Getaround Car Rental Review

Thinking about taking a break from driving or delivering, but don’t necessarily want your car sitting there, not earning you any money? You might be wondering if there’s an opportunity to share your car for a short amount of time, where you’d still have access to it when you want but can make money when it’s not in use.

You can do that with a service like Getaround, which connects people searching for vehicles with people who have vehicles available for use. Getaround is different from car rental companies in that many trips on their platform are short-term, often for only a few hours a day.

If you’re a driver who would prefer to take a little time off from driving or delivering but still want to put your car to work earning money for you, Getaround could be your answer!

This article is sponsored by Getaround but all opinions are our own. 

What is Getaround? How Does Getaround Work?

Getaround, founded in 2009, states that they are the “world’s first carsharing marketplace offering a 100% digital experience with proprietary technology.” Getaround provides a cost-effective way to borrow vehicles.

This is where you come in. Getaround relies on people like you to be willing to host, earning money by offering out your vehicle.

Getaround operates in more than 950 cities worldwide. Cars are currently available in the Atlanta metro, Chicago area, Dallas metro, Las Vegas metro, New York City, San Francisco, and more. For a full list of locations, head over to Getaround and see if there’s an opportunity to list your car.

If you’re interested in hosting, simply sign up, list your car, get connected, and start earning!

Who is Getaround for? 

Getaround is for side hustlers and entrepreneurs alike.

You can host multiple cars or one vehicle at a time on the Getaround platform. They also emphasize that it is a contactless service, so you never have to meet your guests in person and vice versa. This allows hosts to have multiple cars available in multiple cities, without having to be there in person for the exchange.

Vehicles currently on the platform include Toyota Sienna, Subaru Forester, Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Cruz, and more. According to the FAQs, most trips are for a few hours at a time, up to a full day, but not typically for multiple days at a time.

A 2016 Toyota Corolla in Chicago can be booked for $40.10 for a 15-hour period.

It includes a maximum of 200 miles (standard miles allowed with Getaround), and all booked cars include insurance. This includes comprehensive, collision and liability coverage, accourding to Getaround’s Terms of Service.

What is Getaround’s Earnings Guarantee program?

Getaround is running an Earnings Guarantee Program for 2022. It’s a first-come, first-serve program, so sign up today to reserve your spot!

You’ll get started by signing up for Getaround, so yes, you will need an eligible vehicle to sign up with Getaround. The earnings guarantee program is available in current Getaround markets.

How much you can earn is determined on a per car basis. The exact amount of your monthly guarantee, if you’re eligible, is based on your car’s make, model, year, location, and available hours.

The guaranteed earnings program will ensure that eligible hosts will earn a minimum amount per month as long as they participate in the program.

Getaround provides the following example:

“The amount Getaround pays directly to the host is equal to the difference (if any) between the guarantee and the amount made through guest bookings for that month. So, if the guaranteed amount is $1,800 and you earn $1,500 through guest bookings for the month, Getaround will send you an additional $300.”

You can opt into the program any time from now until August 31, 2022, BUT for a limited time, you can earn an extra $1,200 per car enrolled.

There are also ways of maximizing your earnings while enrolled in the Earnings Guarantee Program:

  • 15% added to your guarantee if you maintain guest feedback of 4.5 or higher.
  • 10% added to your guarantee if you enable Drive with Uber (more info below).
  • Use the calculator to see what you can earn each month in guarantees and add-ons.

The “Drive with Uber” program, as mentioned above, is adding your vehicle to a pool of cars available for customers to use to drive for Uber. With this program, you’ll need to provide additional paperwork as required by Uber.

Example of potential earnings guarantee

Remember to secure your spot for an extra $1,200 bonus! 

Is Getaround Worth It? 

It sounds like it would be worth trying out hosting if you have a vehicle to spare that isn’t used frequently. However, several customers have posted reviews on Reddit and the app stores saying that the vehicles they’ve selected have been unreliable and sometimes even undrivable.

So, if you plan on putting a vehicle on the Getaround platform, be sure it passes inspection and that you get a chance to check it out between bookings to ensure nothing happened during the previous booking period.


Getaround is a platform similar to HyreCar but also different enough to stand out. Getaround seems to specialize in hourly bookings instead of long-term bookings, making it the perfect opportunity to try it out temporarily with no long-term commitment.

Sign up as a host with Getaround to see what you can make with it. This could be an excellent way for you to put your car to use, earning you money, without you having to spend your time (or incur more gas expenses!) driving. This is a great option for those who want to take a break from rideshare or delivery but still want their cars to pay for themselves.

Don’t forget to sign up, to receive a bonus of $1,200 per eligible vehicle. 

List your car with Getaround today!

-Paula @ RSG