Instacart Earnings Guarantee – Game Changer for Gig Workers

Instacart Earnings Guarantee – Game Changer for Gig Workers [Sponsored]

If you’ve been wondering whether or not signing up for Instacart is for you, what if I told you you could earn even more with an earnings guarantee in select markets?

It’s true! Below, we’ll break down how the earnings guarantee works, where it’s being offered, and how you can get started today.

This post is sponsored by Instacart but, as always, opinions are our own.

Instacart’s Earnings Guarantee

First, Instacart’s earnings guarantee is only for new shoppers, and it’s only being offered in certain areas of the country. However, these areas do rotate, so you could see an earnings guarantee come to your city soon!

Right now, Instacart’s earnings guarantee is available in the following cities:

Here’s how the earnings guarantee works


Earnings Guarantee a Game Changer for Gig Workers

Instacart’s earnings guarantee is a big deal for gig workers – Instacart understands that providing incentives encourages gig workers to get out there and shop. Instacart is rewarding gig workers for trying something new (grocery delivery!)

It’s a pretty substantial earnings guarantee, too. For example, new shoppers in Philadelphia are guaranteed to earn $1,150 for completing 48 batches. It does not include tips, which means there is a potential to earn even more.

If you’re not in one of the guaranteed earnings cities, don’t worry – Instacart is rotating which regions are offering the guaranteed earnings amount. All regions will have a guaranteed earnings amount and a number of completed deliveries requirement. You’ll just want to make sure you shop within the region you signed up for so that your deliveries will count to the delivery requirement.

For example, if you sign up in Philadelphia but then go drive in Pittsburgh, your deliveries won’t count toward your Philadelphia guaranteed earnings. This shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of shoppers, however!

Ready to sign up for Instacart? You can get started here!

-Melissa @ RSG