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HopSkipDrive is a lucrative option for drivers seeking a passive income by sharing their rides with young passengers. Along with an accessible app, the platform offers benefits like a flexible work schedule, a high pay scale, and in-ride support for its drivers.


  • High Pay Rate
  • Welcome Bonus Earnings
  • In-Ride Support
  • Working for a Noble Cause


  • Inconsistent Work
  • Not Available in all 50 states

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Let’s face it, working as a driver in the rideshare sector is not easy. Most of the time, you’ll have to drive unruly customers around and get paid in peanuts after excluding your gas money.

However, if you still like the idea of sharing your ride for some passive income every day, there’s a way you can avoid grumpy customers and avail a handsome pay scale as well.

Enter, HopSkipDrive, a unique rideshare platform where certified drivers meet young customers.

But, is HopSkipDrive worth it for drivers? We’ve compiled this review with all the details you need about the platform to make your decision. So let’s get started.

What Is HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive is a rideshare company for kids founded by three working moms who found it difficult to arrange transportation for their kids throughout the day.

The company started in 2015 with a USP to provide care for children during their non-routine commute. Mainly, drivers like you could provide a safe service to busy parents who need to transport their children anywhere from the gym to piano or ballet lessons.

With its headquarters in Los Angeles and currently operating in major cities of the US, the company targets passengers between 5 to 17.

What makes HopSkipDrive stand out among its competitors is the trust factor it aims for in its consumers. All its policies revolve around making parents trust the company with their kids.

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How HopSkipDrive Works

Like other rideshare companies, HopSkipDrive does not hire its “CareDrivers” as employees. Instead, you should know that you’re signing up as an individual contractor if you join the platform.

While this might come with its disadvantages as you won’t get any employee benefits from the company, it has many advantages. One of the most evident benefits of this business model is its flexibility.

You can work on your terms and set your hours. Meaning you can also take this gig up as a part-time job to earn some passive income at the end of the month.

Moreover, you can use the HopSkipDrive app to view any driving requests. After viewing the options available, you can select your preferred ride depending on your availability and location.

If you don’t want to drive to a particular location, you can simply decline the ride request without any questions asked.

The best part is, HopSkipDrive has a responsive ride support team available at all times. So in case you face a problem on the job, you can contact the support team to inquire about your next step.

In a nutshell, driving as a CareDriver for HopSkipDrive sounds like an exciting endeavor with easy operation and maximum benefits. If you’re excited to try it out, here’s how to sign up on the portal.

How To Start Working For HopSkipDrive

If you’re thinking of working as a driver at HopSkipDrive, you will have to go through rigorous eligibility criteria. Mainly, they hire female drivers who also have some experience in the childcare sector.

If you think the platform might be a good opportunity for you but are apprehensive about making a decision, read through our review for further details.

Compared to rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, HopSkipDrive offers a higher pay rate to its driver. Besides that, you get to steer clear of grumpy passengers or, worse, alcohol-influenced clients.

However, to get the privilege to deal with children and young adults rather than other pesky clients, you should fit the criteria for joining the platform. Here are all the details about how HopSkipDrive works for drivers so you can get started right away.

How To Sign Up For HopSkipDrive

One of the things that made me love HopSkipDrive is its effortless user interface. As a driver, you can easily log into their site or download their app on your smartphone to join the platform.

The landing page for both options is clean and intuitive so that you can navigate your way around without any hassle.

If you fit the eligibility criteria set by the platform, the signup process won’t take you more than a few minutes. After that, you can access their CareDriver’s portal on the HopSkipDrive app and take your first paid ride.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started on the platform.

Fill Out An Application

First of all, you’ll have to fill out an application form provided on the HopSkipDrive website. You will have to give some basic details about yourself in this form.

These details include your name, contact, mailing address, age, and working location. Besides that, you’ll also have to mention your preferred working times, i.e., in the afternoon, evening, or morning.

You can also select whether you’ll work during the weekend or only during weekdays.

Furthermore, the application form will also require you to provide any work experience details in the driving and caregiving sectors.

Receive An Email

You will receive an email after you fill out the online application form on the HopSkipDrive website. This email will explain the company’s terms and conditions along with the following steps you need to take to become a part of HopSkipDrive.

Go Through A Screening Process

As mentioned before, signing up as a driver for HopSkipDrive is not as easy as driving for Uber or Lyft. Once you receive the instructional email, you will have to go through thorough background checks.

If you pass their screening process and appear safe for driving underage passengers, you will be appointed as a driver.

Become a CareDriver

If you pass the background check, you will receive a confirmation email from the organization. Now, you can sign up on the app using your credentials, browse through rides, and earn money on your terms.

Can Anyone Become A CareDriver At HopSkipDrive?

Now that you’ve been through the internal workings and the sign-up process of HopSkipDrive, you’re probably ready to get started.

First, however, if you’re aspiring to be a CareDriver at HopSkipDrive, one of the most important things you should know about is their eligibility criteria.

This way, you can conduct a self-assessment to determine whether you’re fit for the job before filling in an application. Consequently, you will save time and consider alternative options suitable for you.

The basic requirements to become a CareDriver on HopSkipDrive include.

  • A clean driver’s record
  • A flawless criminal record
  • An age of at least 23 years or more
  • Ownership of a 4-door vehicle
  • The vehicle should not be more than ten years old
  • Ownership of a suitable Android or Apple smartphone to facilitate app usage on the job
  • Pass a third-party background check to ensure your trustworthiness as a driver and caregiver for underage children.

hopskipdrive caredriver requirements
HopSkipDrive CareDriver Requirements

Where is HopSkipDrive Available?

Besides that, another aspect that will influence your eligibility to work for HopSkipDrive is your location.

