Para App Review 2024: Give Your Rideshare Business a Boost

Gig-sharing apps aren’t as informative as you’d hope, leaving gig workers with jobs that don’t pay as well as they assumed after getting all the details.

The Para app promises to clear up the confusion and ensure gig workers are well-informed before accepting jobs. It also helps match workers with even better opportunities to increase their earnings.

What Is Para?

The Para app helps gig share workers have all the necessary information to select the right orders, including drive time, order size, and payout.

Time is money when you work gig share apps, and the Para app helps you make the fastest and most profitable decisions on:

How Does the Para App Work?

The Para app makes it easier to use multiple apps without toggling back and forth, wasting time, and missing potentially great deals.

With access to more detailed information like estimated payouts, dollars per mile, total drive time, and drop-off/pickup addresses, you can make more informed decisions about which orders you accept.

It also allows you to stack orders from multiple apps to maximize your time as a gig app worker.

What Is ParaPass?

The Para app provides gig workers with job opportunities with other companies, not just the big names like Uber Eats, Lyft, Uber, and Grubhub. However, applying for each job manually can get tedious, which is where ParaPass can help.

You can create one profile with all the necessary documentation, allowing you to apply for jobs that pay up to $45/hr with a single click. Gone are the days of lengthy applications and repeatedly uploading the same verification documents. This will enable you to earn more money faster.

With ParaPass, you save time and skip the line, onboarding immediately, thanks to your organized profile and documentation.

You can be pre-approved to work for companies other than the typical gig-sharing apps fast while increasing your earnings and broadening your horizons. Plus, you earn rewards every time you onboard with a new partner using ParaPass.

What Is ParaWorks?

The founders of the Para app are dedicated to helping gig workers make the most of their time because downtime means lost money.

With ParaWorks, you can find other gig opportunities during your downtime, allowing you to make more money. ParaWorks offers gig opportunities through companies other than traditional gig-sharing apps, providing you with more opportunities to make money.

How Does ParaWorks Work?

With ParaWorks, you instantly onboard, know the actual earnings, and can see the required shift/schedule before accepting a job.

To get started on ParaWorks, do the following:

  • Create a profile complete with your work history of gig app work to showcase your abilities
  • Claim jobs when they become available (ParaWorks notifies you)
  • Complete the job and get paid

The more ParaWorks jobs you complete, the more offers you will receive, allowing you to increase your income without relying on gig-sharing apps.

Para Specialized Services

ParaWorks also offers gig workers specialized work opportunities, including courier, catering delivery, and medical courier opportunities. Each opportunity includes the necessary details to decide if the job suits you.

1. Para for Courier Drivers

Courier drivers are similar to Amazon Flex drivers. You choose a delivery shift based on the provided information, which includes:

  • Start and end time
  • Hourly rate
  • Starting location

2. Para for Catering Delivery Drivers

Catering delivery drivers deliver food, but since they are typically larger catering orders, you usually know the order size and pay several days in advance. This makes it much easier to schedule your shifts and know how much you’ll make beforehand.

3. Para for Medical Couriers

ParaWorks drivers may also qualify as medical couriers, delivering medicine or handling other medical courier business based on your qualifications.

You don’t have to undergo extensive background checks and onboarding because you’ve already done it with the Para app. You may have gigs that pay as much as $50/hour with Para medical delivery.

Pros and Cons

The Para app has pros and cons to consider before choosing to use it with your gig apps.


  • Free app for all gig workers
  • You can flag restaurants, customers, or locations you don’t want to accept
  • Get more information about pickup and drop-off locations
  • Get more payment information, including dollar per mile and hour
  • See detailed information about passenger or restaurant rating
  • Track earnings across all platforms
  • Auto decline offers that don’t meet your criteria


  • Some features are only available on some platforms. For example, you can’t see food ready by time or if the drop-off location is an apartment or house on Uber Eats, but you can for Grubhub.

Key Features of the Para App

The Para app features change continuously based on what’s allowed by each platform, but currently, they offer the following features.

Estimated vs. Actual Payout

All four apps offer the estimated vs. actual payout information. The Para app is more transparent regarding your earnings, including tips that Uber, Lyft, or Grubhub may not show.

