Espin Sport Review: A Snazzy, Effective Option for Delivery Drivers

For many people, especially in the United States, having a car makes more sense than having a bike to get around. Distance, accessibility, and safety are all primary reasons most Americans shy away from bikes and toward cars.

However, electric bikes are flipping this script. They’re simple to ride, sturdy, easy to assemble and popular models like the Espin Sport can go up to 20 miles per hour.

If you’re a delivery driver, an electric bike could be just the thing you need to be fully mobile without needing a car. You won’t have to worry about gas, maintenance, or even parking fees if you live in a big city.

Quick Summary: 

  • The Espin Sport ebike allows you to ride up to 20mph. 
  • With a max range of 50 miles, you can drive this bike for hours before needing to charge.
  • The electronics are safe to use if it starts raining, so you can keep riding in any weather.

Espin Sport Specs

The Espin Sport is an electronic bike with nice specs and a mountain bike frame, which makes it ideal for urban environments as well as some trail riding. The bike is just like other bikes and only has a few components to outline the differences from a regular bike. Those parts are a controller, display, motor, and battery.

There are currently two options for bike color: cobalt blue or black.


The brakes on the bike might be a bit different from what you’re used to. eSpin Sport bikes come with hydraulic disc brakes with two pistons.

The bike also includes an LED light on the front to make night riding a little easier and also make you more noticeable for others on the road.

Display Screen

Display screens aren’t for cars anymore! When you are ready to ride, you can turn the bike screen on and it will display info like the odometer, trip distance, time, battery, and speed listed for you, if you choose.

You can also see the pedal assist, your average speed, and max speed during your ride. The bike also includes fenders and a rear rack to help carry items. It’s suggested that riders should be between 5’6”-6’4” and weigh no more than 275 pounds.

Motor and Battery

The bike has a 500-watt motor and has a peak output of 800 watts nominal. The battery voltage is 48, with the battery watt-hours is 653wh. The battery can either be charged while still attached to the bike, or it can also be removed and charged in your home.

When storing your battery, try to keep it around room temperature, about 68 degrees. When storing the battery, if you let it fall below 41 degrees, it could be less than a day before it causes severe damage to the battery. If you live in an area that gets cold winters, you can always remove the battery from your bike, bring it inside and then store your bike in the garage.

The battery charge time is about 6 hours. The bike also includes a 55-lb capacity rack on the back to help carry things like insulated bags for completing deliveries. Riders can also customize their bike and add a front rack to carry even more things.

Bikes will arrive 95% assembled and only takes around an average of 15 minutes to finish putting it together.


All Espin e-bikes will arrive with a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Free shipping is available to the lower 48 US states. Most ebike users can get the bike delivered to their door for no extra shipping charge (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!).

The bike is one of Espin’s most popular selections. At the time of writing this article, the black color option is currently sold out.

Out of the 5 bikes available on their site, the Sport retails for $1,629. Espin does partner with Klarna to provide a financing option. If you went this route, you would pay $63.71 a month for 2 years with 0% APR.

What Does the Espin Sport Look Like in Action?

Espin describes the Sport as a sturdy, stylish, and comfortable bike. It’s a strong enough bike to be able to ride on hills, trails, or pavement with no problems.

Check out the video below to see the ESpin in action!

The bike has a minimum riding range of 30 miles and a maximum of 50 miles. The bike should just need a basic tuneup when it reaches 100 miles. One of the most important regular checks you should be making is the tire pressure to ensure a smooth ride.

Electrical Components That Come In Handy During Your Ride

The electrical components should need very little maintenance while driving the bike. While riding, you can charge your phone with the USB port near the color display. If you run into rain on your bike commute, you don’t have to worry because pedal assist and all the other features will work even in the rain. They have waterproofed all electrical connections and wirings to avoid problems occurring with water.

The bike is a class-2 e-bike that can get up to 20 mph. The Espin Sport comes with a full-throttle and is strong enough to ride on pavement, hills, and trails.

Check out this Espin review, which goes over all aspects of the bike, specs and more:

What Are People Saying About the Espin Sport?

There are over 100 5-star reviews about the bike on the Espin website. There are currently no reviews under 4 stars right now. The positive reviews are from a wide variety of riders including beginner, intermediate, and experienced ones.

Some notable primary uses people say are for fun, commute, and health. There are plenty of service and experience standouts listed in the reviews as well, including people praising quick delivery, securely packed, great customer service, easy to assemble, comfortable to ride, and stylish.

One review says the Sport is far superior to the first e-bike they purchased:

“I’ve had my Sport for almost a year now and really enjoy it. This is not my first e-bike so I have something to compare it to. This is a far superior bike to the first one I bought. More power to get up hills, better balanced, better brakes, smoother ride, and much better controls. If asked how it could be improved all I could say was equip it with a better seat. I just don’t think you could get a better bike at this price point.”


There are a few riders who have complained about the rear brakes of the bike not working properly. They also mentioned customer service was great and even offered to pay the invoice for the repairs.

“Love my eBike. The only issue is the back brake. The brake is weak and I have to pump the brake handle. I was told I need to take it to a bike store and have the brakes bled. Our friends also bought a sport and a flow and we also have a flow and all 4 bikes have the same breaking issue. The breaks still work I just wish they were a little stronger.”

-Marty S.

Pros and Cons of the Espin Sport Bike


  • 95% assembled
  • Simple to ride
  • Financing available
  • Free shipping in 48 states
  • 12-month warranty
  • Great customer service through email, phone, or chat
  • Assembly pictures and videos


  • 6 hours to fully charge the battery
  • Over $1,500 price point
  • Potential damage to battery if you live in a colder weather state
  • Often sold out


Electric bikes are pretty fascinating given all their modern upgrades. It’s a great option for many delivery drivers, especially those who want to reduce gas costs and exercise while earning money!

Interested in checking out the ESpin for yourself? Learn more about it and find a store to test drive your ESpin here!

Would you give the Espin Sport a try? 

-Chonce @ RSG