Fetii Driver Review – Group Transportation Means Big Earnings Opportunities

Here at the Rideshare Guy, we like to find new apps for drivers and ways for you to earn money. Today, RSG contributor Elijah Bilel will be sharing everything we know about Fetii, a transportation company that specializes in transporting large groups of people from one place to another!

Are you looking for another way to make money with rideshare that has a different twist to it? If so, then giving Fetii a try may make sense for you!

This transportation app is actively hiring drivers and is expanding into various cities in the U.S.

Quick Summary: 

  • Fetii is currently operating in Austin, TX and College Station, TX with plans to expand soon
  • Drive larger groups of people with van maintained by Fetii
  • Up to 15 passengers can fit into a Fetii van, and the College Station location can fit up to 30!
  • Pay a rental fee and insurance, the rest is covered
  • Make up to $1,800 a week driving for Fetii!

What is Fetii?

Fetii is an app that allows groups of users to connect to their network of vehicles with groups who need to get from Point A to Point B.

The company was started in 2019, and Fetii has made it their focus to make it possible for groups of people to travel in one big vehicle rather than being forced to take multiple cars. When boarding a Fetii vehicle, riders pay by scanning a QR code, which allows for the fare to be seamlessly split.

There are many scenarios where a group of people may need to get to the same place. It could be co-workers who all want to grab lunch together. It could be some friends that are having a night out on the town and are heading to the same bar together, or it could be transportation to and from events.

RSG’s Managing Editor Melissa Berry says something like Fetii would have come in handy at her wedding, too – transporting people from the ceremony to the reception since everyone was already in one place and going to another together.

It can be inconvenient for everyone to find different ways to get there, having to coordinate carpooling—if that’s even an option—or having to call multiple cars from rideshare.

Fetii offers a convenient and fast solution when it comes to traveling in a group.

How Much Do Fetii Drivers Make?

Now that we know what Fetii is, how is the experience as a driver? According to our sources, the common experience as a driver is transporting groups of usually more than 5 people that are seeking a more affordable option and don’t want to order multiple Ubers or Lyfts. This includes being part of a lot of big people-centered events like weddings and corporate gatherings.

On average, it is possible to make up to $1,800 a week. It should be noted that this is before insurance costs and rental costs, but even still that’s very impressive!

How does Fetii work from the driver’s perspective? Fetii has a fleet of vans that you will use to pick people up. They also coordinate the insurance that you need to drive. All you do is pay a rental cost to use the vehicle and the cost for the insurance.

All of this is handled on a weekly basis, so if you want to continue to drive with them, you’ll need to renew from week to week.

This can be seen as a huge benefit for drivers that want to make money but don’t want to put miles on their personal vehicle.

How to Get Started with Fetii 

To get started with Fetii, first you’ll need to go to their website and apply to become a Fetii franchisee under their drive section. Their driver requirements are as follows:

  • No fines or fees owed to the DMV
  • Less than 3 moving violations within a single year
  • No traffic infractions or unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment background check
  • Previous rideshare/driving experience
  • Must be at least 25 years of age at the time of employment

Once you’ve applied, you’ll be added to their waiting list. From there, once more slots become available, you can start.

Fetii does have the option to drive your own vehicle instead of renting from them, but it must meet specific criteria. At this time, the criteria isn’t public but my guess would be it needs to be very similar to their vehicles in terms of seating and abilities.

Fetii also provides the opportunity to lease a van at a monthly cost via their partnership with Bandago van rental. It should be noted that these are not long-term contracts.

An additional tip for after you get a van is to select auto-renew on the rental so that you don’t get put back into the waitlist if you want to keep driving with them.

Fetii Investments

Fetii was started in 2019 by Justin Rath and Matthew Iommi. Having spent time in cities like Dallas, Austin, College Station, and Los Angeles, it was clear to them that traffic congestion has been getting steadily worse in various U.S. cities.

This led to them coming up with an innovative approach towards dealing with congestion in big cities when it came to transportation. It led them to the idea of Fetii.

Fetii isn’t trying to just transport people from one place to another. Their core mission is to benefit society by reducing road traffic while getting people where they need to go.

According to their website, they have some investors that have been part of the industry for a while backing them.

“Some big names have taken notice. Sharky Laguana, CEO of groundbreaking van-rental firm Bandango, recently joined Verizon veteran Ashok Kumar and RideScout co-founder Joseph Kosper on Fetii’s board of advisors. Laguana’s involvement with Fetii is part of a broader partnership with Bandango that will support Fetii’s expansion into new markets.”

According to Austonia, the team hard launched its program in 2021. They have since transported over 25,000 passengers with 400% month-over-month revenue growth between cities Austin and College Station.

This is definitely a good start and Fetii could indeed lead to overall less traffic and congestion in cities that they operate in as long as they keep this approach.

Fetii vs Uber & Lyft

When comparing Fetii to traditional rideshare, it comes down to a few preferences that you may have. If you prefer to transfer fewer people in your car, then Uber and Lyft may be more appealing to you. Plus, you only need a 4 door vehicle for traditional rideshare – so many drivers use their own car or even rent a vehicle from Uber.

Driving big groups of people around does create a big social environment—namely noise and the group likely wanting to loop you into conversations.

If you don’t care for that kind of thing, you might want to stick with Uber and Lyft, or even food delivery (burritos don’t talk back!). If you welcome transporting a large group of people and don’t mind driving a bigger vehicle, Fetii could be the way to go! Plus, since most people don’t own vans themselves, you would rent a vehicle from one of Fetii’s partners like Bandago and not have to put miles on your own vehicle.

Learn more about driving for Uber or Lyft here.


Fetii has entered the rideshare market by addressing a key complaint that the marketplace had. That complaint is how to conveniently transport large groups of people.

This has led to cost-effective deals that riders can take advantage of and a new service that drivers can drive with. All of this is happening while the service is helping with traffic congestion in the city of operation.

For drivers, in particular, Fetii can provide an alternative experience that is somewhat different from Uber and Lyft and can pay just as well, if not more in certain circumstances. As Fetii expands into more cities, it’s definitely worth a try as a driver if you’re open to a slightly different version of rideshare!

How about it? Will you give Fetii a try? 

-Elijah @ RSG