This allows you to make more informed decisions, and you may take orders you otherwise might have skipped.

Auto Decline

You set the filters regarding what you will and will not accept, and Para automatically declines opportunities that don’t meet your criteria. This saves you time, allowing you to focus on other opportunities.

Earnings Tracker

Track earnings from all four apps (Grubhub, Lyft, Uber, and Uber Eats) automatically to see how much you make per day, week, or month. You can also manually enter earnings made on any other platform.

Trip Details and Drive Time Metric

Get more details about the trip needed for the opportunity to ensure it’s worth it. This includes specific information about pickup and drop-off locations that may make or break your decision to take the offer.

Passenger Rating (For Uber and Lyft)

Set filters for specific passenger ratings you’re willing to accept for Uber and Lyft rides, eliminating unnecessary time spent declining offers you won’t take.

Apartment vs. House Disclosure

The Para app provides as much information as possible about where you’re dropping off food because it can take more time and effort to deliver to an apartment or gated community. This decreases your hourly rate and may not fit into your schedule.

User Experience and Interface

If you decide the Para app is right for you, simply download the app and pair it with Grubhub, Uber, Uber Eats, or Lyft. After confirming your accounts, your information is synced, and you only have to work in one app to manage up to four gig apps.

Safety and Security Measures

The Para app takes your security seriously. While there is some talk about the app causing people to get deactivated from gig apps, the only app with an issue with Para is DoorDash, and they are no longer connected with Para.

How to Sign Up With Para

It’s easy to sign up with Para:

  1. Start by downloading the free app and registering for your free account.
  2. Next, you’ll link any gig apps you work with, like Grubhub, Lyft, Uber, or Uber Eats.

That’s it; Para does the rest!

Platforms That Para Works With

As I stated earlier, Para no longer works with DoorDash, but they currently work with the other four big gig apps available in most areas.


You can use the Para app to learn important information about potential gigs. The only feature that doesn’t work with Lyft is the apartment versus house feature, which isn’t a massive deal for drivers as you can determine where you’ll pick up or drop off your passenger.


Grubhub works well with Para and includes all features, including food ready by time, actual payout disclosure, pickup and drop-off information, and dollar per mile, helping you make informed decisions.


Like Lyft, Uber uses most of the features Para offers, except the apartment vs. house distinction, which isn’t a make-it-or-break-it decision when choosing Uber rides.


The most significant downside of Para and Uber Eats is the food ready by time feature doesn’t work with Uber Eats. This is a big factor when choosing restaurant orders because one slow restaurant could ruin your strategy for the rest of the night.

However, Para and Uber Eats work well together with every other feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Para app makes gig workers’ jobs easier by maximizing earnings and how you use your time. Here are some common questions about the app.

Who Is Para Best For?

Para is best for gig workers who want to maximize their time working, minimizing downtime. You spend less time doing administrative work or taking jobs that aren’t worth it. But Para only works with Grubhub, Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft.

What Sets Para Apart From Its Competitors?

Para is one of the only apps in the industry offering its services. Your only other option is to manually handle multiple apps and choose the jobs that provide the best pay and use of your time.

How Does Para’s “Personal Dispatch System” Work?

You can tailor the Para app to meet your requirements, flagging orders that don’t meet them and automatically declining them. This ensures any orders that make it to you are legit orders that meet your requirements.

How Can Para Benefit Gig Workers in the Long Term?

The Para app allows gig workers to maximize their time spent on gig apps, spending less time taking worthless jobs.

It also allows more possibilities to find other opportunities outside the four main gig apps with legit companies looking for temporary help with courier service, medical supply, and food delivery.

How Can Gig Workers Maximize Their Earnings Using Para?

To maximize your earnings using Para, personalize it as much as possible. Flag restaurants, passengers, or locations you want to avoid, and only take the jobs that pay the per-hour earnings you want.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges Associated With Using the Para App?

The Para app is 100% free for gig workers, enabling you to maximize your earnings and decrease your downtime.

The Bottom Line

The Para app is a great way to ensure you’re using your time wisely and using the best gig apps.

It also offers opportunities to earn money in other ways, sometimes even more than what you’d make on the standard gig apps. The app is constantly transforming, so check back often to see how it may help you.