forget about it, and cash out when you want to.

Is Dosh a scam?

Nope, Dosh is not a scam. Dosh is legit US based company with an office in Austin TX. Dosh is serious about safety and security and takes many steps to protect your data and personal information. The Dosh app has more than a hundred thousand reviews in the app stores with a 4.5 average rating.

Is the Dosh app safe?

Yes, the referral code for the Dosh app is safe to use. Dosh uses bank-level security and the company is serious about your safety. Here’s some of the Dosh apps safety and security features:

  • SSL Encryption: 256-bit encryption to make sure your information is protected
  • Data Safety: Dosh app doesn’t store any credit or bank info. All bank information is secured using Plaid.
  • Anonymity: Dosh confirmed that they don’t sell any personally identifiable information to third parties.
  • Account Authentication: Dosh uses multi-factor and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized users.

All of this information is available on their website.

Is Dosh legit?

Yes, the Dosh app is legit. Dosh is a U.S. based company and their office is in Austin, TX. The Dosh app has 4.7 stars on the Apple app store out of 100k reviews, and 4.5 stars on the Google play store out of 40k reviews.

The Dosh apps connects to your credit or debit card using bank level security, so you don’t need to worry about someone stealing your information.

I’ve already cashed out from Dosh multiple times, and there’s plenty of other users that have been cashing out and using the Dosh referral code since Dosh launched over 2 years ago, so Dosh is definitely 100% legitimate.

Download Dosh

Sign up bonus included

Dosh FAQ

What is the Dosh referral code?

Use Dosh referral code “KAMIKAS2” gets you a sign up bonus after you download the Dosh app and enter this referral code, and you’ll automatically start earning cash back by using Dosh.

How does Dosh make money?

Dosh makes money when businesses choose to advertise on the Dosh app. These businesses pay Dosh to get more customers in the door, and Dosh uses it’s technology to prove to these businesses that the app is leading to more customers.

Is Dosh a legit app?

Dosh is a legit, Austin, TX based company and the Dosh app has more than 4.5 stars out of more than 140k reviews on the Apple and Google app stores. I use the Dosh app often and can say for certain that it’s legit.

Is Dosh app free?

The Dosh app is completely free to use. All you have to do is link your credit card and you’ll automatically start receiving cash back in your account automatically and for free, without doing anything extra.

What is the catch with Dosh app?

The Dosh app has no catch. You earn money automatically when you shop at stores, restaurants, and hotels that Dosh partners with. You don’t need to pay anything or do anything extra to use Dosh, so there’s no reason not to use it.

Why do I need to connect my credit card to Dosh?

The benefit of using Dosh is that you don’t need to scan any barcodes or upload any receipts. Dosh connects to your credit card and automatically scans your transactions to see if you made any purchases from stores that they partner with. When you make a transaction, you earn cash back.

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