Guess What? I Became a Lyft Mentor

Guess What? I Became a Lyft Mentor. The training process was actually pretty simple and all I had to was watch a few videos and BAM, I was approved to be a mentor.#uber #Lyft #rideshare #ridesharing #makemoney #sidehustle #extramoney #sidehustletips #sidehusleideas

Even though I’ve only been driving for Lyft for a couple months now, a few weeks ago they sent me an e-mail asking me if I wanted to become a Lyft mentor.  Obviously it’s a step up from just being a regular driver so I was pretty happy.  But I also wondered how I’d gotten chosen, I had only done 29 rides at that point and had only been a driver for a month and a half.  Either way, I quickly signed up and started hoping for my first mentee ride.

How to Become a Mentor

Based off the e-mail Lyft sent me and information I’ve gathered talking to other mentors, it seems that there are a few things Lyft looks for when it comes to choosing mentors: high ratings, experience and reliability.  Now I didn’t quite hit the experience part but I did have a perfect 5 star rating and I think my reliability was pretty high up there.  Lyft uses a simple formula that takes into account things like this and whenever you meet their standards, they send out an e-mail inviting you to become a mentor.

Simple enough right?  Unfortunately though, not everyone who has high ratings and lots of experience will be chosen.  It also depends on the demand for Lyft Mentors.  If there aren’t many new drivers signing up in your area, then Lyft probably won’t be sending out many mentor applications.  I’ve seen lots of cases of drivers with high ratings and lots of experience not being chosen.  But eventually, as the driver pool increases and the demand for more mentors also increases, these people will get picked.  Kind of like getting picked for The Island but you don’t have to die 🙂  

If you’re hoping to become a mentor, remember that it’s an automated process so there’s no point in e-mailing support about it.  Just do your best and if you meet the qualifications you’ll get an e-mail just like the one below:

Lyft Mentor Screenshot

Now I’m a Mentor

The training process was actually pretty simple and all I had to was watch a few videos and BAM, I was approved to be a mentor.

In addition to being able to tell people now, “I’m a Lyft Mentor!”, there are actually a few other nice benefits.  You get paid $35 per mentee session, you get to join your city’s mentor lounge and you get access to the Mentor team for speedy support.  I haven’t had a mentee ride yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it.  The other benefit that I think will be pretty cool is the access to the mentor team for support.  I’m hoping that this will somehow get my support requests expedited but I won’t hold my breath.

All in all, it was a pretty smooth process to become a Lyft mentor.  I’ll probably try and do my first mentee ride in the next week so that I can come back here and write about it.

Lyft drivers, are you a mentor or do you aspire to be a mentor?  Tell us about your experience and if you’re already a mentor, please share some tips for the rest of us newbie mentors.

-the Rideshare Guy