Unfortunately, HopSkipDrive is not available in every city in the US. Instead, it is only currently operational in a few major cities, including:

  • Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego
  • Northern California: Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, and East Bay
  • Nevada: Las Vegas
  • Colorado: Colorado Springs, Denver, Front Range, Boulder
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Northern Virginia
  • Arizona: Phoenix
  • Texas: Midland, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin
  • Washington: Seattle, Spokane
  • Michigan: Detroit
  • Florida: Tampa, Brevard
  • Tennessee: Nashville
  • Indiana: Indianapolis
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
  • Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee

If you think you have what it takes to get selected as a CareDriver on HopSkipDrive, you can go to their website to fill out an application.

For those who have further questions regarding the job, the other sections will map out all the details for you to make an informed decision.

hopskipdrive service areas
HopSkipDrive Service Areas

HopSkipDrive CareDriver Payments Overview

HopSkipDrive has a higher pay scale than other ridesharing companies. While Uber drivers earn anywhere from $10-$15 per hour, HopSkipDrive CareDrivers can make around $50 per hour driving underage customers.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would customers pay five times more for the same commute and distance? Well, you see, when using other rideshare companies, customers are only paying for their commute.

On the other hand, when booking a ride with HopSkipDrive, they are also paying for the safety and care of their children on the road. That’s why the screening process is rigorous for drivers.

However, if you qualify, you can bag the additional benefits of transporting children rather than adults to their destinations.

Apart from the average driving rate, you will also receive bonuses and promotional earnings on the platform. This means even if you work for a few hours during the week, you can make a handsome passive income at the end of the month.

HopSkipDrive Driver App

Apart from the payscale, another aspect you will need to assess while signing up for a rideshare platform is the productivity of its driver app.

Honestly, I would hate to be stuck with a dysfunctional mobile app and face difficulties contacting clients and receiving payment updates on top of the frustrating metropolitan traffic.

However, if you’re looking to join HopSkipDrive as a CareDriver, you don’t need to worry at all. The platform has a highly productive and resourceful app that you can use easily on the job. Here’s an overview of the various aspects of the HopSkipDrive driver app to give you further insight.

Have Your Schedule On Your Fingertips

Another aspect that makes HopSkipDrive different from other platforms is that customers have to book rides at least eight hours prior. This means drivers get the advantage of selecting the rides they want up to seven days in advance.

You can easily view all the details about each ride request and accept it according to your preference through the app.

Monitor The Essential Metrics

Apart from setting your schedule and selecting rides, you can view all the essential information you need on the app during your ride.

Meaning you can pinpoint your location, view the areas with traffic and diversions to choose an alternative route, and get the essential information about your passengers.

Besides that, you can estimate how much you will earn, excluding your gas money while you’re driving to get a clear perspective.

Manage Your Driver’s Account

Another important aspect of the driver’s app on HopSkipDrive is tracking your previous earnings. This way, you can check how much you earned on each ride through its ride history tab to plan further rides.

Get Sufficient Ride Support

When working as a CareDriver of HopSkipDrive, you’re not alone. In case you face any problems regarding your passengers on the route you’re taking, you can always contact their ride support team through the app.

The responsive team will listen to your queries and problems and provide prompt resourceful answers to guide you out of your ordeal.

hopskipdrive driver app
HopSkipDrive Driver App

Pros & Cons of HopSkipDrive

Now that you have all the details about working on HopSkipDrive, you have probably finalized your decision.


However, if you’re looking for further reinforcement, here’s a list of benefits for drivers on HopSkipDrive.

  • Working For A Noble Cause – By working for HopSkipDrive, you contribute to society by helping working parents manage productive childcare.
  • Flexible Working Schedule – You can choose which days of the week you want to work, along with the timings you are available at up to seven days in advance.
  • High Pay Rate – HopSkipDrive offers the highest pay rates in the rideshare market compared to other platforms.
  • Welcome Bonus Earnings – The platform offers guaranteed earnings of $1000 for the first 25 rides for new drivers joining their workforce.
  • In-Ride Support – The rider support team provides prompt responses to any problems during work hours.
  • Working With Exciting Clients – You don’t have to worry about grumpy and complaining customers at all. Instead, you can work with exciting, fun kids and earn extra money.


Remember, there are always two sides to a coin. While HopSkipDrive seems like a lucrative option for drivers, it also has some disadvantages. Here’s a list of the cons to give you an honest representation.

  • Inconsistent Work – As you need to set your schedule days ahead, work can get inconsistent on some days.
  • Not Available Everywhere – The platform only works in a few locations across the country.
  • Tough Screening Process – Even if you’re willing to work on the platform, it is pretty difficult to pass through the screening process and get selected.
  • Childcare Experience – Being a good driver is not the only requirement. You should also know the basics of childcare and have some experience in the sector before joining HopSkipDrive.

Who Is HopSkipDrive Best For?

HopSkipDrive is the perfect passive income opportunity for caregivers and babysitters who own a four-door vehicle.

You can easily squeeze your driving schedule to match your schedule and use your caregiving experience for a greater cause.

Even if you’re not a full-time caregiver but have some previous experience in the sector, you can try out HopSkipDrive.

The platform lets you avoid adult customers to ensure a hassle-free working experience with handsome remuneration.

Final Words

HopSkipDrive is a lucrative option for drivers seeking a passive income by sharing their rides with young passengers. Along with an accessible app, the platform offers benefits like a flexible work schedule, a high pay scale, and in-ride support for its drivers.

However, the tough screening process and experience requirements can be a massive turn-off for aspiring CareDrivers. So, make sure you check the requirements thoroughly before signing up on the platform.