10 Things That Food Delivery Drivers Should Have In Their Car

If you drive for Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, Bite Squad, or any other of the best food delivery jobs, it takes some experience to realize that you need some items to make your time on the road easier.

Whether it’s a strong flashlight to see street signs in the dark, or a good phone mount for your car, below we will cover the items that we’ve found to be the most useful while delivering food.

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1. Phone Mount

There’s a lot of good phone mounts to choose from, but these are our favorites.

Magnetic: Many drivers like magnetic mounts, as they allow you to easily remove your phone when you need to make a call or send a text. A mount like these ones includes multiple magnetic backings that adhere firmly to the back of your phone or the interior of your phone’s case. If you have multiple devices, or if you lose one of the backings, you can also order extra magnets.

Cup Holder Phone Mount: this fits perfectly in your cup holder. It’s not on the dashboard or windshield. It’s easier to read and navigate because it’s right next to you, and it’s tougher for people in other cars to see you on your phone (don’t use your phone while driving!).

There’s also phone mount and wireless phone charger combinations, like this one:

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2. Car charger and cable

You wouldn’t want your phone to run out of juice in the middle of your shift!

3. Dash cam

A dashcam is the cheapest insurance policy you can buy, both for yourself and your car. A dashcam is an objective witness if you’re ever involved in a collision or some other incident on the road.

To see a full explanation of several top-rated dashcams, check out Jon’s article and video reviews here. There’s a lot of different dash cams to choose from on amazon, for any price/budget.

Here’s the best seller:

And here’s is our favorite dash cam so far, the Falcon F360. It has “dual cam” technology which means it records the interior of the car AND exterior (in front) of the car (perfect if you drive for Uber as well):

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Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the footage from your dash cam – but if you do, you’ll be really glad you had one!

4. Flashlight

If you drive at night, this is #1. A good flashlight is important for being able to see street signs in the dark.

This is my favorite flashlight ever:

5. Sunglasses

I can’t imagine driving around in the day without sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are my favorite. If you haven’t tried polarized, grab a pair and you’ll notice a very nice difference over regular sunglasses. Here’s a few options of sunglasses, including the best seller on amazon:

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6. Bluetooth headset

My family loves to call me, so for me personally a Bluetooth headset has come in very handy because my car doesn’t have Bluetooth connection capability.

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7. Umbrella or rain jacket

If you’re somewhere it rains a lot, then this can save your day because getting soaking wet sucks!

Plus, an umbrella will keep the customer’s order dry as well, which can lead to an improved rating/increased tips.

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8. Personal protection

If you drive in an area that is not the safest, consider getting pepper spray or a tazor (check local laws to make sure it’s legal in your city).

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9. Insulated Bags

Bags measuring roughly 12”x 12”x12” are acceptable for most deliveries. There are also large-volume bags for multiple bags of food, and of course pizza bags. Delivery companies generally offer the first insulated bag for free, and vary on their offers for others. Using an insulated bag shows a certain level of professionalism AND provides customers with warmer (or colder) food.
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10. Tips appreciated t-shirt or sweater

We made these t-shirts and sweaters for food delivery drivers to help you get more tips. We’re working on more designs, if you have any suggestions for future batches please let us know in the comments below.

👉For more ideas of stuff you might need, click here to see the full list.

Drivers, what gear have you found to be the most helpful while on the job?